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Run to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer

Madison, CT, September 22, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Hilarie Carrieri, Race Director. Timing by

Run to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 September 22.......
Inc. Results By Race Management Systems.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Luke AlbertsonNorwich CT30823 1 Top Fin17:22.25:36/M
2Jon-Paul MandelburgQuaker Hill CT38727 1 M 20-2917:22.45:36/M
3Liam SaxSparta NJ446. 1 M 0- 019:56.76:26/M
4Ed Mokoski.55046 1 M 40-4920:01.46:27/M
5Sheridan BaumanWestbrook CT31641 1 Top Fin20:10.96:30/M
6Mike WilliamsFranklin MA46720 2 M 20-2921:06.26:48/M
7Luke Diorio.51420 3 M 20-2921:06.96:48/M
8Mariah MichalskiDanielson CT39516 1 F 1-1921:08.26:49/M
9Robert GagnonOrange CT35742 2 M 40-4921:17.46:52/M
10Jeremy HaddadStorrs CT366. 2 M 0- 021:32.46:57/M
11Dan PowersMiddleton MA43121 4 M 20-2921:38.46:59/M
12Jeffrey Van DeusenEast Lyme CT45844 3 M 40-4921:45.97:01/M
13Kyle FischerGuilford CT353. 3 M 0- 022:10.47:09/M
14Tim ScalziShelton CT44720 5 M 20-2922:22.77:13/M
15Joe Marato.51118 1 M 1-1922:50.27:22/M
16Zachary AdamczykMorris Plains NJ30720 6 M 20-2923:07.27:27/M
17Waly Tyler.51619 2 M 1-1923:07.97:27/M
18Reed BeresteckyMadison CT322. 4 M 0- 023:09.47:28/M
19Elisabeth PaigeMorrisville VT42621 1 F 20-2923:20.77:32/M
20Sara Pollock.52822 2 F 20-2923:24.77:33/M
21Daniel Patrick Carey Jr.Willington CT33124 7 M 20-2923:45.27:40/M
22Orie PlasseSalem CT42822 8 M 20-2923:55.27:43/M
23Katie GermondCoventry CT36110 2 F 1-1923:56.77:43/M
24Luis SierraNew Britain CT44931 1 M 30-3923:59.77:44/M
25Paul Germond.52440 4 M 40-4924:02.97:45/M
26Vincent Barone.55521 9 M 20-2924:09.67:47/M
27Caitlin Lonergan.53615 3 F 1-1924:09.97:47/M
28Nanie PlasseSalem CT42920 3 F 20-2924:18.97:50/M
29Unknown Partic. 557.557. 5 M 0- 024:21.27:51/M
30Mary Foley-MarszalekWethersfield CT35436 1 F 30-3924:27.97:53/M
31Unknown Partic. 559.559. 6 M 0- 024:34.97:55/M
32Reggie NelsonGlastonbury CT42131 2 M 30-3924:35.97:56/M
33Kevin Thompson.52729 10 M 20-2924:41.97:58/M
34Courtney LittlewoodMystic CT385. 1 F 0- 024:49.78:00/M
35Hannah CareyBozrah CT33022 4 F 20-2925:07.98:06/M
36Carolyn Bauman.51911 4 F 1-1925:29.48:13/M
37Bauman Avery.51811 5 F 1-1925:30.78:14/M
38Jonathan CuebasNaugatuck CT34232 3 M 30-3925:32.28:14/M
39Lauren Berestecky.55816 6 F 1-1925:34.48:15/M
40David CosmanManchester CT34035 4 M 30-3925:42.28:17/M
41Allan RatoGroton CT43324 11 M 20-2925:45.28:18/M
42Hung O'BrienSaint James NY42235 5 M 30-3925:48.98:19/M
43Mike Proia.54329 12 M 20-2925:51.48:20/M
44Ron Alger.53542 5 M 40-4925:58.48:23/M
45Reegan Krene.53754 1 M 50-5926:06.28:25/M
46Melissa Chrapek.54134 2 F 30-3926:13.78:27/M
47Stephanie ZackPlainville CT49425 5 F 20-2926:20.48:30/M
48Chris WilliamsThomaston CT46435 6 M 30-3926:20.48:30/M
49Elizabeth BurnsProvidence RI327. 2 F 0- 026:31.28:33/M
50Caitlyn Steele.50828 6 F 20-2926:34.28:34/M
51George Pollack.52953 2 M 50-5926:37.78:35/M
52Kaley Mayer.54021 7 F 20-2926:47.78:38/M
53Kevin MuscarellaSuffield CT416. 7 M 0- 026:59.28:42/M
54Mary Grace SauveForest Hills NY44451 1 F 50-5926:59.98:42/M
55Joel Pinto.54526 13 M 20-2927:09.78:45/M
56Sergio Barrera.53225 14 M 20-2927:19.78:49/M
57Laurie Von Schmidt.51751 2 F 50-5927:22.78:50/M
58Matt LegerMystic CT50122 15 M 20-2927:23.48:50/M
59Nancy Cushano.50452 3 F 50-5927:23.48:50/M
60Makenna WilonskiHamden CT48224 8 F 20-2927:28.78:52/M
61Satyam DesaiSouth Windsor CT34725 16 M 20-2927:31.28:53/M
62Daniel SwannGales Ferry CT45426 17 M 20-2927:35.98:54/M
63Katie WarrenGales Ferry CT50225 9 F 20-2927:38.48:55/M
64James BaroneNiantic CT31417 3 M 1-1928:04.99:03/M
65Deb Brunetti.51254 4 F 50-5928:15.99:07/M
66Syracuse Gia.52243 1 F 40-4928:28.29:11/M
67Moraith TildenCoventry CT45739 3 F 30-3928:45.29:16/M
68Lisa PollockSandy Hook CT43049 2 F 40-4928:45.49:16/M
69Natalie Zaysoff.53825 10 F 20-2928:47.29:17/M
70Ryan KrollSouthington CT38116 4 M 1-1928:48.29:17/M
71Sydney SimsKeller TX45018 7 F 1-1928:48.29:17/M
72Sandy BrouwerGriswold CT325. 3 F 0- 029:00.79:21/M
73Christa SwensonNew London CT45535 4 F 30-3929:07.29:24/M
74Marissa MillerNorwich CT39930 5 F 30-3929:09.79:24/M
75Kevin Ogilve.50931 7 M 30-3929:13.99:25/M
76Bella AlfieriNiantic CT310. 4 F 0- 029:13.99:25/M
77Mark AlfieriNiantic CT309. 8 M 0- 029:15.29:26/M
78Dj Shoemate.54622 18 M 20-2929:16.99:26/M
79Jessica GerszKillingworth CT36222 11 F 20-2929:18.29:27/M
80Brigitte GagnonOrange CT3599 8 F 1-1929:21.49:28/M
81Sharon OlanderMarlborough CT42526 12 F 20-2929:37.79:33/M
82Gary FryeMarlborough CT35626 19 M 20-2929:38.29:34/M
83Lauren Vogel.53125 13 F 20-2929:39.29:34/M
84Megan JohnsonGroton MA37320 14 F 20-2929:44.49:35/M
85. Sterzycki.54263 1 M 60-9929:45.79:36/M
86Emily BarryWatertown CT31529 15 F 20-2929:46.99:36/M
87Jason JohnsCheshire CT372. 9 M 0- 029:52.99:38/M
88. Recisno.55133 6 F 30-3929:54.79:39/M
89Emily WagnerAvon CT46122 16 F 20-2929:58.99:40/M
90Samuel ChmielewskiAvon CT338. 10 M 0- 029:59.29:40/M
91Rochelle DuyanGales Ferry CT349. 5 F 0- 030:05.49:42/M
92Stephen MillerBristol CT39762 2 M 60-9930:09.29:44/M
93Selma Boualem HollisStamford CT324. 6 F 0- 030:32.79:51/M
94Tracy Survivor Henderson-SierraNew Britain CT36941 3 F 40-4930:36.79:52/M
95Heather BurkeWoodbury CT32644 4 F 40-4930:38.99:53/M
96Monika Mosiej-GagnonOrange CT41340 5 F 40-4930:42.79:54/M
97Mark KlugaCoventry CT37952 3 M 50-5930:57.49:59/M
98Nancy Survivor KlugaCoventry CT37854 5 F 50-5930:57.79:59/M
99Emma Brunetti.51317 9 F 1-1931:00.910:00/M
100Unknown Partic. 20.20. 11 M 0- 031:05.910:02/M
101Lissa YuNew Haven CT492. 7 F 0- 031:07.710:02/M
102Dan SavageNew Haven CT445. 12 M 0- 031:07.910:02/M
103Joanna Zygmont.54939 7 F 30-3931:11.910:04/M
104Jeff Zygmont.54840 6 M 40-4931:12.410:04/M
105Amanda Swain.53034 8 F 30-3931:15.710:05/M
106Gigi McParlandMadison CT394. 8 F 0- 031:15.910:05/M
107Cheryl Cepelak.52547 6 F 40-4931:34.410:11/M
108Bridhid Lynch.52629 17 F 20-2931:41.710:13/M
109Marcelle GagnonOrange CT35811 10 F 1-1931:44.710:14/M
110Dawn Alger.53338 9 F 30-3931:44.910:14/M
111Frank Hallovan.50766 3 M 60-9931:47.210:15/M
112Rob Burke.54745 7 M 40-4932:16.210:25/M
113Courtney ChiongMilford CT33626 18 F 20-2933:04.410:40/M
114Kristie GannonWoodbury CT36036 10 F 30-3933:05.210:40/M
115Meredith Selby.50341 7 F 40-4933:06.910:41/M
116Pam Gersz.50555 6 F 50-5933:16.910:44/M
117Caitlin KennedyNew Haven CT37624 19 F 20-2933:38.210:51/M
118Mackenzie Survi KelleyHamden CT37533 11 F 30-3933:58.710:57/M
119Alex RodeGales Ferry CT43761 4 M 60-9934:00.710:58/M
120Jacquelyn MarchandMystic CT38823 20 F 20-2934:01.710:58/M
121Eric ChiongWest Haven CT33733 8 M 30-3934:08.711:01/M
122Ashlie SobusNiantic CT451. 9 F 0- 034:14.711:03/M
123Becky Redhead.55220 21 F 20-2934:14.911:03/M
124Adriana FoxCheshire CT35520 22 F 20-2934:54.511:15/M
125Darren DuncanBlakeslee PA34823 20 M 20-2934:54.711:15/M
126Jessica LobisserMillville MA386. 10 F 0- 034:54.911:15/M
127Beth Survivor BeresteckyMadison CT319. 11 F 0- 035:00.911:17/M
128Carson CollierKensington CT33921 21 M 20-2935:02.411:18/M
129Rebecca MarkleyHamden CT39129 23 F 20-2935:11.911:21/M
130Peter IzzoStratford CT49649 8 M 40-4935:28.711:26/M
131Patricia BeaudinNew Britain CT31849 8 F 40-4935:37.911:29/M
132Randy MillerNorwich CT40030 9 M 30-3936:18.211:43/M
133Carol A. CoteGriswold CT34146 9 F 40-4938:27.712:24/M
134Reina SelbyOxford CT44843 10 F 40-4938:28.712:25/M
135Lisa AronsonHigganum CT31235 12 F 30-3938:45.212:30/M
136Laurie BishopNorwich CT32349 11 F 40-4938:45.712:30/M
137Jackson DanahyVernon CT3436 5 M 1-1944:33.214:22/M
138Jennifer FentonVernon CT35239 13 F 30-3944:38.414:24/M
139Alana Bochanis.52110 11 F 1-1944:59.214:31/M
140Ingrid Bauman.52011 12 F 1-1944:59.714:31/M
141Linda DanielsPortland CT344. 12 F 0- 045:08.414:34/M
142Nikki ReedPortland CT43430 14 F 30-3945:09.414:34/M
143Dillon GlazerBethany CT3659 6 M 1-1951:14.716:32/M
144Bobbi Smith.51062 1 F 60-9952:41.217:00/M
145Ken MattiaOld Lyme CT39265 5 M 60-9952:41.217:00/M

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