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5k4 Caitlin

Westtown, NY, May 29, 2010

[5k Age Group Results ]

5k Overall Results

Christian Hammaren, Race Director. Timing by

5k Run
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1Jake AlbinerNew Hampton113917***** M 14-1717:47.3 5:44/M
2James Vander WieleWesttown NY65721 1 M 21-2417:51.2 5:45/M
3TJ FergusonMiddletown NY54815 1 M 14-1719:18.4 6:14/M
4Liam WelshWesttown NY66624 2 M 21-2419:26.8 6:16/M
5Eric AlbinoNew Hampton114016 2 M 14-1719:26.8 6:16/M
6Alex MelnickPort Jervis116515 3 M 14-1719:27.6 6:16/M
7Franz ScholtenGreenwich116344 1 M 40-4420:32.5 6:37/M
8Evan OpsaNew Fairfield CT61613 1 M 0-1320:49.4 6:43/M
9Jeff StarkWesttown69051 1 M 50-5420:58.5 6:46/M
10Stacy CameronMontgomery NY52737***** F 35-3921:36.7 6:58/M
11James LynchModena NY59631 1 M 30-3421:58.3 7:05/M
12Ira FleischerMonroe NY54948 1 M 45-4922:04.2 7:07/M
13Sara ShoaffPhiladelphia PA64726 1 F 25-2922:05.6 7:07/M
14Keith ParkerPhiladelphia PA61829 1 M 25-2922:10.1 7:09/M
15Juan ScaliSlate Hill NY64025 2 M 25-2922:29.7 7:15/M
16Vincent UseoGreenville NY65523 3 M 21-2422:34.8 7:17/M
17Louis DeLauroMilford PA53631 2 M 30-3422:38.3 7:18/M
18Paul WileyWesttown69246 2 M 45-4922:40.6 7:19/M
19Natu SwiftMiddletown113850 2 M 50-5422:41.2 7:19/M
20Debbo SpannagelNew Hampton NY64916 1 F 14-1722:52.1 7:23/M
21Dana PutnamMiddletown110639 1 M 35-3923:13.3 7:29/M
22Mike McLaughlinPort Jervis68216 4 M 14-1724:28.2 7:54/M
23Daniel Rogan114121 4 M 21-2424:45.3 7:59/M
24Allison DavisWesttown67814 2 F 14-1724:47.3 8:00/M
25Scot KurpickBloomingdale NJ57830 3 M 30-3424:59.4 8:04/M
26Ed KillenbergerNew Hampton NY57640 2 M 40-4425:03.3 8:05/M
27Lauren ProkopchakMiddletown NY61918 1 F 18-2025:06.9 8:06/M
28Lorne MacDonaldSussex NJ59765 1 M 65-9925:21.1 8:11/M
29Stuart Caban-SiegelWalden NY52647 3 M 45-4925:39.9 8:16/M
30John MonchakTufton PA116259 1 M 55-5925:40.3 8:17/M
31Betsey RossBlooming Grove NY63541 1 F 40-4425:41.8 8:17/M
32William BrownPort Jervis114221 5 M 21-2425:44.5 8:18/M
33Ron StewartOtisville NY110844 3 M 40-4425:46.0 8:19/M
34Gennaro BongilioWesttown110919 1 M 18-2025:51.6 8:20/M
35Warren StaudingerWantage NJ115754 3 M 50-5425:52.9 8:21/M
36Amy LaMagraRichmond VA58626 2 F 25-2925:58.6 8:23/M
37Kim KlemenMonticello NY57746 1 F 45-4926:13.6 8:27/M
38Jessica GibsonSlate Hill NY56023 1 F 21-2426:27.1 8:32/M
39Amie LaPointeHewitt NJ58726 3 F 25-2926:43.8 8:37/M
40Kevin MurphySlate Hill115950 4 M 50-5426:47.2 8:38/M
41Toni CelliSussex115841 2 F 40-4426:49.2 8:39/M
42Ryan McdougallNew Hapton68936 2 M 35-3926:49.7 8:39/M
43Geraldine GibsonSlate Hill NY55948 2 F 45-4926:57.9 8:42/M
44Dale GibsonSlate Hill NY55751 5 M 50-5427:02.3 8:43/M
45Marie LiaWesttown NY59544 3 F 40-4427:09.9 8:45/M
46Melissa DeckerPort Jervis NY53544 4 F 40-4427:13.1 8:47/M
47Jill McLaughlinPort Jervis68148 3 F 45-4927:13.2 8:47/M
48ruth LoriaMiddletown70039 1 F 35-3927:28.7 8:52/M
49Diane ReganHighland Mills NY62738 2 F 35-3927:41.2 8:56/M
50Daniel ButterfieldPort Jervis NY52323 6 M 21-2427:51.1 8:59/M
51Steven KusiakPompton Plains NJ58225 3 M 25-2927:53.1 9:00/M
52Bob WatermanMiddletown NY66243 4 M 40-4428:01.1 9:02/M
53Brandon IuratoPort Jervis NY57248 4 M 45-4928:02.5 9:03/M
54Joanne SstephansMorris Plains69637 3 F 35-3928:03.5 9:03/M
55Mariel BrookeWashington DC51927 4 F 25-2928:08.1 9:05/M
56Nicole BatistaMilford PA51228 5 F 25-2928:16.1 9:07/M
57Rick SanbornAlexandria68446 5 M 45-4928:27.3 9:11/M
58Nikki SchaferWesttown NY64113 1 F 0-1328:31.6 9:12/M
59Chris BobishMiddletown113238 3 M 35-3928:39.5 9:15/M
60Victoria ReedPort Jervis NY62344 5 F 40-4428:44.0 9:16/M
61Kiana MorsePort Jervis NY61015 3 F 14-1728:46.9 9:17/M
62Jill IuratoPort Jervis NY57142 6 F 40-4428:48.7 9:17/M
63Patricia WoltersSussex NJ67156 1 F 55-5928:53.2 9:19/M
64Denise DavisWesttown `67949 4 F 45-4929:02.4 9:22/M
65Nick ZubinSyracuse NY67726 4 M 25-2929:03.7 9:22/M
66Jim SpannagelNew Hampton NY64867 2 M 65-9929:24.4 9:29/M
67Martin Jr NowakMiddletown NY113747 6 M 45-4929:28.5 9:30/M
68Brittany SchafferWesttown110415 4 F 14-1729:28.9 9:30/M
69Tracey MianCentral Valley NY60733 1 F 30-3429:57.0 9:40/M
70Terez Jacoviwo114424 2 F 21-2429:58.5 9:40/M
71Heather FarleyPort Jervis NY54624 3 F 21-2429:59.6 9:40/M
72Joanne LempkaCuddebackville NY116637 4 F 35-3930:01.7 9:41/M
73Tyler ReganHighland Mills NY62910 2 M 0-1330:09.7 9:44/M
74Eileen VanVorstMiddletown NY66013 2 F 0-1330:10.6 9:44/M
75Joyce BatistaMilford PA51155 2 F 55-5930:12.7 9:45/M
76Deanne ZawistowskiOtisville NY67654 1 F 50-5430:15.0 9:45/M
77James TarrMount Airy MD65323 7 M 21-2430:23.1 9:48/M
78Emily HeghmannWesttown NY56913 3 F 0-1330:26.1 9:49/M
79Christopher RojasWesttown111213 3 M 0-1330:27.7 9:49/M
80Theresa StrkWesttown69147 5 F 45-4930:37.2 9:53/M
81Rebekah SpannagelNew Hampton NY65016 5 F 14-1730:43.3 9:55/M
82Tim McCartyMiddletown NY60138 4 M 35-3930:46.3 9:55/M
83Rebecca BachelderMilford PA50633 2 F 30-3430:49.3 9:56/M
84Morgan RuskMarlboro NY63619 2 F 18-2031:05.810:02/M
85Meeghan AlessandroMonroe NY50231 3 F 30-3431:10.210:03/M
86Stephen Lempkacuddebackville NY116738 5 M 35-3931:22.310:07/M
87Joanie CavenderMiddletown NY53014 6 F 14-1731:33.110:11/M
88Curt NatalizioPort Jervis68023 8 M 21-2431:43.010:14/M
89Erin BeamMiddletown NY51327 6 F 25-2931:43.510:14/M
90Katherine College TarrMount Airy MD53324 4 F 21-2431:46.910:15/M
91Michael CollegeWoodbine MD53256 2 M 55-5931:48.710:15/M
92Brian PahuckiPine Island NY61734 4 M 30-3431:52.610:17/M
93emilie KeeslerMiddletown69714 7 F 14-1731:55.810:18/M
94Judy EurichWarwick112753 2 F 50-5432:08.510:22/M
95Emily JadosPine Island NY57314 8 F 14-1732:09.810:22/M
96Malley DeSantoWarwick NY54015 9 F 14-1732:10.010:23/M
97John DeSantoWarwick111858 3 M 55-5932:29.310:29/M
98Everett RojasWesttown69310 4 M 0-1332:43.810:33/M
99Carrie ParolaMiddletown115225 7 F 25-2932:51.110:36/M
100John Vander WieleLincoln Park NJ65625 5 M 25-2932:52.410:36/M
101Amy Stark AllenMiddletown111050 3 F 50-5433:35.810:50/M
102Santos DiazBrooklyn NY54159 4 M 55-5933:37.710:51/M
103Lindsey SomlayMiddletown112814 10 F 14-1733:53.410:56/M
104Emily PutnamMiddletown6867 4 F 0-1334:14.311:03/M
105Laura PutnamMiddletown110539 5 F 35-3934:16.511:03/M
106Eve McClanahanPine Island NY60247 6 F 45-4934:29.211:07/M
107Beth DeSantisMatamoras PA53930 4 F 30-3434:31.811:08/M
108Sara LemieuxMiddletown NY59215 11 F 14-1734:34.011:09/M
109Ashley WalterWesttown112319 3 F 18-2034:50.711:14/M
110Nicole ConklinWesttown112215 12 F 14-1734:52.211:15/M
111Brian ReedPort Jervis NY62444 5 M 40-4435:13.411:22/M
112Ronald AilletWesttown NY50166 3 M 65-9935:37.511:29/M
113Yvette FurniaOtisville NY55023 5 F 21-2435:56.311:35/M
114Andrea FergusonMiddletown NY54744 7 F 40-4435:58.011:36/M
115Veronica RojasWesttown111140 8 F 40-4436:06.411:39/M
116Dana GraziulSpring Brook111929 8 F 25-2936:35.011:48/M
117Jason BeaversSpring Brook112029 6 M 25-2936:36.311:48/M
118Anthony MonacoOtisville NY60830 5 M 30-3436:39.411:49/M
119Jody CollegeWoodbine MD53153 4 F 50-5436:45.411:51/M
120katie ScanlonGoshen112924 6 F 21-2437:12.712:00/M
121Nicolas GroverHopewell JCT NY56417 5 M 14-1737:21.212:03/M
122Suzanne McDoughallNews Hampton68835 6 F 35-3937:25.812:04/M
123Tina GroverHopewell JCT NY56548 7 F 45-4937:59.112:15/M
124Angela Riontkowski114935 7 F 35-3938:11.612:19/M
125Todd Piontkowski115035 6 M 35-3938:12.912:19/M
126Gyongyi McQuestonWallkill NY60438 8 F 35-3939:00.112:35/M
127Lauren BaloghWesttown NY50912 5 F 0-1339:18.212:41/M
128Steven BaloghWesttown NY50850 6 M 50-5439:24.812:43/M
129Brian FergusonMiddletown110114 6 M 14-1740:00.312:54/M
130Vanessa JonesMiddletown110312 6 F 0-1340:01.712:55/M
131Michael JonesMiddletown110244 6 M 40-4440:13.612:58/M
132Julieta SalvatierraNewburgh NY63819 4 F 18-2040:15.212:59/M
133Courtney GrohsChristiansburg VA56324 7 F 21-2441:26.813:22/M
134Jake GrohsChristiansburg VA56224 9 M 21-2441:27.613:22/M
135Chris BaloghWesttown NY51010 5 M 0-1342:01.213:33/M
136Nancy Warthwurtsboro NY112159 3 F 55-5942:38.713:45/M
137Matthew RojasWesttown69413 6 M 0-1343:47.614:07/M
138Isabela BucknellJohnson NY52213 7 F 0-1344:36.914:23/M
139Jessica SepulvedcaWarwick115699 1 F 65-9944:43.614:25/M
140Kayla RamirezUnionville NY6228 8 F 0-1344:52.114:28/M
141Stacey RamirezUnionville NY62139 9 F 35-3944:57.814:30/M
142Monique SantoroNew Windsor115124 8 F 21-2445:14.914:35/M
143Danielle Morronewesttown112415 13 F 14-1745:23.414:38/M
144Kaitlyn ReganHighland Mills NY6288 9 F 0-1345:50.014:47/M
145Liana GaglianoMiddletown NY55333 5 F 30-3446:09.014:53/M
146Elliott ColonMiddletown NY53439 7 M 35-3947:28.915:19/M
147Michael JonesMiddletown68315 7 M 14-1748:24.715:37/M
148Meghan PutnamMiddletown11079 10 F 0-1348:45.815:44/M
149lauren CrossenMiddletown68710 11 F 0-1348:46.515:44/M
150Colin ReedPort Jervis NY62511 7 M 0-1348:49.615:45/M
151Greg SamarooFords NJ63940 7 M 40-4449:04.015:50/M
152Walt GomezMonroe NY114542 8 M 40-4449:06.715:50/M
153Jessica MorroneWesttown112617 14 F 14-1749:09.615:51/M
154Dan ReganHighland Mills NY63044 9 M 40-4449:16.415:54/M
155Joanna SadlerAthens OH63724 9 F 21-2449:37.716:00/M
156Susanne ReinseWesttown112539 10 F 35-3949:39.416:01/M
157Melissa AlterioMontgomery NY50338 11 F 35-3949:40.316:01/M
158sophie smith BradyNew York116011 12 F 0-1350:49.716:24/M
159Kara AtlasBloomingburg69823 10 F 21-2451:18.216:33/M
160Rich Budd69924 10 M 21-2451:19.616:33/M
161Theresa BaloghWesttown NY50745 8 F 45-4951:32.516:37/M
162Jessica ReedPort Jervis NY62610 13 F 0-1351:59.816:46/M
163Megan WellsMiddletown NY111713 14 F 0-1355:15.717:49/M
164Stephanie NiknamMiddletown115514 15 F 14-1755:16.417:50/M
165Melissa NikhamMiddletown115417 16 F 14-1755:17.417:50/M
166Michael SepulvedaWarwick113333 6 M 30-3455:28.817:54/M
167Josephine WellsMiddletown111599 2 F 65-9955:33.917:55/M
168Stella SeitzMiddletown111652 5 F 50-5455:36.317:56/M
169Patricia LangdaleWarwick113149 9 F 45-4955:53.918:02/M
170Erin LangdaleWarwick113413 15 F 0-1355:56.318:03/M
171Nicole GeorgeWarwick NY55519 5 F 18-2057:02.318:24/M
172Karen KrawczykChester113043 9 F 40-4457:28.718:32/M
173Lisa Bayetmatamoras68541 10 F 40-4457:32.418:34/M
174Rainy RoschNew York116111 16 F 0-1357:34.718:34/M
175Jackie JonesMiddletown116499 3 F 65-9957:44.718:37/M
176Kathy HigginsWesttown114341 11 F 40-441:00:34.019:32/M
177Diane TrautleinJohnson114859 4 F 55-591:01:13.819:45/M
178Judy roschWesttown113651 6 F 50-541:03:24.520:27/M
179Jonny RoschWesttown113552 7 M 50-541:03:25.420:27/M
5k Walk
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1Patricia LennonNew Windsor NY59447 1 F 0-9941:05.813:15/M
2Cathy YoungChester NY67354 2 F 0-9941:11.813:17/M
3Nancy HowellJohnson NY57052 3 F 0-9941:14.713:18/M
4Annette YacovoneWesttown NY67249 4 F 0-9942:14.613:37/M
5Leslie BrubakerSussex NJ52156 5 F 0-9943:08.713:55/M
6Laura WelshWesttown NY66753 6 F 0-9943:09.613:55/M
7Charlotte GabrielsenDover NH55222 7 F 0-9944:00.014:12/M
8Katherine MurtaughPort Jervis NY61326 8 F 0-9944:18.014:17/M
9Matthew MurtaughPort Jervis NY61433 1 M 0-9944:20.914:18/M
10Mike AngstadtWhite Plains NY50424 2 M 0-9944:22.414:19/M
11Kirsten GabrielsenOtisville NY55151 9 F 0-9944:35.314:23/M
12Terry WilsonMiddletown NY66856 10 F 0-9946:18.714:56/M
13 Jr. Douglas WilsonMiddletown NY67058 3 M 0-9946:19.014:56/M
14Christopher WilsonMiddletown NY66922 4 M 0-9946:19.614:56/M
15Ken SweeneyMiddletown NY65228 5 M 0-9948:26.315:37/M
16Tony GrecoWesttown NY56170 6 M 0-9948:30.815:39/M
17James GersbeckMiddletown NY55612 7 M 0-9948:32.415:39/M
18June HatfieldWoodbridge VA56824 11 F 0-9948:45.315:44/M
19Andrew RoganThompson Ridge NY63313 8 M 0-9949:11.815:52/M
20McKenzie LeakeFredericksburg VA59024 12 F 0-9949:35.916:00/M
21Diana LaBarHighland Mills NY58546 13 F 0-9949:39.816:01/M
22Cynthia Ewanciw-MorsePort Jervis NY54548 14 F 0-9951:21.016:34/M
23David MorsePort Jervis NY61147 9 M 0-9951:21.316:34/M
24Lilly WeilacherNew Hampton NY66410 15 F 0-9951:52.216:44/M
25Linda LemieuxMiddletown NY59155 16 F 0-9951:53.616:44/M
26Karen WeilacherNew Hampton NY66540 17 F 0-9951:55.816:45/M
27Caitlyn McDowellMiddletown NY60324 18 F 0-9951:58.716:46/M
28Alyssa ButterfieldPort Jervis NY52425 19 F 0-9951:59.116:46/M
29Su VignolaJohnson NY66150 20 F 0-9952:03.216:47/M
30Jill SuteraMiddletown NY65155 21 F 0-9952:04.016:48/M
31Denise BillingsOtisville NY51552 22 F 0-9952:44.717:01/M
32Emily BerezowskiMiddletown NY51415 23 F 0-9952:53.817:04/M
33Jenna NapolitanoMiddletown NY61515 24 F 0-9952:54.217:04/M
34Caitlin SeagrenSlate Hill NY64416 25 F 0-9952:54.717:04/M
35Jeanine Vander WieleLincoln Park NJ65923 26 F 0-9952:59.517:05/M
36Beverly Vander WieleWesttown NY65850 27 F 0-9953:00.017:06/M
37Christina GeorgeWarwick NY55453 28 F 0-9957:07.218:25/M
38John BreitfellerWashingtonville NY5180 10 M 0-9957:16.718:28/M
39Kristen BownasMontgomery NY51635 29 F 0-9957:16.818:28/M
40Patty BreitfellerWashingtonville NY51754 30 F 0-9957:20.118:30/M
41Gayle L ScottRock Tavern NY64354 31 F 0-9957:40.218:36/M
42Robert (Stu) KeatingRock Tavern NY57554 11 M 0-9957:40.918:36/M
43Pauline La BellaOtisville NY58425 32 F 0-9959:15.419:07/M
44Adrienne ButvinikOtisville NY52558 33 F 0-9959:33.519:13/M
45Nancy MazanyWesttown NY59943 34 F 0-991:00:42.319:35/M
46Rita LaskinWarwick NY58956 35 F 0-991:01:04.319:42/M
47Philip LaskinWarwick NY58859 12 M 0-991:01:08.719:43/M
48Vita M. DowdellGoshen NY54457 36 F 0-991:01:14.519:45/M
49Kristen DowdellGoshen NY54321 37 F 0-991:01:15.019:45/M
50Ellen RoganThompson Ridge NY63253 38 F 0-991:01:18.819:46/M

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