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Holden Thanksgiving 5k Turkey Trot

Holden, MA, November 24, 2011

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Timing by

Holden Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k.......
Overall Finish List.......
2011 November 24.......
Results By
5k Run and Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1andy greeneleicester MA69527***** M 19-3516:27.65:18/M
2Andrew HolmesQuincy MA23726***** M 19-3516:48.35:25/M
3Tim WoodHolden MA55124***** M 19-3517:11.25:33/M
4Brian McGahieBoylston MA34918 1 M 1-1817:49.15:45/M
5Sean SampsonHolden MA45916 2 M 1-1817:57.35:47/M
6Robby KasierskiRutland MA26819 1 M 19-3517:57.85:47/M
7dustin ramsayholden MA71316 3 M 1-1818:11.05:52/M
8Leo HarmonCharlton MA21617 4 M 1-1818:20.35:55/M
9Anthony RentschWorcester MA44116 5 M 1-1818:34.65:59/M
10aidan kennedyworcester MA69029 2 M 19-3518:51.06:05/M
11Matthew AndradeWashington DC1631 3 M 19-3518:52.66:05/M
12Adam PepinPaxton MA59519 4 M 19-3519:07.66:10/M
13Michael Robertsholden MA70437 1 M 36-5519:08.66:10/M
14Marybeth RyanHolden MA65728***** F 19-3519:41.86:21/M
15Grant HauverHolden MA59214 6 M 1-1819:44.16:22/M
16Gordon TowneAllston MA51222 5 M 19-3519:46.56:23/M
17Ryan RichardsHolden MA44924 6 M 19-3520:06.16:29/M
18Patricia SteeleWorcester MA48828***** F 19-3520:06.86:29/M
19Karen McGahieBoylston MA35149***** F 36-5520:08.86:30/M
20Larry GentileHolden MA17759 1 M 56-9920:10.16:30/M
21Jim BrighamHolden MA58643 2 M 36-5520:12.86:31/M
22Scott AnnunziataHolden MA2036 3 M 36-5520:14.16:32/M
23Mark HelfrickHolden MA127 7 M 19-3520:15.16:32/M
24Joe Cauvinatlantic highlands NJ70147 4 M 36-5520:17.86:33/M
25sean bloodworcester MA70541 5 M 36-5520:21.86:34/M
26 Jr. Jeffrey AdairWorcester MA217 7 M 1-1820:25.66:35/M
27Shon RainfordRutland MA43340 6 M 36-5520:25.86:35/M
28Christian AdamiakAuburn MA437 7 M 36-5520:28.36:36/M
29Shanna HauverHolden MA58942 1 F 36-5520:31.36:37/M
30Kevin KozakHolden MA27540 8 M 36-5520:31.66:37/M
31peter saositaworcester MA72426 8 M 19-3520:38.36:39/M
32Jared ChrudimskyHolden MA7535 9 M 19-3520:38.66:39/M
33Kaitlin McGahieBoylston MA35016 1 F 1-1820:40.36:40/M
34Jairo ObandoWorcester MA39243 9 M 36-5520:51.66:44/M
35Andrew MalabyWorcester MA32727 10 M 19-3520:51.86:44/M
36Sam DowdOxford MA13317 8 M 1-1820:57.86:45/M
37Edward O'DonnellHolden MA39547 10 M 36-5521:00.66:46/M
38John FlahertyHolden MA15435 11 M 19-3521:07.36:49/M
39Connor PalatucciWorcester MA40515 9 M 1-1821:08.36:49/M
40Dylan McDonoughWorcester MA34815 10 M 1-1821:08.86:49/M
41Sonja KentWest Boylston MA57519 1 F 19-3521:10.16:50/M
42Brian TaylorHolden MA49725 12 M 19-3521:15.66:51/M
43Jon DelongchampHolden MA11539 11 M 36-5521:16.16:52/M
44Deirdre LearyHolden MA29220 2 F 19-3521:16.36:52/M
45kevin connor.77747 12 M 36-5521:20.86:53/M
46Ritamary HenniganWorcester MA64117 2 F 1-1821:22.66:54/M
47Cassie HarmonCharlton MA21321 3 F 19-3521:24.36:54/M
48Jesse BurqueHolden MA5236 13 M 36-5521:27.56:55/M
49Andy MeindersmaWest Boylston MA36814 11 M 1-1821:33.66:57/M
50Aaron PervierNewburyport MA41735 13 M 19-3521:37.36:58/M
51Carly LearyAnnapolis MD29118 3 F 1-1821:38.86:59/M
52ben white.76617 12 M 1-1821:55.87:04/M
53Cory GoodaleBoston MA18928 14 M 19-3521:56.37:05/M
54Courtney MyersRutland MA67821 4 F 19-3522:01.37:06/M
55Rich PernaHolden MA41236 14 M 36-5522:01.37:06/M
56Robert TirimaccoHolden MA64536 15 M 36-5522:01.87:06/M
57Michael Reardan.62947 16 M 36-5522:06.37:08/M
58Doug ShattuckActon MA47449 17 M 36-5522:09.87:09/M
59Michael BurkeWorcester MA55616 13 M 1-1822:15.67:11/M
60Brian McCarthyWorcester MA66648 18 M 36-5522:17.87:11/M
61Justin D'AmourHolden MA11034 15 M 19-3522:18.67:12/M
62David LaidlawHolden MA28535 16 M 19-3522:27.17:15/M
63tom woodwardworcester MA70930 17 M 19-3522:28.87:15/M
64frank gorhamcharlton MA71155 19 M 36-5522:30.37:15/M
65Thomas BurkeWorcester MA55517 14 M 1-1822:33.37:16/M
66Leonard Harmon Sr.Charlton MA21847 20 M 36-5522:37.37:18/M
67Erin SampsonHolden MA45816 4 F 1-1822:40.87:19/M
68john bidwellflorence MA69247 21 M 36-5522:43.37:20/M
69Bobby MurrietaWorcester MA38653 22 M 36-5522:53.37:23/M
70Alex DowdNorthborough MA13115 15 M 1-1822:55.17:24/M
71Matthew CoryWorcester MA9236 23 M 36-5522:55.67:24/M
72Abbey DenorsciaHolden MA11617 5 F 1-1822:57.37:24/M
73Eric ThompsonJefferson MA50056 2 M 56-9922:59.87:25/M
74Carl HultgrenCharlton MA24334 18 M 19-3523:00.17:25/M
75tucicer newberry.75948 24 M 36-5523:02.37:26/M
76chris favulli.79319 19 M 19-3523:03.17:26/M
77Christopher BrennerOxford MA4250 25 M 36-5523:10.17:28/M
78Adrienne PodmoreHolden MA42435 5 F 19-3523:11.57:29/M
79Amanda CusimanoBay Village OH10313 6 F 1-1823:11.87:29/M
80Eric LoizeauxWorcester MA31431 20 M 19-3523:14.07:30/M
81Christopher JoslynHolden MA26440 26 M 36-5523:15.17:30/M
82Jessica RentschNew York NY44326 6 F 19-3523:15.37:30/M
83Kelly Groll.60722 7 F 19-3523:16.57:30/M
84Norm VigeantHolden MA52642 27 M 36-5523:17.37:31/M
85Chuck CormierDudley MA9147 28 M 36-5523:17.87:31/M
86Elizabeth CannellRutland MA5331 8 F 19-3523:19.87:31/M
87owen leary.74811 16 M 1-1823:21.07:32/M
88scott stevens.76841 29 M 36-5523:24.67:33/M
89Paul KennedyHolden MA68242 30 M 36-5523:27.37:34/M
90zack luthman.79215 17 M 1-1823:28.67:34/M
91Elizabeth JarvisWorcester MA25618 7 F 1-1823:30.87:35/M
92Ermal TotoWorcester MA51029 21 M 19-3523:31.17:35/M
93Anthony CopelandJefferson MA8716 18 M 1-1823:33.17:36/M
94Luke ScheibelHolden MA46421 22 M 19-3523:36.17:37/M
95Douglas ShortenIpswich MA47634 23 M 19-3523:44.87:39/M
96Logan GaudetteHolden MA17612 19 M 1-1823:46.37:40/M
97Patrick HaleyWaltham MA20929 24 M 19-3523:47.57:40/M
98Eric GingrasHolden MA17940 31 M 36-5523:50.87:41/M
99Ben LindbergPortsmouth NH30428 25 M 19-3523:54.17:43/M
100Kate LaliberteHolden MA28636 2 F 36-5523:58.87:44/M
101shawn ramsayholden MA71545 32 M 36-5523:59.37:44/M
102Eran TuckerHubbardston MA64013 20 M 1-1824:00.37:45/M
103Evan TuckerHubbardston MA63918 21 M 1-1824:00.67:45/M
104Brian LindbergHolden MA30514 22 M 1-1824:01.17:45/M
105Noah SkodisHolden MA58713 23 M 1-1824:01.87:45/M
106brett carpenter.77830 26 M 19-3524:01.87:45/M
107Mike JoslynHolden MA26642 33 M 36-5524:02.17:45/M
108Justine KubaskaPalmer MA27836 3 F 36-5524:02.37:45/M
109Mike MartinHubbardston MA33624 27 M 19-3524:03.17:45/M
110David JohnsonPaxton MA25946 34 M 36-5524:03.37:45/M
111William ElliottHolden MA14437 35 M 36-5524:06.37:46/M
112Justin TienhaaraHolden MA50519 28 M 19-3524:07.87:47/M
113Jeff KristoffRutland MA27729 29 M 19-3524:08.37:47/M
114William JohnsonHolden MA26337 36 M 36-5524:08.67:47/M
115David KnorringHolden MA27436 37 M 36-5524:11.87:48/M
116Stephanie HardyBarre MA2110 1 F 0- 024:12.67:48/M
117nicholas newberry.75716 24 M 1-1824:14.87:49/M
118Sean AndersonHolden MA1539 38 M 36-5524:14.87:49/M
119Brace Kiefer.64659 3 M 56-9924:16.37:50/M
120Lee PhillipsHolden MA42026 30 M 19-3524:16.87:50/M
121Deana TalbotWare MA49642 4 F 36-5524:18.37:50/M
122Mike SarciaSterling MA56540 39 M 36-5524:19.37:51/M
123Kaitlyn KellyWest Boylston MA57422 9 F 19-3524:20.67:51/M
124Kristen DeliaThompson CT11429 10 F 19-3524:27.17:53/M
125Fran MadiganHolden MA32254 40 M 36-5524:28.87:54/M
126Laura MadiganHolden MA32319 11 F 19-3524:29.17:54/M
127Sean WalshHolden MA53030 31 M 19-3524:30.37:54/M
128Aaron FarboHolden MA14831 32 M 19-3524:30.67:54/M
129brad o'brocta.75040 41 M 36-5524:30.87:54/M
130Richard FerranteWorcester MA15164 4 M 56-9924:31.87:55/M
131Maggie BurnhamHolden MA5011 8 F 1-1824:32.17:55/M
132Greg TaylorHolden MA49839 42 M 36-5524:32.87:55/M
133Matt BurnhamHolden MA5143 43 M 36-5524:32.87:55/M
134Todd McGrainAndover MA35530 33 M 19-3524:33.17:55/M
135Nathan Smithworcester MA73334 34 M 19-3524:34.87:55/M
136monica gowworcester MA72046 5 F 36-5524:36.87:56/M
137Thomas CaggianoWorcester MA67354 44 M 36-5524:39.67:57/M
138Benjamin RizkHolden MA56915 25 M 1-1824:40.17:57/M
139Mike DierksBrooklyn NY12035 35 M 19-3524:43.07:58/M
140Erin WalkerHolden MA52713 9 F 1-1824:44.87:59/M
141Eric FribergHolden MA16134 36 M 19-3524:45.67:59/M
142Ryan Wong-LiCharlton MA54813 26 M 1-1824:46.67:59/M
143Rebecca SzalickiWorcester MA49539 6 F 36-5524:47.38:00/M
144marc grovencarworcester MA71047 45 M 36-5524:47.68:00/M
145Andrea Adams.63036 7 F 36-5524:48.88:00/M
146Johanna ThompsonJefferson MA50119 12 F 19-3524:50.38:01/M
147Mark Blais.62136 46 M 36-5524:52.88:01/M
148Nicole McGurinHolden MA35939 8 F 36-5524:54.68:02/M
149Melissa McDonaldRutland MA34547 9 F 36-5524:58.88:03/M
150April ObrienSpencer MA39333 13 F 19-3525:00.88:04/M
151Bryan MooreHolden MA66936 47 M 36-5525:06.08:06/M
152jay barron.79039 48 M 36-5525:06.88:06/M
153Michele FlanaganCharlton MA15539 10 F 36-5525:08.38:06/M
154Tom McNamaraRutland MA36540 49 M 36-5525:10.38:07/M
155Teddy CoxNorth Grafton MA10026 37 M 19-3525:10.88:07/M
156Ryan MouradianJefferson MA37824 38 M 19-3525:12.18:08/M
157Cynthia MalnicofHolden MA33041 11 F 36-5525:12.68:08/M
158Connor GlasierWrentham MA18114 27 M 1-1825:14.58:08/M
159Michele RichinickJefferson MA45022 14 F 19-3525:14.68:08/M
160Nancy GunnardRutland MA20641 12 F 36-5525:15.88:09/M
161Judith GlasierWrentham MA18251 13 F 36-5525:16.38:09/M
162jennifer trembaholden MA72134 15 F 19-3525:17.18:09/M
163Jay CusimanoBay Village OH10645 50 M 36-5525:18.88:10/M
164Philip PetersonJefferson MA41814 28 M 1-1825:20.88:10/M
165Emily BradshawHolden MA4034 16 F 19-3525:20.88:10/M
166Brandon DieffenwierthNorth Oxford MA11831 39 M 19-3525:21.38:11/M
167George ReedWorcester MA43758 5 M 56-9925:21.88:11/M
168Tom IngrassiaHolden MA25358 6 M 56-9925:22.88:11/M
169Erin HagenHolden MA20834 17 F 19-3525:23.88:11/M
170dan mastrototaro.75147 51 M 36-5525:25.18:12/M
171 Sr. Jeffrey AdairWorcester MA351 52 M 36-5525:29.38:13/M
172Charles WilsonRutland MA54434 40 M 19-3525:30.68:14/M
173Morgan TienhaaraHolden MA50621 41 M 19-3525:32.18:14/M
174Austin RiceSomerville MA44727 42 M 19-3525:33.88:15/M
175Maura HurleyHolden MA25021 18 F 19-3525:33.88:15/M
176Jonathan LesieurOxford MA30322 43 M 19-3525:34.68:15/M
177Gerald BeaudoinNorthbridge MA2847 53 M 36-5525:34.88:15/M
178Allie MeehanHolden MA36722 19 F 19-3525:35.58:15/M
179Todd ArnoldRutland MA60335 44 M 19-3525:35.68:15/M
180douglas waiteholden MA74049 54 M 36-5525:43.88:18/M
181Kelsi AnderholmWestminster MA920 20 F 19-3525:45.68:18/M
182Derrick MantieVernon CT66225 45 M 19-3525:45.68:18/M
183mary lynch.79818 10 F 1-1825:47.88:19/M
184jack marelialewiczworcester MA74432 46 M 19-3525:49.18:20/M
185hannah white.76418 11 F 1-1825:49.58:20/M
186josh white.76513 29 M 1-1825:49.88:20/M
187Jill AnnunziataHolden MA1930 21 F 19-3525:50.88:20/M
188Alan HartyBarre MA22255 55 M 36-5525:51.18:20/M
189Kris HollowayFlorence MA2340 2 F 0- 025:51.38:20/M
190john hendershothendersonville NC74134 47 M 19-3525:52.88:21/M
191Graham TienhaaraHolden MA50416 30 M 1-1825:53.88:21/M
192Jimmy ArchagaSevern MD2120 48 M 19-3525:54.68:21/M
193Taylor SurretteRutland MA68716 12 F 1-1825:57.18:22/M
194Peter AngoodHolden MA1755 56 M 36-5525:59.38:23/M
195Bryanna Angood-HardyHolden MA1815 13 F 1-1825:59.38:23/M
196Jaime LeiferNew York NY29932 22 F 19-3526:00.88:23/M
197Philip CannellRutland MA5564 7 M 56-9926:01.38:24/M
198Grace Louder.62311 14 F 1-1826:02.58:24/M
199Lisa SternstromHolden MA48940 14 F 36-5526:03.18:24/M
200Aaron BenderRutland MA3136 57 M 36-5526:03.38:24/M
201Alex BenderRutland MA329 31 M 1-1826:04.38:25/M
202Meridith MongeonHolden MA37539 15 F 36-5526:04.88:25/M
203Scott HauverHolden MA59046 58 M 36-5526:06.18:25/M
204Eliza ScheibelHolden MA46330 23 F 19-3526:06.38:25/M
205Olivia WiktorWare MA54112 15 F 1-1826:06.68:25/M
206Sydney HauverHolden MA59115 16 F 1-1826:11.88:27/M
207Laurie MorrowLeicester MA37646 16 F 36-5526:14.88:28/M
208Isabel PollettaHolden MA42614 17 F 1-1826:16.18:28/M
209Jim MahanHolden MA32455 59 M 36-5526:18.68:29/M
210David MitchellWorcester MA59437 60 M 36-5526:19.38:29/M
211Cynthia DombrowskiHolden MA12738 17 F 36-5526:22.18:30/M
212Tim BriggsCambridge MA4435 49 M 19-3526:24.38:31/M
213Nicole GroganHolden MA20341 18 F 36-5526:24.88:31/M
214Matthew DiloretoJefferson MA12313 32 M 1-1826:26.18:32/M
215Giles ChristensonNorthborough MA7134 50 M 19-3526:27.58:32/M
216Pete LombardoPaxton MA31657 8 M 56-9926:29.08:33/M
217tracy de fusco.78739 19 F 36-5526:29.18:33/M
218Andrew PerodeauHolden MA41312 33 M 1-1826:29.38:33/M
219Jeffrey TarantinoHolden MA58210 34 M 1-1826:29.88:33/M
220Danielle DiloretoJefferson MA12113 18 F 1-1826:30.38:33/M
221Michael CaseyWorcester MA6036 61 M 36-5526:30.58:33/M
222Tina O'DonnellCharlton MA39946 20 F 36-5526:31.18:33/M
223Michele OlbrysRidgefield CT40036 21 F 36-5526:31.38:33/M
224Ben MillerHolden MA57111 35 M 1-1826:34.68:34/M
225Kirsten SmithHolden MA48335 24 F 19-3526:36.18:35/M
226Becky GardnerJefferson MA16844 22 F 36-5526:36.58:35/M
227brian richard.78442 62 M 36-5526:38.38:35/M
228kelly mahoney.78835 25 F 19-3526:44.38:37/M
229Paul Loconto.60664 9 M 56-9926:46.18:38/M
230Phil AlexiadisHolden MA851 63 M 36-5526:46.18:38/M
231Bridget CoutureSterling MA9618 19 F 1-1826:48.18:39/M
232Rose HarrisWorcester MA22019 26 F 19-3526:48.68:39/M
233Alexander SmithWorcester MA48131 51 M 19-3526:53.68:40/M
234Chris LarameeHolden MA66739 64 M 36-5526:54.38:41/M
235Ruby CarneiroBarre MA5741 23 F 36-5526:59.18:42/M
236John FrancoHolden MA16047 65 M 36-5526:59.68:42/M
237Wendy FlynnHolden MA15644 24 F 36-5526:59.68:42/M
238anthony liseno.77636 66 M 36-5526:59.88:42/M
239Alicia RemillardRutland MA44033 27 F 19-3527:00.88:43/M
240Shevaun ConnorsWestminster MA8423 28 F 19-3527:01.38:43/M
241Karl BrennerHolden MA4343 67 M 36-5527:02.38:43/M
242Christopher McCarthyHolden MA34141 68 M 36-5527:03.18:44/M
243Owen Boss.62410 36 M 1-1827:03.88:44/M
244Gino PollettaHolden MA42548 69 M 36-5527:03.88:44/M
245sean nyehudson MA69425 52 M 19-3527:05.88:44/M
246Kelly BergeronHubbardston MA3330 29 F 19-3527:06.18:45/M
247chris byehubbardston MA68927 53 M 19-3527:06.38:45/M
248sheryl tess.80247 25 F 36-5527:06.38:45/M
249laurie carbonneau.80131 30 F 19-3527:06.38:45/M
250Paul NormandinLeicester MA39144 70 M 36-5527:06.88:45/M
251Margaret LearyHolden MA29343 26 F 36-5527:07.18:45/M
252Erin HigginsHolden MA66531 31 F 19-3527:07.88:45/M
253Mark BernierWorcester MA3451 71 M 36-5527:09.08:45/M
254Diana KentWest Boylston MA57648 27 F 36-5527:09.88:45/M
255Luke MillerHolden MA57211 37 M 1-1827:13.18:47/M
256Lauren Murphy.62830 32 F 19-3527:13.58:47/M
257Keith JensenHolden MA56347 72 M 36-5527:13.68:47/M
258Debbie JoslynRutland MA26537 28 F 36-5527:14.88:47/M
259Scott BrownHolden MA56444 73 M 36-5527:17.58:48/M
260Kathryn PremoHolden MA42940 29 F 36-5527:17.68:48/M
261Minerva KenneyLeicester MA27247 30 F 36-5527:19.88:49/M
262Erin DestratisIrmo SC11729 33 F 19-3527:20.88:49/M
263Rachael HelfrickHolden MA22427 34 F 19-3527:23.18:50/M
264Katie PalatucciWorcester MA40618 20 F 1-1827:24.38:50/M
265Nancy SwayzeHolden MA49439 31 F 36-5527:24.88:50/M
266linda luthman.79151 32 F 36-5527:26.58:51/M
267Donna HoldenHardwick MA23337 33 F 36-5527:26.88:51/M
268Sean McGrathSpencer MA35633 54 M 19-3527:27.18:51/M
269Jim JohnstonHolden MA68132 55 M 19-3527:27.38:51/M
270Jackson CrockettWorcester MA67527 56 M 19-3527:29.18:52/M
271Lindsay PerryRutland MA41635 35 F 19-3527:29.88:52/M
272Susan ManeroPrinceton MA33252 34 F 36-5527:29.88:52/M
273Carie HolmanHolden MA23528 36 F 19-3527:30.38:52/M
274Michael TarantinoHolden MA58010 38 M 1-1827:32.88:53/M
275Smita YadavHolden MA55228 37 F 19-3527:34.88:54/M
276Evan ColeHolden MA7812 39 M 1-1827:35.68:54/M
277Heather TarantinoHolden MA57940 35 F 36-5527:36.58:54/M
278Becca MillerHolden MA57039 36 F 36-5527:38.68:55/M
279David ChristensonTempleton MA7031 57 M 19-3527:38.88:55/M
280david murphy.76031 58 M 19-3527:40.18:55/M
281Robert GardnerJefferson MA16944 74 M 36-5527:41.18:56/M
282Matthew CassellHolden MA6134 59 M 19-3527:43.38:56/M
283Gary GaskinJefferson MA17165 10 M 56-9927:43.88:56/M
284Samuel BroadhurstWorcester MA4720 60 M 19-3527:44.18:57/M
285Jeremy GoldingPaxton MA18849 75 M 36-5527:44.88:57/M
286tom morrisseybarre MA73251 76 M 36-5527:46.38:57/M
287Nicole McGrainAndover MA35431 38 F 19-3527:46.58:57/M
288Abigail FoyleHolden MA64912 21 F 1-1827:48.18:58/M
289Jon-Paul StgermainHolden MA49044 77 M 36-5527:50.38:59/M
290Andy HefferHolden MA22344 78 M 36-5527:50.38:59/M
291Susan Landess-TowneJefferson MA28855 37 F 36-5527:52.58:59/M
292Lian RundellBrookfield MA45634 39 F 19-3527:52.88:59/M
293Melissa JohnsonPaxton MA26038 38 F 36-5527:53.69:00/M
294Devin SchlichtingSterling MA46823 61 M 19-3527:53.89:00/M
295Will MalnicofHolden MA33112 40 M 1-1827:54.69:00/M
296Sarah RulfsNew York NY45525 40 F 19-3527:56.19:01/M
297Tim JarvisWorcester MA25715 41 M 1-1827:57.89:01/M
298Nicole BellilHolden MA65212 22 F 1-1827:58.39:01/M
299Melinda ZottoliPrinceton MA55436 39 F 36-5527:58.69:01/M
300Devin UtterPrinceton MA51619 62 M 19-3528:01.39:02/M
301Maddie McCarthyHolden MA34212 23 F 1-1828:01.39:02/M
302Jack GroganHolden MA20212 42 M 1-1828:02.19:03/M
303Connor GaudetteHolden MA1739 43 M 1-1828:02.59:03/M
304Leslie McGeeHolden MA35239 40 F 36-5528:04.19:03/M
305Suzanne KozakHolden MA27638 41 F 36-5528:04.89:03/M
306Eric KuczarskiHolden MA27944 79 M 36-5528:05.19:04/M
307Kyle PerreaultThompson CT41525 63 M 19-3528:09.19:05/M
308Christopher HoeyHolden MA23025 64 M 19-3528:10.19:05/M
309Kristen WiktorWare MA54044 42 F 36-5528:10.69:05/M
310Katherine ReynoldsWashington DC44429 41 F 19-3528:13.39:06/M
311alia mallrutland MA78334 42 F 19-3528:14.69:06/M
312Frank HenniganWorcester MA64255 80 M 36-5528:14.69:06/M
313Tony Wong-LiCharlton MA54944 81 M 36-5528:16.39:07/M
314Maureen WilliamsWorcester MA54331 43 F 19-3528:17.19:07/M
315Patricia LacasseRutland MA28247 43 F 36-5528:21.49:09/M
316David ArmstrongShrewsbury MA2252 82 M 36-5528:25.39:10/M
317Steven ScottWest Boylston MA47244 83 M 36-5528:26.39:10/M
318Fran MeringoloHolden MA37158 11 M 56-9928:26.89:10/M
319Meredith NordstromWorcester MA38935 44 F 19-3528:27.39:11/M
320Stephanie ChaseWorcester MA6824 45 F 19-3528:28.59:11/M
321Chris HynesPaxton MA25243 84 M 36-5528:30.89:12/M
322robyn thibedeau.77447 44 F 36-5528:31.09:12/M
323Erin ChristianoHolden MA7435 46 F 19-3528:31.39:12/M
324Elise MillilonRutland MA68341 45 F 36-5528:31.59:12/M
325Christina PafumeAuburn MA40334 47 F 19-3528:31.69:12/M
326Abby DaySouth Barre MA11332 48 F 19-3528:32.19:12/M
327Kathy GoyettePrinceton MA19038 46 F 36-5528:32.89:12/M
328Justin VigeantShrewsbury MA52538 85 M 36-5528:35.19:13/M
329Elizabeth BurkeWorcester MA55722 49 F 19-3528:36.39:14/M
330Julie LysiakPaxton MA32138 47 F 36-5528:36.89:14/M
331Chris EldridgeMonmouth NJ66424 65 M 19-3528:37.69:14/M
332Maura O'KeefeOakham MA66326 50 F 19-3528:38.19:14/M
333Emily LindbergBrookline MA30925 51 F 19-3528:38.69:14/M
334Dara DierksBrooklyn NY11930 52 F 19-3528:39.89:15/M
335Jeffery AndersonHolden MA1346 86 M 36-5528:40.39:15/M
336Maggie SielawaWebster MA47723 53 F 19-3528:42.59:15/M
337Melissa LindbergWest Boylston MA31341 48 F 36-5528:43.69:16/M
338Elizabeth LaclairRutland MA28437 49 F 36-5528:43.89:16/M
339Rebecca DavisWorcester MA11235 54 F 19-3528:43.89:16/M
340Lynn TupperBarre MA51337 50 F 36-5528:45.89:16/M
341Jason BondNorth Oxford MA3730 66 M 19-3528:47.19:17/M
342Anthony O'DonnellCharlton MA39446 87 M 36-5528:47.89:17/M
343Michelle HartLeicester MA22135 55 F 19-3528:48.29:17/M
344Pam SheldonHolden MA47541 51 F 36-5528:48.39:17/M
345Sarah LatorreWest Boylston MA29037 52 F 36-5528:49.89:18/M
346Cam CormierDudley MA9022 67 M 19-3528:51.39:18/M
347annie lynch.79615 24 F 1-1828:53.89:19/M
348Glenn GrayOakham MA19448 88 M 36-5528:56.19:20/M
349Gina JohnstonHolden MA67931 56 F 19-3528:57.09:20/M
350Chris MurphyHolden MA38244 89 M 36-5528:57.19:20/M
351Julie LeiferShrewsbury MA30022 57 F 19-3528:57.59:20/M
352Amanda SussDudley MA49231 58 F 19-3528:57.89:20/M
353Eric WilliamsWorcester MA54231 68 M 19-3528:59.69:21/M
354Paige ArnoldRutland MA60433 59 F 19-3529:00.59:21/M
355Mark ZambrowskiHudson MA55338 90 M 36-5529:01.89:22/M
356courtney blute.77333 60 F 19-3529:01.89:22/M
357Emily RettigHolden MA67732 61 F 19-3529:03.39:22/M
358jojo mccarthy.77912 25 F 1-1829:03.89:22/M
359Timothy Marinone.61923 69 M 19-3529:03.89:22/M
360katie quinn.77511 26 F 1-1829:04.39:23/M
361Susan WalkerHolden MA52848 53 F 36-5529:04.69:23/M
362Lily ChristensonHolden MA7215 27 F 1-1829:06.89:23/M
363Danielle PitroWest Boylston MA42332 62 F 19-3529:08.19:24/M
364Rebecca SkodisHolden MA58817 28 F 1-1829:08.89:24/M
365katie dion.76317 29 F 1-1829:09.19:24/M
366kristina lemoineorange MA72923 63 F 19-3529:10.69:25/M
367Dan Soveis.61235 70 M 19-3529:14.19:26/M
368Theresa BurkeWorcester MA55814 30 F 1-1829:15.69:26/M
369David CranfordPrinceton MA10143 91 M 36-5529:15.89:26/M
370Jessica Boss.62638 54 F 36-5529:15.89:26/M
371catherine mcmanus.78018 31 F 1-1829:19.39:27/M
372Tom Greene.64315 44 M 1-1829:20.89:28/M
373Xavier BanyaiSpencer MA2616 45 M 1-1829:21.89:28/M
374Jessica BartiletteShugus MA66827 64 F 19-3529:25.69:29/M
375Jennifer DorrianHolden MA13032 65 F 19-3529:25.69:29/M
376Joshua HendersonHolden MA22526 71 M 19-3529:25.69:29/M
377Charity ReedWorcester MA43626 66 F 19-3529:27.69:30/M
378Deb RozzenWest Warren MA45444 55 F 36-5529:28.89:30/M
379Yvette FribergHolden MA16238 56 F 36-5529:34.19:32/M
380Katherine MorrisseyHolden MA56142 57 F 36-5529:35.39:33/M
381Sonja AnderholmWestminster MA1040 58 F 36-5529:36.39:33/M
382Jeff CopelandJefferson MA8850 92 M 36-5529:37.69:33/M
383deb tracysturbridge MA69155 59 F 36-5529:39.19:34/M
384Evan McAlice.59712 46 M 1-1829:43.09:35/M
385Geoffrey BanyaiSpencer MA2542 93 M 36-5529:43.69:35/M
386katherine pittingerworcester MA68827 67 F 19-3529:44.89:35/M
387Marina ValentineHolden MA51939 60 F 36-5529:47.39:36/M
388Alyssa ValentineHolden MA51810 32 F 1-1829:47.89:36/M
389Melissa StaitiHolden MA48432 68 F 19-3529:48.19:37/M
390Robin GradyHolden MA19337 61 F 36-5529:48.19:37/M
391John DoyleHolden MA13456 12 M 56-9929:49.19:37/M
392Carey CusimanoPark City UT10538 62 F 36-5529:51.89:38/M
393Brandon DombrowskiHolden MA12619 72 M 19-3529:52.69:38/M
394Andy CusimanoPark City UT10442 94 M 36-5529:52.89:38/M
395Ben FigueroaHolden MA15341 95 M 36-5529:54.59:39/M
396Andrea FigueroaHolden MA15237 63 F 36-5529:54.89:39/M
397Nele Reial.62026 69 F 19-3529:54.89:39/M
398David LambertHolden MA28740 96 M 36-5529:55.89:39/M
399Alexandra WeillBarre MA53443 64 F 36-5529:59.19:40/M
400drew doylerinceton MA71741 97 M 36-5529:59.39:40/M
401Claire SullivanHolden MA49137 65 F 36-5530:02.39:41/M
402Chantale DuguayWorcester MA13934 70 F 19-3530:02.59:41/M
403Paul WeinschenkRutland MA53548 98 M 36-5530:02.69:41/M
404Joseph DonahueHolden MA12847 99 M 36-5530:03.89:42/M
405Katherine O'DonnellHolden MA39716 33 F 1-1830:09.39:44/M
406Richard BurkeWorcester MA55912 47 M 1-1830:09.89:44/M
407Amanda WebbPhiladelphia MA53324 71 F 19-3530:11.59:44/M
408John WebbPrinceton MA63248 100 M 36-5530:12.09:45/M
409a lynch.79747 66 F 36-5530:12.69:45/M
410Lani RicciardiHolden MA68542 67 F 36-5530:13.89:45/M
411Sandra FlynnHolden MA56643 68 F 36-5530:14.39:45/M
412Ethan KimballHolden MA56812 48 M 1-1830:14.59:45/M
413Lauren KimballHolden MA56714 34 F 1-1830:14.69:45/M
414grant newberry.75813 49 M 1-1830:18.19:46/M
415Nathan HequembourgHolden MA22735 73 M 19-3530:18.89:46/M
416Jody StarukHolden MA48731 72 F 19-3530:21.39:47/M
417Daniel StarukHolden MA48627 74 M 19-3530:21.69:47/M
418Michele ProsserHolden MA43051 69 F 36-5530:23.59:48/M
419Stephen JohnsonHolden MA26154 101 M 36-5530:23.59:48/M
420Kathleen McCarrickHolden MA34039 70 F 36-5530:24.39:48/M
421Colleen McGuinessWorcester MA35731 73 F 19-3530:24.59:48/M
422alicia o'broden.74936 71 F 36-5530:25.09:49/M
423Jodi UtterPrinceton MA51750 72 F 36-5530:25.19:49/M
424debbie giniewicz.76748 73 F 36-5530:31.19:51/M
425Samantha NoonanOxford MA38822 74 F 19-3530:31.99:51/M
426Kelly McKallagatHolden MA36028 75 F 19-3530:39.99:53/M
427Rick McKallagatHolden MA36258 13 M 56-9930:40.19:54/M
428peter anternishrewsbury MA73747 102 M 36-5530:40.69:54/M
429Nicholas ScheibelHolden MA46525 75 M 19-3530:40.99:54/M
430Tony DiloretoJefferson MA12447 103 M 36-5530:43.49:55/M
431Bob BarryJefferson MA2760 14 M 56-9930:45.99:55/M
432Lisa GastonguayWorcester MA56055 74 F 36-5530:49.19:56/M
433Lars Adams.63130 76 M 19-3530:54.19:58/M
434Liana MeringoloHolden MA37223 76 F 19-3530:57.69:59/M
435Kristy BroganWorcester MA67030 77 F 19-3530:57.69:59/M
436kristan coffeypaxton MA73942 75 F 36-5530:58.19:59/M
437diane rochapaxton MA73837 76 F 36-5530:59.410:00/M
438Emma Boss.62538 77 F 36-5530:59.410:00/M
439Laura MurrayBarre MA38542 78 F 36-5531:00.110:00/M
440Debra BraunKittery ME4133 78 F 19-3531:01.110:00/M
441John Van DolsonExeter NH52025 77 M 19-3531:03.210:01/M
442Kelly LemieuxExeter NH30123 79 F 19-3531:03.410:01/M
443Debbie SacraHolden MA64749 79 F 36-5531:04.410:01/M
444nicole auternishrewsburg MA73646 80 F 36-5531:05.310:02/M
445Karen HenryCharlton MA22630 80 F 19-3531:05.610:02/M
446Steve DubruleHolden MA63544 104 M 36-5531:06.310:02/M
447Sydney CaswellCharlton MA6343 81 F 36-5531:06.410:02/M
448James RavenelCary NC43440 105 M 36-5531:06.610:02/M
449Janessa RavenelCary NC43536 82 F 36-5531:06.610:02/M
450Sam DubruleHolden MA63610 50 M 1-1831:06.810:02/M
451Sarah GrossHolden MA20520 81 F 19-3531:07.610:02/M
452Nathan SchirnerWorcester MA46636 106 M 36-5531:09.810:03/M
453Lisa Dutton-SwainPrinceton MA14225 82 F 19-3531:20.410:06/M
454Kathleen CavanWest Boylston MA6659 1 F 56-9931:21.610:07/M
455Sheila HurleyHolden MA25119 83 F 19-3531:24.110:08/M
456alec anternishrewsburg MA73514 51 M 1-1831:24.610:08/M
457Elizabeth HurleySpringfield MA24821 84 F 19-3531:25.110:08/M
458James HurleyHolden MA24949 107 M 36-5531:25.410:08/M
459Kristiann DavenportHolden MA11144 83 F 36-5531:27.110:09/M
460Lucy HarmonCharlton MA21714 35 F 1-1831:37.110:12/M
461Matt FriendHolden MA16440 108 M 36-5531:38.310:12/M
462Emily WiegandJefferson MA53916 36 F 1-1831:38.410:12/M
463David ReynosoBrighton MA44530 78 M 19-3531:39.610:13/M
464Kim BellilHolden MA65043 84 F 36-5531:40.610:13/M
465Sarah CassellHolden MA6230 85 F 19-3531:47.610:15/M
466Ossian CooneyHolden MA8643 109 M 36-5531:48.110:15/M
467Emily ArslenClinton MA2327 86 F 19-3531:50.110:16/M
468Betty BluteWorcester MA3538 85 F 36-5531:50.110:16/M
469Jeff LindbergMerrimack NH31059 15 M 56-9931:55.110:18/M
470Beth Louder.62240 86 F 36-5531:55.610:18/M
471Rhonda AspinallNantucket MA2444 87 F 36-5532:00.110:19/M
472Angelia SchmidtNew York NY46935 87 F 19-3532:02.910:20/M
473p j dell'oroholden MA70310 52 M 1-1832:02.910:20/M
474Mickael CauberghsHolden MA6536 110 M 36-5532:04.110:21/M
475Chris SchmidtNew York NY47033 79 M 19-3532:04.410:21/M
476Kelly FrielHoboken NJ16339 88 F 36-5532:06.610:21/M
477Erin O'DonnellHolden MA39621 88 F 19-3532:12.110:23/M
478Kathy MayoRutland MA33952 89 F 36-5532:12.610:23/M
479Lori GrossHolden MA20452 90 F 36-5532:13.110:24/M
480Darlene Sargent-MurphyBarre MA46148 91 F 36-5532:13.110:24/M
481Nicole Frerichs.60021 89 F 19-3532:13.910:24/M
482Kathleen ReillyJefferson MA43932 90 F 19-3532:17.410:25/M
483leslie safinwest boylston MA74529 91 F 19-3532:17.910:25/M
484matthew felicioholden MA72811 53 M 1-1832:18.610:25/M
485Carolyn FelicioHolden MA15044 92 F 36-5532:18.610:25/M
486Jess Gross.60516 37 F 1-1832:19.110:25/M
487Eli HarmonCharlton MA2149 54 M 1-1832:20.610:26/M
488Bailey HarmonCharlton MA21224 92 F 19-3532:21.110:26/M
489Sarah ThompsonNorth Adams MA50230 93 F 19-3532:22.410:26/M
490Edmund AdamiakWorcester MA558 16 M 56-9932:23.610:27/M
491Jennifer Graves.59841 93 F 36-5532:23.610:27/M
492Janet HarmonCharlton MA21548 94 F 36-5532:25.410:27/M
493Katie JacobsHolden MA25526 94 F 19-3532:27.110:28/M
494Ben JacobsHolden MA25431 80 M 19-3532:27.410:28/M
495Leah SuttonHudson MA49332 95 F 19-3532:29.110:29/M
496jacqui vanliew.78118 38 F 1-1832:39.110:32/M
497Michelle O'DonnellHolden MA39817 39 F 1-1832:40.410:32/M
498Tracy WilliamsJefferson MA68444 95 F 36-5532:41.910:33/M
499Richard GriffinSterling MA20154 111 M 36-5532:42.310:33/M
500Margot FriisRutland MA16547 96 F 36-5532:42.610:33/M
501Ed DohertyJefferson MA12560 17 M 56-9932:44.110:34/M
502Nancy McKallagatHolden MA36156 2 F 56-9932:46.410:34/M
503Mike ColeHolden MA7945 112 M 36-5532:47.910:35/M
504Amy BritzWoburn MA4631 96 F 19-3532:49.610:35/M
505Stacey CarlsonWorcester MA5632 97 F 19-3532:49.610:35/M
506Elizabeth TienhaaraHolden MA50351 97 F 36-5532:55.910:37/M
507Carrie RochaHolden MA45236 98 F 36-5532:58.110:38/M
508erick wedgeworcester MA72531 81 M 19-3533:01.110:39/M
509Jennifer ReynosoBrighton MA44630 98 F 19-3533:04.610:40/M
510amy mahoneyworcester MA72731 99 F 19-3533:07.410:41/M
511Erin PurcellWaltham MA43130 100 F 19-3533:08.410:41/M
512Eliana GoldingPaxton MA18721 101 F 19-3533:09.110:42/M
513Michele MoynihanRutland MA37935 102 F 19-3533:13.810:43/M
514Kathleen DruggeLancaster MA13650 99 F 36-5533:15.910:44/M
515jon cicconewilton NH69942 113 M 36-5533:16.110:44/M
516sarah duganworcester MA70039 100 F 36-5533:16.410:44/M
517Timothy LebretonHolden MA29511 55 M 1-1833:25.110:47/M
518Jennifer DalyWorcester MA10938 101 F 36-5533:26.610:47/M
519Lor HeadHolden MA68638 102 F 36-5533:36.610:50/M
520Karen LeeHolden MA29635 103 F 19-3533:40.610:52/M
521Jessica DuniganManchester NH14026 104 F 19-3533:46.910:54/M
522Paola SimonciniHolden MA47930 105 F 19-3533:48.910:54/M
523Melissa SimonciniMedford MA47831 106 F 19-3533:49.110:55/M
524Tarrah Filo-Loos.6109 40 F 1-1833:55.610:56/M
525lisa shaw.78942 103 F 36-5533:55.910:56/M
526Peter Leonard.62732 82 M 19-3533:56.910:57/M
527Ryan AngeloHolden MA65439 114 M 36-5533:57.110:57/M
528Sierra MasielloOxford MA33819 107 F 19-3533:57.910:57/M
529Linnea LyerlyBoylston MA32040 104 F 36-5533:58.110:57/M
530Sandra MasielloOxford MA33741 105 F 36-5533:58.110:57/M
531Paul CarterBrighton MA5859 18 M 56-9933:59.410:58/M
532Jennifer BronsonRutland MA4837 106 F 36-5534:00.610:58/M
533Sarah McRellHolden MA36630 108 F 19-3534:00.910:58/M
534Candice PerodeauHolden MA41440 107 F 36-5534:01.910:58/M
535Julie JepsenJefferson MA25827 109 F 19-3534:02.110:59/M
536Brian LebretonHolden MA29439 115 M 36-5534:02.910:59/M
537Denise AgbayJefferson MA66034 110 F 19-3534:08.111:01/M
538jessica motter.79433 111 F 19-3534:10.411:01/M
539josh nelson.77012 56 M 1-1834:12.411:02/M
540Holly KuhlPittsburgh PA28021 112 F 19-3534:14.111:03/M
541Bob RentschWorcester MA44251 116 M 36-5534:14.411:03/M
542holly dubeoakham MA69340 108 F 36-5534:14.911:03/M
543Deborah GreenebaumHolden MA19645 109 F 36-5534:19.111:04/M
544Christopher AgbayJefferson MA65934 83 M 19-3534:20.611:05/M
545Shawna SmithHolden MA59328 113 F 19-3534:21.311:05/M
546Rachel Perry.63410 41 F 1-1834:28.111:07/M
547Kristina Perry.63339 110 F 36-5534:28.811:07/M
548Erin GallagherHubbardston MA16626 114 F 19-3534:31.111:08/M
549nicole murrayholden MA74640 111 F 36-5534:32.811:08/M
550esta singerholden MA74740 112 F 36-5534:32.911:08/M
551ann marie lynch.75245 113 F 36-5534:33.111:09/M
552Bess AgnittiHolden MA635 115 F 19-3534:33.611:09/M
553Kathryn LarriveeWorcester MA28929 116 F 19-3534:34.911:09/M
554Rhys Greene.64440 117 M 36-5534:37.911:10/M
555David OlsonHolden MA40140 118 M 36-5534:38.111:10/M
556Colleen LabossiereWest Newton MA28144 114 F 36-5534:38.611:10/M
557Kathleen Quinlivan CaseyWorcester MA43230 117 F 19-3534:39.111:11/M
558David CaseyWorcester MA5933 84 M 19-3534:39.611:11/M
559Samantha GlazebrookEast Brookfield MA18534 118 F 19-3534:44.111:12/M
560Sandra MahoneyWorcester MA32552 115 F 36-5534:44.611:12/M
561Mary Ellen KayerWorcester MA67451 116 F 36-5534:50.411:14/M
562Kaithlyn KayerWorcester MA67627 119 F 19-3534:50.611:14/M
563anne moynihanwatertown MA71638 117 F 36-5534:51.911:15/M
564annelle buinholden MA71438 118 F 36-5534:53.311:15/M
565Jennifer HarackiewiczSterling MA21026 120 F 19-3534:58.911:17/M
566Tonya WarrenPlymouth NH53238 119 F 36-5535:00.411:17/M
567Aaron GlazebrookEast Brookfield MA18434 85 M 19-3535:03.911:18/M
568joe mcgurn.77263 19 M 56-9935:05.911:19/M
569Sandy HubbardWorcester MA24261 3 F 56-9935:08.111:20/M
570David JohnsonActon MA68035 86 M 19-3535:08.611:20/M
571Kim KeeneyHolden MA27038 120 F 36-5535:09.411:20/M
572mackenzie nelson.76914 42 F 1-1835:10.111:21/M
573tim nelson.77147 119 M 36-5535:11.911:21/M
574Erin SmithSterling MA48233 121 F 19-3535:11.911:21/M
575Tracy OrourkeWorcester MA40236 121 F 36-5535:14.411:22/M
576Rebecca HequembourgHolden MA22832 122 F 19-3535:15.111:22/M
577Erin BradleyWorcester MA3931 123 F 19-3535:16.911:23/M
578Sarah TarantinoHolden MA57813 43 F 1-1835:17.111:23/M
579Tina CoffeyHolden MA7745 122 F 36-5535:18.111:23/M
580Marylu GarrowOxford MA17057 4 F 56-9935:18.911:23/M
581Johanna CopelandJefferson MA8912 44 F 1-1835:25.611:25/M
582Gerry GolenaHolden MA67158 20 M 56-9935:29.111:27/M
583Elizabeth HoganWhitinsville MA23135 124 F 19-3535:30.411:27/M
584Colleen MunsonWorcester MA38142 123 F 36-5535:31.911:27/M
585colby sheldonbarre MA6989 57 M 1-1835:32.611:28/M
586art sheldonholden MA69742 120 M 36-5535:33.911:28/M
587Heidi McAlice.59646 124 F 36-5535:39.411:30/M
588Sandy MeindersmaWest Boylston MA36947 125 F 36-5535:42.111:31/M
589Linda Prouty.61361 5 F 56-9935:44.611:32/M
590Stephanie Poh.61448 126 F 36-5535:44.911:32/M
591Barbara Sargent-DowdNorthborough MA46046 127 F 36-5535:46.411:32/M
592Declan McDonagh-Poh.61512 58 M 1-1835:47.111:33/M
593Tina SchirnerWorcester MA46740 128 F 36-5535:52.911:34/M
594Ben ChristianoHolden MA7333 87 M 19-3535:56.611:35/M
595Stacey ReidyRutland MA43836 129 F 36-5535:57.111:36/M
596Courtney RiceSomerville MA44826 125 F 19-3536:00.411:37/M
597Sarah LoizeauxWorcester MA31532 126 F 19-3536:01.311:37/M
598Rachel TurnerPaxton MA51442 130 F 36-5536:01.611:37/M
599Deborah MoscaWorcester MA37759 6 F 56-9936:01.811:37/M
600Jessica PalanoHolland MA40442 131 F 36-5536:02.611:37/M
601Jocelyn LegereYork PA29718 45 F 1-1836:03.811:38/M
602Brian CarpenterWorcester MA65533 88 M 19-3536:06.611:39/M
603Al DancyWorcester MA66132 89 M 19-3536:08.311:39/M
604Jen BornsteinTempleton MA3841 132 F 36-5536:16.811:42/M
605Courtney HumphreySpencer MA24630 127 F 19-3536:19.911:43/M
606Gina TotaroWorcester MA50830 128 F 19-3536:23.611:44/M
607Erica GreeneCohoes NY19534 129 F 19-3536:28.111:46/M
608owen burton kean.75510 59 M 1-1836:31.611:47/M
609kimberly negrinworcester MA70224 130 F 19-3536:36.411:48/M
610jill bourbeauworcester MA71927 131 F 19-3536:36.911:48/M
611jen di cardiaworcester MA69630 132 F 19-3536:37.811:49/M
612Nicole DucharmeNorth Brookfield MA13818 46 F 1-1836:38.411:49/M
613John DucharmeE. Hampstead NH13743 121 M 36-5536:38.611:49/M
614erin kellyholden MA71827 133 F 19-3536:38.911:49/M
615Parker Filo-Loos.60937 133 F 36-5536:43.611:51/M
616Don Loos.61143 122 M 36-5536:44.111:51/M
617Scott HumberNew Bedford MA24531 90 M 19-3536:45.911:51/M
618Carolyn HumberShrewsbury MA24426 134 F 19-3536:46.411:52/M
619Noelle McCulloughHudson MA34336 134 F 36-5536:48.111:52/M
620ted van liew.78253 123 M 36-5536:48.411:52/M
621jack mastrotataro.75313 60 M 1-1836:49.111:53/M
622Becky BoisvertWhitinsville MA3631 135 F 19-3536:49.611:53/M
623Joeyanna Colton-O'BrienHolden MA8231 136 F 19-3536:50.111:53/M
624Jen Dewitt.60837 135 F 36-5536:53.611:54/M
625Travis JohnsonReston VA26223 91 M 19-3536:55.111:55/M
626Michelle RizzoReston VA45123 137 F 19-3536:55.411:55/M
627Alexa CoutureSevern MD9418 47 F 1-1836:56.111:55/M
628Jane CrooksSterling MA10256 7 F 56-9937:10.911:59/M
629Daniel Marinone.61751 124 M 36-5537:19.912:02/M
630Tyler ClappJefferson MA7612 61 M 1-1837:21.812:03/M
631Logan MurphyBarre MA38420 138 F 19-3537:25.412:04/M
632Paul TarantinoHolden MA58140 125 M 36-5537:29.612:05/M
633Michael LemireNewton MA30226 92 M 19-3537:42.612:10/M
634Maria WalshWorcester MA52949 136 F 36-5537:54.112:14/M
635Abigail GaudetteHolden MA1728 48 F 1-1837:56.612:14/M
636Loraine Marinone.61850 137 F 36-5537:57.912:15/M
637Glenn GaudetteHolden MA17444 126 M 36-5537:58.612:15/M
638jerry lynch.79550 127 M 36-5538:00.412:15/M
639Christopher MiltonJefferson MA37428 93 M 19-3538:00.612:15/M
640Christopher WhamondHolden MA53614 62 M 1-1838:07.612:18/M
641Tamson JensenHolden MA56238 138 F 36-5538:13.412:20/M
642anika smithworcester MA73431 139 F 19-3538:13.912:20/M
643kelli sullivanworcester MA70730 140 F 19-3538:25.112:24/M
644Kelley HerlihyHolden MA22941 139 F 36-5538:25.612:24/M
645john silkworcester MA70834 94 M 19-3538:25.612:24/M
646Joe McDermottPaxton MA34427 95 M 19-3538:35.912:27/M
647Ashley AndersonPaxton MA1127 141 F 19-3538:36.412:27/M
648Kevin AndersonPaxton MA1457 21 M 56-9938:36.812:27/M
649Susanne ToupenseHubbardston MA51131 142 F 19-3538:40.112:28/M
650Wendy ElliottHolden MA65636 140 F 36-5538:50.412:32/M
651Jean BulgerRutland MA4960 8 F 56-9938:57.612:34/M
652Kelly ShamgochianOakham MA47333 143 F 19-3539:03.612:36/M
653amy cuthbert.79936 141 F 36-5539:05.412:36/M
654christine beraimeboston MA73029 144 F 19-3539:10.612:38/M
655joanna beraimeworcester MA73117 49 F 1-1839:11.612:38/M
656vu hoboston MA72632 96 M 19-3539:11.912:38/M
657Casey MalloyWorcester MA32814 63 M 1-1839:14.112:39/M
658Tara MalloyWorcester MA32930 145 F 19-3539:14.412:39/M
659Christina FoyleHolden MA64832 146 F 19-3539:26.412:43/M
660Marissa FarboHolden MA14930 147 F 19-3539:26.612:43/M
661boone di mauro.7625 64 M 1-1839:32.412:45/M
662jenni di mauro.76133 148 F 19-3539:32.912:45/M
663Noelle LuongoWorcester MA31931 149 F 19-3539:35.612:46/M
664Dan FoleyPortsmouth RI15741 128 M 36-5539:36.112:46/M
665Tina FoleyWorcester MA15835 150 F 19-3539:36.412:46/M
666Kara WhiteBoylston MA53830 151 F 19-3539:49.912:51/M
667Elisabeth ChaseWorcester MA6763 9 F 56-9939:58.612:54/M
668Kiley Wong-LiCharlton MA5479 50 F 1-1840:06.912:56/M
669Cathy Wong-LiCharlton MA54644 142 F 36-5540:06.912:56/M
670Samantha McDonaldHolden MA34643 143 F 36-5540:07.612:56/M
671Mary Forrest-DoyleNorthboro MA15950 144 F 36-5540:28.613:03/M
672Philip DoyleNorthboro MA13552 129 M 36-5540:29.413:04/M
673Amanda CoutureSpencer MA9526 152 F 19-3540:30.613:04/M
674andra kean.75441 145 F 36-5540:30.913:04/M
675sarah kean.7569 51 F 1-1840:31.113:04/M
676Richard CoutureSevern MD9963 22 M 56-9940:33.113:05/M
677Debbie ThomasSterling MA49957 10 F 56-9940:39.113:07/M
678Chelsea ChristensonNorthborough MA6935 153 F 19-3540:40.913:07/M
679Hope TroiloShrewsbury MA67253 146 F 36-5540:41.413:07/M
680Monique DonahueHolden MA12938 147 F 36-5540:43.913:08/M
681Kate PietrovitoWorcester MA42130 154 F 19-3540:44.113:08/M
682Billy McGuiness JrWorcester MA35831 97 M 19-3540:09.913:11/M
683Ian WarrenJefferson MA53139 130 M 36-5540:59.913:13/M
684Linda MarkarianSterling MA33450 148 F 36-5541:15.113:18/M
685Emily HowardSterling MA23922 155 F 19-3541:15.413:18/M
686Margaret NelsonHolden MA38748 149 F 36-5541:18.613:19/M
687Claire ScanlonLeominster MA46237 150 F 36-5541:19.913:20/M
688Tracy SchmidtHolden MA47135 156 F 19-3541:39.913:26/M
689Mike GreenhalghRutland MA19732 98 M 19-3541:52.113:30/M
690Miranda GreenhalghRutland MA19831 157 F 19-3541:52.313:30/M
691Yosel LacayoSevern MD28319 99 M 19-3542:17.113:38/M
692Joe GriffinHolden MA20051 131 M 36-5542:26.813:41/M
693Chris GriffinHolden MA19949 151 F 36-5542:27.113:42/M
694Jennifer ComeauRutland MA8335 158 F 19-3542:31.613:43/M
695Erin CoutureSevern MD9749 152 F 36-5542:33.913:44/M
696Jack LuongoRutland MA31836 132 M 36-5542:36.913:45/M
697Callum GlasierWrentham MA18012 65 M 1-1842:50.413:49/M
698Megan McMahonWorcester MA36350 153 F 36-5542:53.913:50/M
699Parker GlasierWrentham MA18343 133 M 36-5542:56.613:51/M
700Michelle PapperHolden MA40835 159 F 19-3542:59.413:52/M
701Michael PapperHolden MA57739 134 M 36-5542:59.613:52/M
702Heidi HafemannWorcester MA20725 160 F 19-3543:17.613:58/M
703Evan GraberHolden MA19256 23 M 56-9943:20.113:59/M
704Joe HowardPaxton MA24051 135 M 36-5543:21.913:59/M
705Sarah HowardPaxton MA24114 52 F 1-1843:21.913:59/M
706Debra HokkanenHolden MA23270 11 F 56-9943:31.314:02/M
707Eric DwinnellsJefferson MA14330 100 M 19-3543:32.114:03/M
708Chandra LuongoRutland MA31735 161 F 19-3543:34.114:03/M
709Lisa McDonoughWorcester MA34754 154 F 36-5544:13.114:16/M
710Julia GaudetteSpencer MA17547 155 F 36-5544:53.914:29/M
711Julia DurginSpencer MA14128 162 F 19-3544:54.714:29/M
712Lisa NormandinLeicester MA39045 156 F 36-5544:54.714:29/M
713Susan PalatucciWorcester MA40752 157 F 36-5544:56.414:30/M
714Karen MurphyHolden MA38344 158 F 36-5545:20.414:37/M
715Leah Frerichs.60112 53 F 1-1845:39.914:44/M
716Elizabeth DiloretoJefferson MA12215 54 F 1-1845:39.914:44/M
717Scott Frerichs.59953 136 M 36-5545:49.114:47/M
718Trinny PinedaWorcester MA42234 163 F 19-3546:00.814:50/M
719Clare McDonagh-Poh.61614 55 F 1-1846:30.915:00/M
720Colleen LindbergHolden MA30616 56 F 1-1846:31.415:00/M
721Stacy BelliveauHolden MA3034 164 F 19-3546:35.915:02/M
722Phil DowdWorcester MA13277 24 M 56-9946:56.915:08/M
723bob luciersturbridge MA70670 25 M 56-9947:04.315:11/M
724Cara MulcahyAuburn MA38034 165 F 19-3547:12.615:14/M
725Nathalie GibsonWorcester MA17839 159 F 36-5547:12.915:14/M
726Alexandra MartinHolden MA33564 12 F 56-9947:27.615:18/M
727Cindy GraberHolden MA19155 160 F 36-5547:28.615:19/M
728Pasquale TotaroWorcester MA50955 137 M 36-5547:40.115:23/M
729Youl BellilHolden MA65145 138 M 36-5548:37.115:41/M
730Amanda HolmgrenShrewsbury MA23832 166 F 19-3548:44.115:43/M
731michael popejefferson MA74326 101 M 19-3549:53.616:05/M
732ashley lee-oliverw boylston MA74226 167 F 19-3549:55.816:06/M
733Kimberley WhamondHolden MA53747 161 F 36-5550:22.116:15/M
734john brole.78647 139 M 36-5550:23.116:15/M
735alexis brule.78510 57 F 1-1850:23.416:15/M
736Elisabeth SmallWorcester MA48030 168 F 19-3550:30.916:17/M
737Iva GojanovicAndover MA18629 169 F 19-3550:31.616:18/M
738Keith VanriperSterling MA52262 26 M 56-9950:35.816:19/M
739Dawn VanriperSterling MA52155 162 F 36-5550:35.816:19/M
740Samantha VanriperSterling MA52325 170 F 19-3550:35.916:19/M
741Abegayle KellySterling MA27113 58 F 1-1850:35.916:19/M
742Julia BellilHolden MA6539 59 F 1-1850:46.916:23/M
743Lauri PellaWorcester MA40942 163 F 36-5550:59.616:27/M
744Stephanie KeenanHolden MA26941 164 F 36-5551:00.616:27/M
745Karin LegereYork PA29843 165 F 36-5551:01.416:27/M
746Kimberly PottsHolden MA57345 166 F 36-5551:03.916:28/M
747Michelle PorterJefferson MA42749 167 F 36-5551:04.416:28/M
748Dorothy LindbergHolden MA30851 168 F 36-5551:04.816:28/M
749david woodswest boylston MA72246 140 M 36-5551:18.616:33/M
750andrea huntworcester MA72326 171 F 19-3551:18.916:33/M
751Max SulikHolden MA58510 66 M 1-1851:47.116:42/M
752Katie WoodHolden MA58446 169 F 36-5551:49.416:43/M
753Rob SulikHolden MA58348 141 M 36-5551:49.416:43/M
754Leonard BelliveauHolden MA2938 142 M 36-5551:56.116:45/M
755Mark Belanger.63753 143 M 36-5552:41.917:00/M
756Alison BelangerBoylston MA63831 172 F 19-3552:44.117:01/M
757Laurel PhillipsHolden MA41925 173 F 19-3553:12.617:10/M
758Carol UptegroveJefferson MA51550 170 F 36-5553:14.117:10/M
759Joshua CoutureSevern MD9816 67 M 1-1855:27.317:53/M
760Jeanne GallagherHubbardston MA16749 171 F 36-5555:43.917:58/M
761Mary HuntHolden MA24762 13 F 56-9955:44.617:59/M

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