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Coleman Health River 5k and 10k Races

Livingston, MT, May 28, 2011

[5k and 10k Age Group Results ]

5k and 10k Overall Results

Scott Coleman, Race Director. Timing by

Coleman Health River Run 5k and 10k Races........
Overall Finish List........
Results By
10k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace.
1Kirk LentzLivingston MT11743***** M 43-5240:14.16:29/M.
2Christine Drake.21130***** F 23-3242:04.36:47/M.
3Nikki KimballBozeman MT2840***** F 33-4242:04.46:47/M.
4Jerome RusdalLivingston MT3445***** M 43-5244:30.57:11/M.
5Sam ReidLivingston MT15418***** M 12-2245:30.97:20/M.
6Autumn DurfeyMinneapolis MT10626***** F 23-3246:25.17:29/M.
7Casey BartzLivingston MT7833 1 M 33-4246:42.97:32/M.
8Brendan Murray.21830 1 M 23-3246:49.47:33/M.
9Ari CarlsonEagle ID5449 1 F 43-5247:39.47:41/M.
10Beth GregoryLivingston MT53840 1 F 33-4247:49.47:43/M.
11Dan HeimbignerBozeman MT2561 1 M 53-6248:05.27:45/M.
12Scott Coleman.21645 1 M 43-5248:26.37:49/M.
13Erin PaullBozeman MT3227 1 F 23-3251:03.68:14/M.
14Julie BartzLivingston MT7933 2 F 33-4254:41.58:49/M.
15Annie CastilloGardiner MT5342 3 F 33-4254:43.18:50/M.
16Julie LentzLivingston11837 4 F 33-4256:50.29:10/M.
17Karen Donavan.54146 2 F 43-5259:00.49:31/M.
18Eliza SingerLivingston MT9025 2 F 23-3259:43.59:38/M.
19Bea Boccalandro.22138 5 F 33-4200:41.39:47/M.
20Martha MillerLivingston11257 1 F 53-6203:12.310:12/M.
21Shuron Johnson.54064 1 F 63-7018:00.512:35/M.
22Emma FunkLivingston MT1399 1 F 1-1126:55.014:01/M.
23Aaron FunkLivingston MT13836 2 M 33-4226:55.114:01/M.
5k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace.
1Daniel HutchinsonBillings MT2620***** M 12-2218:18.65:54/M.
2Timothy Denty.19719***** M 12-2219:51.46:24/M.
3Kyle KlickirPhilipsburg MT2954***** M 53-6220:11.76:31/M.
4Ryan GrccaaBillings7148 1 M 43-5221:14.66:51/M.
5Robert HeathLivingston MT2437 1 M 33-4221:26.16:55/M.
6Fred KneelandBozeman MT7616 1 M 12-2221:29.06:56/M.
7Charles Mogen.54616 2 M 12-2221:29.36:56/M.
8William DeansLivingston MT11154 1 M 53-6221:41.07:00/M.
9Joseph HarrisLivingston MT2337 2 M 33-4222:14.77:10/M.
10Brian Menges.22040 3 M 33-4222:27.57:15/M.
11Lydia WrightsLivingston MT4824***** F 23-3222:43.07:20/M.
12Marilee KneelandBozeman MT7515***** F 12-2223:25.37:33/M.
13Al Pendergtan.21053 2 M 53-6223:37.37:37/M.
14Kim SallouxLivingston MT3543***** F 43-5223:55.37:43/M.
15Marissa WestlingLivingston14014 1 F 12-2223:55.47:43/M.
16Sam Sarrel.15611 1 M 1-1123:58.77:44/M.
17Robyn KeyesLivingston10325 1 F 23-3224:04.77:46/M.
18Theresa ColmanLivingston9444 1 F 43-5224:15.77:49/M.
19Joyce AndersonLivingston MT14851 2 F 43-5224:37.97:56/M.
20Lynn CrawfordLivingston MT1948 3 F 43-5224:50.68:01/M.
21Kristen WesterLivingston MT20441 1 F 33-4225:02.98:05/M.
22Wendi Urie.20744 4 F 43-5225:15.78:09/M.
23Amy Dripohak.19628 2 F 23-3225:35.58:15/M.
24Matt Dowdell.19043 2 M 43-5225:44.08:18/M.
25Angie GrayLivingston MT17327 3 F 23-3225:44.58:18/M.
26Kim StruppLivingston MT3931 4 F 23-3225:53.28:21/M.
27Ari Brown.18714 3 M 12-2226:10.48:26/M.
28Troy Rich.16759 3 M 53-6226:12.68:27/M.
29Francesca SnowLivingston MT18114 2 F 12-2226:15.18:28/M.
30Brad SnowLivingston MT18446 3 M 43-5226:30.68:33/M.
31Leonard J BaluskiBozeman MT5655 4 M 53-6226:33.18:34/M.
32Azalea VanceLivingston1319 1 F 1-1126:38.28:35/M.
33Anna WrightsWilsall MT5013 3 F 12-2226:54.28:41/M.
34Sarah PulisWilsall MT3320 4 F 12-2226:54.88:41/M.
35Jen HamblockLivingston MT5734 2 F 33-4226:57.68:42/M.
36Hannah FlookLivingston MT53414 5 F 12-2227:12.68:46/M.
37Peter GregoryLivingston MT53711 2 M 1-1127:16.38:48/M.
38Donald Wood.18065 1 M 63-7027:41.88:56/M.
39Lori AndersonLivingston MT14930 5 F 23-3227:44.58:57/M.
40Nicole Corbin.19822 6 F 12-2227:52.68:59/M.
41Kelly Dowdell.18943 5 F 43-5228:09.49:05/M.
42Kory GundersonLivingston MT12035 3 F 33-4228:09.59:05/M.
43Point Hatfiels.20660 5 M 53-6228:20.49:08/M.
44Nicole MeliusLivingston MT17227 6 F 23-3228:30.49:12/M.
45Mike Collins.16364 2 M 63-7029:06.59:23/M.
46Kimberly TaylorLivingston MT4034 4 F 33-4229:38.29:34/M.
47Barb Marshall.20942 5 F 33-4229:40.49:34/M.
48Brad HansonLivingston MT8640 4 M 33-4229:45.89:36/M.
49Warren HansonLivingston MT8710 3 M 1-1129:45.89:36/M.
50Mccrae Wester.2058 4 M 1-1129:46.79:36/M.
51Todd WesterLivingston MT20344 4 M 43-5229:47.89:36/M.
52Linda ThomasLivingston MT410 7 F 23-3230:01.29:41/M.
53Kevin DansLivingston14240 5 M 33-4230:14.99:45/M.
54Shannon NelsonLivingston1298 2 F 1-1130:15.39:45/M.
55Liz Anderson.19325 8 F 23-3230:29.89:50/M.
56Erica Westling.5834 6 F 33-4230:42.99:54/M.
57Haley Westenskow.15710 3 F 1-1130:54.29:58/M.
58Roy WrightsWilsall MT4961 6 M 53-6231:09.310:03/M.
59Megan Galloway.15825 9 F 23-3231:19.910:06/M.
60Kendyl PiersonLivingston MT11311 4 F 1-1131:28.610:09/M.
61Melissa EvjeLivingston MT11437 7 F 33-4231:29.610:09/M.
62Sally O'Conner.22341 8 F 33-4231:36.510:12/M.
63Britney SmithStanford MT3826 10 F 23-3231:38.010:12/M.
64Rachael CandelariaStanford MT1017 7 F 12-2231:39.210:13/M.
65Mariah FlookLivingston MT21712 8 F 12-2231:46.410:15/M.
66Jennifer WoodBig Timber9839 9 F 33-4231:59.110:19/M.
67Natalie WoodBig Timber926 5 F 1-1131:59.310:19/M.
68Lydia ColmeyLivingston MT189 6 F 1-1132:15.510:24/M.
69Olga Mogen.54514 9 F 12-2232:17.310:25/M.
70Brooklyn FitzgerlaldLivingston12311 7 F 1-1132:18.910:25/M.
71Duane ColmeyLivingston MT1750 5 M 43-5232:28.410:28/M.
72Michelle BoydLivingston10946 6 F 43-5233:02.110:39/M.
73Janella JohnsonLivingston MT15141 10 F 33-4233:22.910:46/M.
74Madeleine RogersLivingston MT18533 11 F 33-4233:28.410:48/M.
75Audrey MalcolmLivingston1267 8 F 1-1133:31.610:49/M.
76Ryan WoodBig Timber9711 5 M 1-1133:44.910:53/M.
77Ashlyn WoodBig Timber9610 9 F 1-1133:46.010:54/M.
78Laura BlackLivingston MT16537 12 F 33-4233:48.310:54/M.
79Erant Snow.18211 6 M 1-1133:48.310:54/M.
80Lelie Gregory.5398 10 F 1-1133:55.210:56/M.
81John Gregory.53640 6 M 33-4233:56.110:57/M.
82Regina WoodLivingston MT4632 11 F 23-3234:57.911:16/M.
83Josh WoodLivingston MT4732 1 M 23-3235:00.011:17/M.
84Megan NelsonLivingston1288 11 F 1-1135:25.311:25/M.
85Jessica KneelandBozeman7712 10 F 12-2235:45.111:32/M.
86Mellissa Moron.54335 13 F 33-4235:56.811:35/M.
87Kathleen KaulLivingston MT8858 1 F 53-6235:58.911:36/M.
88Alyssa DansLivingston14141 14 F 33-4236:04.411:38/M.
89Stella DavisLivingston MT15518 11 F 12-2236:04.511:38/M.
90Haylee HarshbargerLivingston1107 12 F 1-1136:04.811:38/M.
91Dwight BarkerLivingston MT14747 6 M 43-5236:45.811:51/M.
92Brynn KingLivingston12214 12 F 12-2237:02.211:57/M.
93Trey ScaffLivingston MT369 7 M 1-1137:05.411:58/M.
94Madison BartzLivingston MT5989 13 F 1-1137:47.812:11/M.
95Kodie BoothLivingston1309 14 F 1-1138:03.312:16/M.
96Corinna NyhartLivingston MT19523 12 F 23-3239:53.512:52/M.
97Samantha Booth.19438 15 F 33-4241:00.813:14/M.
98Jessica BooneLivingston MT14332 13 F 23-3241:05.313:15/M.
99Gary BooneLivingston MT14443 7 M 43-5241:07.013:16/M.
100Sheila CandelariaStanford MT1151 7 F 43-5241:38.613:26/M.
101Carter Bartz.5997 8 M 1-1142:41.113:46/M.
102Kathy HigginsLivingston MT6943 8 F 43-5242:52.613:50/M.
103Jessica BeckerLivingston MT12410 15 F 1-1144:00.214:12/M.
104Sydney CurryLivingston MT1329 16 F 1-1144:17.514:17/M.
105Kelli WetzelLivingston MT15031 14 F 23-3246:14.114:55/M.
106Alexis Tinsley.21411 17 F 1-1147:08.415:12/M.
107Clint Tinsley.21550 8 M 43-5247:09.315:13/M.
108Dylan Carlson.21215 4 M 12-2247:37.215:22/M.
109Tylor Carlson.21318 13 F 12-2247:37.315:22/M.
110Asha MalcolmLivingston1277 18 F 1-1148:04.015:30/M.
111Chole McDonaldLivingston1346 19 F 1-1148:46.515:44/M.
112Ellen MacDonald.21941 16 F 33-4248:47.415:44/M.
113Linnea Russun.16454 2 F 53-6250:37.116:20/M.
114Miriam SkertichLivingston MT3764 1 F 63-7050:39.716:20/M.
115Cassandra KokotLivingston MT3038 17 F 33-4250:52.016:25/M.
116Sydney BoothLivingston MT1339 20 F 1-1150:54.316:25/M.
117Amanda GentryLivingston MT2226 15 F 23-3255:14.817:49/M.
118Shannon King.54253 3 F 53-6258:48.218:58/M.
119Jessica HansonLivingston MT8539 18 F 33-4259:38.519:14/M.

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