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Vie for the Kids 3.3 Mile Run

Simsbury, CT, October 1, 2011

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Sharon McHale, Race Director. Timing by

Vie for the Kids 6k Trail Run and Walk.......
Overall Finish List.......
2011 October 01.......
Results By
5k Run and Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Mark HixsonSimsbury CT15946***** M 40-4919:21.75:52/M
2Mike Quick.21023 1 M 19-2919:51.76:01/M
3Leroy CaseWest Simsbury CT4325 2 M 19-2922:03.46:41/M
4Eric StevensonEast Granby CT12627 3 M 19-2922:44.96:53/M
5James Navillus.16849 1 M 40-4923:01.26:58/M
6Ray WiseHartford CT13356 1 M 50-5923:21.77:05/M
7Roger MahieuLitchfield CT8848 2 M 40-4923:48.97:13/M
8Jeff O'CoinPlainville CT16729 4 M 19-2924:01.27:17/M
9Dennis BaroneWest Hartford CT2056 2 M 50-5924:12.77:20/M
10Nicholas Landry.18737 1 M 30-3924:27.97:25/M
11David DysonNewington CT843 3 M 40-4924:43.77:29/M
12Todd Richardson.11035 2 M 30-3924:50.27:32/M
13Michael LuziettiTariffville CT9834 3 M 30-3925:02.97:35/M
14James Erasmus.18853 3 M 50-5925:14.97:39/M
15Miwako Ohta-AgrestaBurlington CT345***** F 40-4925:36.97:45/M
16Peter HawleyNew Hartford CT961 1 M 60-6925:53.97:51/M
17Kenneth BraselSimsbury CT1356 4 M 50-5925:56.27:52/M
18Charlie Page.18441 4 M 40-4926:00.47:53/M
19Thomas KeeganWest Hartford CT7849 5 M 40-4926:22.27:59/M
20Aidan Shugrue.17610 1 M 1-1327:04.78:12/M
21Doug Kapell.21138 4 M 30-3927:11.98:14/M
22Michael Isakoff.18238 5 M 30-3927:23.98:18/M
23Jake KeeganNew Hartford CT15514 1 M 14-1827:36.28:22/M
24Robert LangWindsor Locks CT8341 6 M 40-4927:52.28:27/M
25Kyle JandreauWeatogue CT4529 5 M 19-2928:03.78:30/M
26Joan BosmaMelville NY3815 1 F 14-1828:14.28:33/M
27Marianne SklarskyBurlington CT12045 1 F 40-4928:38.98:41/M
28Charity Smith.16433 1 F 30-3928:50.98:44/M
29Eric Damasca.20918 2 M 14-1828:55.48:46/M
30Della CorcoranFarmington CT446 2 F 40-4929:11.28:51/M
31James AucielloWest Hartford CT1640 7 M 40-4929:32.28:57/M
32Jenny BruzikFarmington CT15715 2 F 14-1829:46.79:01/M
33Haley CampbellUnionville CT4216 3 F 14-1829:46.79:01/M
34Stephanie BoeshansWest Simsbury CT13744 3 F 40-4930:07.99:08/M
35Patrick FaganHebron CT5540 8 M 40-4930:24.79:13/M
36Christopher MorkanSimsbury CT10246 9 M 40-4930:31.79:15/M
37Melissa DumontWest Simsbury CT638 2 F 30-3930:44.99:19/M
38Lisa Cooperman.19239 3 F 30-3930:58.49:23/M
39Kaitlyn Murray.17317 4 F 14-1831:00.49:24/M
40Stephen RichardsWest Simsbury CT10939 6 M 30-3931:18.99:29/M
41Scott AlibozekSimsbury CT1441 10 M 40-4931:21.99:30/M
42Gina Vagnini.17416 5 F 14-1831:25.79:31/M
43Nelle AndrewsDeep River CT2135 4 F 30-3931:25.99:31/M
44Leah ChapmanWeatogue CT4429 1 F 19-2931:32.79:33/M
45Todd Cooperman.19337 7 M 30-3931:52.29:39/M
46Kathleen KeeganWest Hartford CT7714 6 F 14-1832:13.79:46/M
47Taylor Bisieglia.16916 7 F 14-1832:18.99:47/M
48Matthew PaisonSouthfield MI10531 8 M 30-3932:21.49:48/M
49Audrey Gallo.17214 8 F 14-1832:44.79:55/M
50Grace BaileySimsbury CT1714 9 F 14-1832:44.99:55/M
51Stephanie Wallace.17123 2 F 19-2932:45.79:55/M
52Drew FerroneCanton CT14210 2 M 1-1333:09.910:03/M
53Bill Bartucca.19958 5 M 50-5933:14.410:04/M
54Jamie Bartucca.2416 10 F 14-1833:57.710:17/M
55Caroline Deakin.17715 11 F 14-1834:00.410:18/M
56Therese MessinaUnionville CT14814 12 F 14-1834:09.410:21/M
57Rachel Andreana.17015 13 F 14-1834:14.910:22/M
58Jack StoneBurlington CT14711 3 M 1-1334:15.710:23/M
59Jameson BoeshansWest Simsbury CT13614 3 M 14-1834:32.410:28/M
60Nathan HagstromSimsbury CT6446 11 M 40-4934:52.910:34/M
61Emily HoganFarmington CT7115 14 F 14-1834:55.410:35/M
62Megan StoddardUnionville CT15615 15 F 14-1834:56.410:35/M
63Betsy DipauloUnionville CT5016 16 F 14-1834:56.410:35/M
64Maia GromadowskiHartford CT6315 17 F 14-1835:00.410:36/M
65Celia Devae.19016 18 F 14-1835:19.710:42/M
66Marissa Paiano.18916 19 F 14-1835:19.710:42/M
67Allison Walsh.18616 20 F 14-1835:19.910:42/M
68Megan Brockelman.18516 21 F 14-1835:20.410:42/M
69Maureen Gallo.18016 22 F 14-1835:20.410:42/M
70Brittany Galsre.19615 23 F 14-1835:20.710:42/M
71Chynna Jarrett.19417 24 F 14-1835:20.910:42/M
72Olivia Devoe.19814 25 F 14-1835:21.010:43/M
73Becky Kulak.19116 26 F 14-1835:21.210:43/M
74Taylor Walton.19516 27 F 14-1835:21.910:43/M
75Mark LegowskiSimsbury CT9047 12 M 40-4936:05.410:56/M
76Katherine SmithMiddlebury CT12134 5 F 30-3936:20.711:01/M
77Nate Shapiro.2008 4 M 1-1336:24.411:02/M
78Nick BelliveauSimsbury CT2812 5 M 1-1336:24.911:02/M
79Jenny BelliveauSimsbury CT2647 4 F 40-4936:27.911:03/M
80Margaret LynchSimsbury CT9935 6 F 30-3937:07.411:15/M
81Lisa Colonna.18342 5 F 40-4937:11.911:16/M
82Mary Barton.18147 6 F 40-4937:23.911:20/M
83Doris LamoureuxBristol CT8256 1 F 50-5937:25.711:20/M
84Bonnie Shugrue.17542 7 F 40-4937:36.711:24/M
85Jag Wadliwahl.20728 6 M 19-2938:18.411:36/M
86Aaron Samples.11838 9 M 30-3939:00.411:49/M
87Katherine StevenFarmington CT12551 2 F 50-5939:19.211:55/M
88Elias HannaWest Simsbury CT13510 6 M 1-1339:22.411:56/M
89Samuel FabianWest Simsbury CT5438 10 M 30-3939:45.212:03/M
90Andrea KellyLisbon CT7943 8 F 40-4939:48.712:04/M
91Pamela NesbettNew Canaan CT10343 9 F 40-4939:48.712:04/M
92Nerina WhittakerLisbon CT13242 10 F 40-4939:49.412:04/M
93Dawn Diroma.16236 7 F 30-3940:23.712:14/M
94Louise MillerFarmington CT10014 28 F 14-1840:23.912:14/M
95Olivia VibertUnionville CT12914 29 F 14-1840:41.412:20/M
96Giselle Alvarez.19714 30 F 14-1840:57.412:25/M
97Ally PrisloeFarmington CT10716 31 F 14-1840:57.912:25/M
98Tommy RossiHarwinton CT11420 7 M 19-2940:59.512:25/M
99Dab Danasca.21349 13 M 40-4941:18.912:31/M
100Shauna Damasca.21239 8 F 30-3941:19.412:31/M
101Kate Fagan.16114 32 F 14-1841:33.212:35/M
102Caroline BorkowskiUnionville CT16015 33 F 14-1841:33.412:35/M
103Brittany LegowskiFarmington CT8915 34 F 14-1841:33.712:35/M
104Everett Pelletier.17911 7 M 1-1341:37.412:37/M
105William StarrHarwinton CT12326 8 M 19-2942:07.912:46/M
106Jennifer Starrett.20335 9 F 30-3942:16.412:48/M
107Michelle CookLisbon CT4740 11 F 40-4942:21.212:50/M
108Heather Pomroy.20440 12 F 40-4942:21.412:50/M
109Amanda FiorettiAvon CT1032 10 F 30-3942:23.412:51/M
110Erin Ducotey-FrenchTorrington CT1131 11 F 30-3942:23.912:51/M
111Christa LeoneFarmington CT9116 35 F 14-1843:21.213:08/M
112Nick St. PierreFarmington CT12221 9 M 19-2943:24.413:09/M
113Erica LeoneFarmington CT9220 3 F 19-2943:30.913:11/M
114Jacqueline PaisonWestland MI10431 12 F 30-3944:47.913:34/M
115Charles Merlis.20270 1 M 70-9945:15.713:43/M
116Marie Pelletier.17833 13 F 30-3945:23.713:45/M
117L. Marie Concklin-MalloyRiverton CT4641 13 F 40-4945:24.213:45/M
118Laura DemartinoCanton CT1419 1 F 1-1346:04.713:58/M
119Kristina DimartinoCanton CT13842 14 F 40-4946:05.213:58/M
120Andy StoneBurlington CT14447 14 M 40-4946:05.713:58/M
121Jodin James.16616 36 F 14-1846:50.714:12/M
122Mwfn Holm.20814 37 F 14-1846:52.214:12/M
123Ryan DemaioWest Simsbury CT499 8 M 1-1347:02.914:15/M
124Serrita Hanlon.6732 14 F 30-3948:09.914:35/M
125Emily Saccuzzo.16315 38 F 14-1848:12.214:36/M
126Alicia LanglaisBurlington CT8435 15 F 30-3949:39.915:03/M
127Lauren Sylvestre.20141 15 F 40-4951:07.215:29/M
128Ann MinorLisbon CT10142 16 F 40-4951:07.715:29/M
129Banu GanapathiEast Granby CT5638 16 F 30-3951:49.215:42/M
130Greg KarlikElizabeth NJ7546 15 M 40-4951:49.715:42/M
131Benjamin LassyPlymouth CT878 9 M 1-1352:30.915:55/M
132Shyla Hanlon.6632 17 F 30-3953:09.216:06/M
133Richard LeoneUnionville CT9349 16 M 40-4954:45.416:35/M
134Lina CurtinUnionville CT9446 17 F 40-4954:51.916:37/M
135Andrah StoneBurlington CT14613 2 F 1-1354:55.916:38/M
136Charlie FerroneCanton CT1437 3 F 1-1354:58.416:39/M
137Johanna FerroneCanton CT13943 18 F 40-4955:08.216:42/M
138Lori StethersWest Simsbury CT12439 18 F 30-3955:55.916:57/M
139Julie Bailey.1837 19 F 30-3955:55.916:57/M
140Diane LassyPlymouth CT8550 3 F 50-5956:51.417:14/M

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