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Light the Way for Our Youth 5k Run and Walk

New Haven, CT, April 9, 2011

[Age Group 5k Run and Walk Results ]

Overall 5k Run and Walk Results

Norman Mfuko, Race Director. Timing by

Light The Way For Our Youth 5k Run/Walk
Overall Finish List
2011 April 09
Results By
5k Run
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1Jordan ZinnNew Haven CT12029***** M 20-2919:41.26:21/M
2Michelle GosselinMilford CT4525***** F 20-2919:43.1 6:22/M
3Tim DelehauntyNew Caan CT16542***** M 40-4919:47.1 6:23/M
4Amanda GosselinMilford CT4620***** F 20-2920:22.5 6:34/M
5Alexzander PullenNorth Haven CT8928***** M 20-2921:37.2 6:58/M
6Tracey LiamStrafford CT16413 1 M 10-1921:49.3 7:02/M
7Mike LynnNew Haven CT7059 1 M 50-5921:58.4 7:05/M
8Diane PomeroyPittsfield MA8445***** F 40-4921:59.3 7:05/M
9John CoppolaMiddletown CT15138 1 M 30-3922:11.1 7:09/M
10Desmond PittmanNorth Haven CT8225 1 M 20-2922:16.4 7:11/M
11Tj GrahamManchester CT13024 2 M 20-2922:39.8 7:18/M
12Karen NewmanOld Greenwich CT12749 1 F 40-4922:59.0 7:25/M
13Richard RepaskyEldersburg MD9057 2 M 50-5923:57.5 7:44/M
14Lauren BillerWallingford CT1739 1 F 30-3924:03.9 7:45/M
15Tara DavidsonCheshire CT15923 1 F 20-2924:30.6 7:54/M
16Keri AllmerRonkonkoma NY15825 2 F 20-2924:30.7 7:54/M
17Erik SealesNew Haven CT10329 3 M 20-2924:44.9 7:59/M
18Aram GrigorianStamford CT4927 4 M 20-2925:59.5 8:23/M
19William ZawadskiMilford CT11944 1 M 40-4926:06.5 8:25/M
20James PacaCheshire CT16931 2 M 30-3926:21.0 8:30/M
21Doug HarkinsNew Haven CT15640 2 M 40-4926:22.8 8:30/M
22Douglas TarsiBeacon Falls CT11445 3 M 40-4926:33.5 8:34/M
23Brian RoccaprioreNew Haven CT9432 3 M 30-3926:35.1 8:35/M
24Ben SwimmerMadison CT11214 2 M 10-1926:44.5 8:37/M
25Jody PodellNew Haven CT16725 3 F 20-2927:16.5 8:48/M
26William DamskyNew Haven CT16828 5 M 20-2927:17.0 8:48/M
27Comfort FolorunmsoBethany CT4171 1 F 60-9928:09.3 9:05/M
28Beverly PajerSouthbury CT8158 1 F 50-5928:30.8 9:12/M
29Dontrel LattaHamden CT6217 3 M 10-1928:37.6 9:14/M
30Mary Grace DennlerColchester CT12850 2 F 50-5928:44.6 9:16/M
31Chris BamgboyeHamden CT841 4 M 40-4929:22.7 9:28/M
32Glenn Evans Jr.Hamden CT3819 4 M 10-1929:27.0 9:30/M
33Anne FerniggiaroNew Haven CT15727 4 F 20-2929:31.3 9:31/M
34Bernard Dennler Jr.Colchester CT12954 3 M 50-5929:35.2 9:33/M
35Alexandro GoubNew Haven CT16618 5 M 10-1929:38.5 9:34/M
36Jason GoubournNew Haven CT12328 6 M 20-2929:49.0 9:37/M
37George AndriotisBridgeport CT738 4 M 30-3929:59.7 9:40/M
38Rick BouzaMount Kisco NY1945 5 M 40-4930:38.3 9:53/M
39Patti NorbergCheshire CT7745 2 F 40-4930:38.3 9:53/M
40Kathleen PohorilakNaugatuck CT8340 3 F 40-4930:54.0 9:58/M
41Raymond PajerSouthbury CT8062 1 M 60-9930:59.110:00/M
42Katharine KaplanNew York NY5926 5 F 20-2931:08.210:03/M
43David KeenanNew Haven CT6028 7 M 20-2931:08.810:03/M
44Catherine HaistNew Haven CT5034 2 F 30-3931:15.710:05/M
45Winfield CallMoorestown NJ2221 6 F 20-2931:15.710:05/M
46Emmy ChangNew Haven CT2634 3 F 30-3931:28.210:09/M
47Deborah KaminskyEast Haven CT5838 4 F 30-3931:52.010:17/M
48Rebekah SeaburyNew Haven CT10227 7 F 20-2932:03.810:20/M
49Chris DiabaHamden CT2941 6 M 40-4932:04.910:21/M
50Tura FosterChicago IL4227 8 F 20-2932:31.310:29/M
51Kirsten CartoskiNew Haven CT2525 9 F 20-2932:31.610:29/M
52Femi AdetolaBethany CT212 6 M 10-1932:34.010:30/M
53Nick RuggieroShelton CT9756 4 M 50-5933:51.910:55/M
54Asia GoubournNew Haven CT12428 10 F 20-2933:54.010:56/M
55Maeve RafferyNew Haven CT16222 11 F 20-2934:03.610:59/M
56Caroline LepczykMadison CT6517 1 F 10-1934:12.911:02/M
57Candice LewisHamden CT6927 12 F 20-2934:25.511:06/M
58Dina ArditoNew Haven CT13248 4 F 40-4934:27.811:07/M
59Anne Marie CanningWallingford CT2337 5 F 30-3934:40.911:11/M
60Opeyemi LamikanraNew Haven CT6127 13 F 20-2934:41.211:11/M
61Gerai EvansHamden CT3716 7 M 10-1935:00.511:17/M
62Roderick RichardsonNew Haven CT9160 2 M 60-9935:11.011:21/M
63Genevive WalkerHamden CT12638 6 F 30-3935:11.311:21/M
64Rachel DavidsonCheshire CT2825 14 F 20-2935:20.511:24/M
65Carl SylvesterShelton CT15477 3 M 60-9935:33.211:28/M
66Karina RondinellaNew Haven CT9636 7 F 30-3936:53.811:54/M
67Mary BarberCheshire CT1251 3 F 50-5936:53.911:54/M
68Tracey SullivanWest Haven CT10949 5 F 40-4936:54.111:54/M
69Ulari DikeBranford CT3134 8 F 30-3938:33.612:26/M
70Mike DraperGuilford CT13168 4 M 60-9939:08.112:37/M
71Melissa IzzoNew Haven CT5730 9 F 30-3939:10.412:38/M
72Erica RobinsonWest Haven CT9330 10 F 30-3940:30.913:04/M
73Jennifer SaundersHamden CT9929 15 F 20-2940:31.013:04/M
74Patricia SaundersHamden CT10046 6 F 40-4940:31.613:04/M
75Timothy LepczykMadison CT6654 5 M 50-5941:01.913:14/M
76Abigail WatrousNew Haven CT11635 11 F 30-3941:24.413:21/M
77Dayo AdetolaBethany CT449 7 M 40-4943:33.514:03/M
78Kike AdetolaBethany CT347 7 F 40-4943:49.414:08/M
79Rev. Bonita GrubbsNew Haven CT16155 4 F 50-5944:23.514:19/M
80Marcie HittlemanWethersfield CT5326 16 F 20-2944:24.814:19/M
81Kristen MuseMilford NH7627 17 F 20-2944:25.114:20/M
82Mercy LazaroHamden CT6337 12 F 30-3945:09.714:34/M
83Ariel EvansHamden CT3647 8 F 40-4947:25.415:18/M
84Keita SwanOrange CT11039 13 F 30-3947:41.315:23/M
85Joy BetsoMilford CT1641 9 F 40-4949:22.315:55/M
86Bonnie LeonardMarion CT14060 2 F 60-9952:14.316:51/M
87Michael MfukoHamden CT751 1 M 1- 954:58.717:44/M
88Norman MfukoHamden CT7236 5 M 30-3954:58.817:44/M
1/2 Mile Kid's Fun Run
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1Anthony LiebengoodNew Haven CT14913 1 M 0-993:53.6 7:46/M
2David BamgboyeHamden CT1012 2 M 0-994:00.7 8:00/M
3Jaylen RicksNew Haven CT9210 3 M 0-994:07.4 8:14/M
4Brendan CanningWallingford CT248 4 M 0-994:10.7 8:20/M
5Tyler LeibengoodNew Haven CT14711 5 M 0-994:17.9 8:34/M
6Keishun SwanOrange CT1119 6 M 0-994:22.2 8:44/M
7Lizabeth BamgboyeHamden CT119 1 F 0-994:30.2 9:00/M
8Michael LeibengoodNew Haven CT1468 7 M 0-994:54.4 9:48/M
9Oluchi DikeBranford CT346 2 F 0-994:58.4 9:56/M
10Derrick Pommills JrHamden CT8710 8 M 0-995:19.710:38/M
11Michael BrooksHamden CT2110 9 M 0-995:20.910:40/M
12Matthew BrooksHamden CT208 10 M 0-995:21.310:42/M
13Elijah TurnerEast Haven CT1504 11 M 0-995:34.711:08/M
14Emani StallingsWest Haven CT10711 3 F 0-995:35.211:10/M
15Chigozie DikeBranford CT338 12 M 0-995:49.311:38/M
16Micah MfukoHamden CT745 13 M 0-995:55.011:50/M
17Leo SheinbergNew Haven CT1056 14 M 0-996:03.812:06/M
18Siening BetsoMilford CT1488 4 F 0-996:09.812:18/M
19Malaika MfukoHamden CT7310 5 F 0-996:19.812:38/M
20Ivan LazaroHamden CT647 15 M 0-997:46.715:32/M
21Myah HoughNew Haven CT1377 6 F 0-998:41.717:22/M
22Amy RomatzickHamden CT1344 7 F 0-9910:00.420:00/M
2 Mile Walk
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1Richard EverettNorth Haven CT3959 1 M 0-9920:34.810:17/M
2Carolyn WilsonHamden CT11841 1 F 0-9922:03.111:02/M
3Lara AbdulHamden CT166 2 F 0-9923:23.911:42/M
4Ann SanzariWest Haven CT9861 3 F 0-9924:27.812:14/M
5Laura LawrenceHamden CT16045 4 F 0-9929:56.714:58/M
6Martene ConnadyNew Haven CT2740 5 F 0-9929:57.814:59/M
7Octavia CornwallKillingworth CT14218 6 F 0-9930:14.215:07/M
8Rosezetta ElzeyHamden CT3553 7 F 0-9930:17.915:09/M
9Hannah OracleKillingworth CT14313 8 F 0-9930:25.315:13/M
10Leslie FosterHamden CT4453 9 F 0-9930:58.615:29/M
11Johnson AjaNew Haven CT14553 2 M 0-9931:50.615:55/M
12Yaaba DiabaHamden CT3043 10 F 0-9932:03.116:02/M
13Suselle GoubournNew Haven CT4839 11 F 0-9932:49.616:25/M
14Cheryl HavewoodWest Haven CT16352 12 F 0-9933:28.616:44/M
15Ngozi AjaNew Haven CT14450 13 F 0-9933:29.916:45/M
16Marcus RiversHamden CT12126 3 M 0-9933:39.316:50/M
17Sharita RiversHamden CT12232 14 F 0-9933:39.616:50/M
18Xiomara BournNew Haven CT15350 15 F 0-9933:41.716:51/M
19Judi RuggieroShelton CT15556 16 F 0-9934:01.517:01/M
20Donna TurnerNew Haven CT11555 17 F 0-9934:01.517:01/M
21Vera Davis WoolfolkNew Haven CT13352 18 F 0-9934:01.617:01/M
22James RoundtreeHamden CT15254 4 M 0-9934:55.417:28/M
23Lerone HollowayWoodbridge CT5438 5 M 0-9934:56.217:28/M
24Todd FosterHamden CT4353 6 M 0-9934:58.017:29/M
25Seun AdetolaBethany CT517 7 M 0-9935:00.217:30/M
26Lois GosselinMilford CT4753 19 F 0-9936:26.618:13/M
27Veronica PrindleColchester CT13815 20 F 0-9938:42.919:21/M
28Carmela RafflesMeriden CT14114 21 F 0-9938:44.019:22/M
29Samantha RafflesMeriden CT13914 22 F 0-9938:46.119:23/M
30Linda OlivaWestbrook CT13664 23 F 0-9942:16.121:08/M
31Shannon PrindleMeriden CT8832 24 F 0-9942:18.021:09/M
32Tobi OshinWest Haven CT7936 8 M 0-9943:30.921:45/M
33Modupe OshinWest Haven CT7830 25 F 0-9943:49.321:55/M

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