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Tackle Trump Parc

Stamford, CT, November 19, 2011

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American Lung Association of The Northeast

For more race information, see NE Stair Climbs.

PlaceOverall TimeBib#Person's NameAgeGroupTeamCategory
100:02:46.868 Alexander Workman35M 30-39Tower MastersN/A
200:03:00.9110 Michael Karlin40M 40-49Tower MastersN/A
300:03:09.692 Paul Curley55M 50-59Tower MastersN/A
400:03:13.409 Stephen Marsalese46M 40-49Tower MastersN/A
500:03:30.2355 Kevin Waters23M 18-29Carozza FitnessN/A
600:03:41.42128 Ryan Carey32M 30-39INC.DOMUS KIDSN/A
700:03:45.083 Chris Patrona32M 30-39>>N/A
800:03:49.4024 Michael Carozza34M 30-39Carozza FitnessHealth Pro
900:04:01.21203 Alan Hagander41M 40-49STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
1000:04:03.1420 Aaron Nelson22M 18-29Brundage SquadronMilitary
1100:04:03.781 Raymond Schneider57M 50-59Connecticut Health Care Stair RunnersHealth Pro
1200:04:07.8012 Josh Schrodder27M 18-29>>N/A
1300:04:08.9321 Daniel Ray20M 18-29Brundage SquadronMilitary
1400:04:09.3934 Kevin Turcio34M 30-39Carozza FitnessHealth Pro
1500:04:09.5673 Russ Cooper38M 30-39The Training FloorN/A
1600:04:10.0515 Adam Guarino27M 18-29Team GenReHealth Pro
1700:04:10.804 Jason Metakis34M 30-39>>N/A
1800:04:11.6482 Andrew Yacos47M 40-49>>N/A
1900:04:12.27239 Alison Hudyma34F 30-39Darien PoliceLaw Enforce
2000:04:12.6518 Michael Bacon51M 50-59Team GenReHealth Pro
2100:04:13.417 Cat Heitz22F 18-29The Training FloorHealth Pro
2200:04:15.1180 Eric Labonte21M 18-29>>N/A
2300:04:18.025 Colleen D'Amico47F 40-49Connecticut Health Care Stair RunnersHealth Pro
2400:04:18.236 Chris Baldoni42M 40-49Connecticut Health Care Stair RunnersN/A
2500:04:22.25240 James Martin37M 30-39Darien PoliceLaw Enforce
2600:04:29.3346 Elizabeth Maida28F 18-29Carozza FitnessN/A
2700:04:30.4189 Dante Siman41M 40-49Body Reset USAN/A
2800:04:31.9935 Rob Andrasi33M 30-39Carozza FitnessN/A
2900:04:34.6222 Samantha Welch35F 30-39>>N/A
3000:04:35.13144 Luis Delgato-Vega9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
3100:04:36.7972 Jennifer Gambardella31F 30-39The Training FloorHealth Pro
3200:04:37.8611 Ariel Kohane40M 40-49Tower MastersN/A
3300:04:38.26243 Christopher Jimenez24M 18-29Darien PoliceLaw Enforce
3400:04:41.3254 Ann Waters46F 40-49Carozza FitnessN/A
3500:04:42.9047 Veronica O'connor38F 30-39Carozza FitnessN/A
3600:04:43.64142 Tyrik McRae9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
3700:04:43.7445 Grainne Keogh39F 30-39Carozza FitnessN/A
3800:04:45.59114 Mara Schwartz23F 18-29RBS FitnessN/A
3900:04:47.04112 Ari Bricker29M 18-29RBS FitnessHealth Pro
4000:04:47.1830 Christine Cingari28F 18-29Carozza FitnessHealth Pro
4100:04:49.2729 Patricia Caminiti41F 40-49Carozza FitnessHealth Pro
4200:04:49.3137 Bill Corriveau40M 40-49Carozza FitnessN/A
4300:04:50.1671 Liz Amarillo31F 30-39The Training FloorN/A
4400:04:50.43147 Lucas Sosa-Vila9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
4500:04:50.9219 John Phillips57M 50-59Team GenReN/A
4600:04:51.5940 Lauren Gasparino30F 30-39Carozza FitnessN/A
4700:04:57.51245 Danielle Carozza29F 18-29Carozza FitnessHealth Pro
4800:04:59.5033 Darcey Trudeau35F 30-39Carozza FitnessHealth Pro
4900:04:59.77149INC. Lustosa Mitchell 9M 0-17DOMUS KIDSStudent
5000:05:01.32241 James Palmieri31M 30-39Darien PoliceLaw Enforce
5100:05:01.3632 Maryann Hopkins49F 40-49Carozza FitnessHealth Pro
5200:05:03.4475 Lisa Pampena46F 40-49The Training FloorN/A
5300:05:03.53206 Scott Avalos33M 30-39STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
5400:05:04.35145 Tyler Bruno9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
5500:05:04.83213 James McCaffrey31M 30-39STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
5600:05:06.5263 Michelle Woodward33F 30-39Stamford MOMsN/A
5700:05:08.2448 Maria Pappa27F 18-29Carozza FitnessN/A
5800:05:08.33205 Jimmy Tarzia42M 40-49STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
5900:05:08.54141 Henry Hernandez9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
6000:05:09.37133 Helen Mendez9F 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
6100:05:10.10204 Erik Abrahamson41M 40-49STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
6200:05:10.5392 Michele Mancini37F 30-39Body Reset USAN/A
6300:05:11.40148 Angel Torres9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
6400:05:13.33151 Gregory Flemming9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
6500:05:16.34146 Doudly Pierre9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSHealth Pro
6600:05:16.84152 Tylor Sanon9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
6700:05:17.3623 Olga Lilke50F 50-59>>N/A
6800:05:19.29153INC. Pollack N'Kai 9M 0-17DOMUS KIDSStudent
6900:05:22.8270 Tara Moseley27F 18-29The Training FloorHealth Pro
7000:05:23.83207 Robert Morales55M 50-59STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
7100:05:26.16167 Emily Interlandi31F 30-39Stamford Hospital Movers & Shea-kersStudent
7200:05:27.4062 Sharon Deluca48F 40-49Carozza FitnessN/A
7300:05:28.0238 Joe Downey43M 40-49Carozza FitnessN/A
7400:05:28.61159 Hossein Sadeghi49M 40-49Stamford Hospital Movers & Shea-kersHealth Pro
7500:05:31.26156 Mikhail Dean9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
7600:05:35.2216 Diane Hyland48F 40-49Team GenReN/A
7700:05:38.31211 Christopher Ormond44M 40-49STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
7800:05:43.80217 Michael Gorman48M 40-49Bedford Village FDFirefighter
7900:05:47.21115 Kalpesh Patel33M 30-39reshape by patrickN/A
8000:05:47.4017 Diane Malinowski54F 50-59Team GenReN/A
8100:05:47.94180Family Brown Lisa 36F 30-39NFF& FriendsRidgefield FD - FirefightersN/A
8200:05:48.09223 Walter Watson49M 40-49Bedford Village FDFirefighter
8300:05:49.3243 Charles Hacker48M 40-49Carozza FitnessN/A
8400:05:49.65113 Harry Pool29M 18-29RBS FitnessHealth Pro
8500:05:50.2785 Angela Malizia41F 40-49Body Reset USAN/A
8600:05:53.0684 Cate Farrell23F 18-29Body Reset USAHealth Pro
8700:05:53.16135 Giselle Becerra9F 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
8800:05:54.8366 Dale Sweeney58F 50-59Stamford MOMsN/A
8900:05:56.9288 Cynthia Trefry46F 40-49Body Reset USAN/A
9100:05:57.04210 Jonathan Cunningham36M 30-39STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
9000:05:57.0436 Jennifer Colabella31F 30-39Carozza FitnessN/A
9200:05:57.5965 Johna English34F 30-39Stamford MOMsN/A
9300:05:58.77134 Shanice Silpot9F 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
9400:05:59.87222 Ernest Vogliano Jr49M 40-49Bedford Village FDFirefighter
9500:06:01.25236 Ted Crawford34M 30-39Westport Firefighters Local 1081Firefighter
9600:06:01.5268 Lindsey Babyak33F 30-39Stamford MOMsN/A
9700:06:04.94177 Robin Billmeyer47F 40-49>>N/A
9800:06:04.95129 Kaniya McRae0U 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
9900:06:10.49154 Chris Rodriguez9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
10000:06:11.13105 Rita Jagodzinski43F 40-49Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
10100:06:12.20155 Brian Vasquez9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
10200:06:14.3042 Catrina Hacker14F 0-17Carozza FitnessN/A
10300:06:15.0376 Anna Breglia29F 18-29The Training FloorN/A
10400:06:16.63150 Steffan Harding9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
10500:06:17.44139 Mya Powell9F 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
10600:06:23.55103 Jen Matheny46F 40-49Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
10700:06:29.01102 Kimberly Lutterman41F 40-49Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
10800:06:29.11219 Jenaro Reino49M 40-49Bedford Village FDFirefighter
10900:06:32.30131 Cintia Enamorado0U 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
11000:06:33.0544 Charlotte Hacker12F 0-17Carozza FitnessN/A
11100:06:37.8139 Emily Ferro29F 18-29Carozza FitnessN/A
11200:06:39.81212 Frank Docimo27M 18-29STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
11300:06:40.75118 Madalyn Lisboa31F 30-39Royal CrushersN/A
11400:06:42.6064 Debbie McWhorter32F 30-39Stamford MOMsN/A
11500:06:43.7777 Anthony Accinno32M 30-39>>N/A
11600:06:43.94143 Carlos Levia-Reyes9M 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
11700:06:44.21109 Leah Bredereck30F 30-39Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
11800:06:45.49124 Nancy Crawford38F 30-39Team HealthtraxN/A
11900:06:46.03110 Rebecca Sacks-Oppenheim27F 18-29Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
12000:06:46.90136INC. Rivera Marian 9F 0-17DOMUS KIDSStudent
12100:06:49.1395 Carolyn Donnelly48F 40-49Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
12200:06:50.01209 Zachary McArthur30M 30-39STAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
12300:06:51.5167 Karen Anderson45F 40-49Stamford MOMsN/A
12400:06:51.6996 Katie (bell) Bues26F 18-29Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
12500:06:53.06108 June Braccia41F 40-49Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
12600:06:54.2774 Parag Patel35M 30-39The Training FloorN/A
12700:06:54.4990 Diane Mallozzi45F 40-49Body Reset USAN/A
12800:06:59.49233 Daniel Ambruso41M 40-49Westport Firefighters Local 1081Firefighter
16000:06:59.49101 June Campbell48F 40-49Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
12900:07:04.72130 Paule Baptiste9F 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
13000:07:04.7797 Melissa Conners34F 30-39Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
13100:07:05.38215 John Curtin17M 0-17Bedford Village FDFirefighter
13200:07:06.7749 Joanne Pollicella31F 30-39Carozza FitnessN/A
13300:07:07.2794 Judith Giangoia59F 50-59Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
13400:07:07.4826 Theresa Ferro21F 18-29Carozza FitnessStudent
13500:07:07.65137 Quadera Coley9F 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
13600:07:18.18111 Jen Johnson41F 40-49Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
13700:07:18.87242 Elvira Holguin27F 18-29Darien PoliceHealth Pro
13800:07:22.08138 Noelia Allen9F 0-17INC.DOMUS KIDSStudent
13900:07:22.8814 Leticia Camacho54F 50-59Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
14000:07:26.51140INC. Gomez Kimberly 9F 0-17DOMUS KIDSStudent
14100:07:28.9187 Donna Buzzeo41F 40-49Body Reset USAN/A
14200:07:29.84132INC. Barillas Aileen 9F 0-17DOMUS KIDSStudent
14300:07:32.50214 Shawn Carmody42M 40-49Bedford Village FDFirefighter
14400:07:41.42107 Michelle Hodges46F 40-49Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
14500:07:48.53104 Theresa Horn47F 40-49Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
14600:07:50.3469 Leigh Cataudo30F 30-39Stamford MOMsN/A
14700:07:54.2778 Elizabeth Sabia29F 18-29>>N/A
14800:07:58.39163 Jennifer Henkind48F 40-49Stamford Hospital Movers & Shea-kersHealth Pro
14900:08:02.00162 Melinda Panapada33F 30-39Stamford Hospital Movers & Shea-kersHealth Pro
15000:08:02.93234 Earl Hill38M 30-39Westport Firefighters Local 1081Firefighter
15100:08:08.93161 Leonora Maciejczyk49F 40-49Stamford Hospital Movers & Shea-kersHealth Pro
15200:08:38.09117 Jamila Beckford37F 30-39Royal CrushersN/A
15300:08:59.72160 Dianne Major-Olivant45F 40-49Stamford Hospital Movers & Shea-kersHealth Pro
15400:09:02.7193 Linda Piacenza39F 30-39Body Reset USAN/A
15500:09:11.40120 Catherine Larocque31F 30-39Royal CrushersN/A
15600:10:05.9099 Ann Reding61F 60-100Fairfield County Adventure Boot CampN/A
15700:10:59.30157 Maureen Wilks60F 60-100Stamford Hospital Movers & Shea-kersHealth Pro
15800:13:13.7456 Kelly Hastings32F 30-39Carozza FitnessN/A
15900:14:40.59182 Michael Passero59M 50-59>>N/A

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