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Delaware Youth Center 5k River Race

Callicoon, NY, July 18, 2010

[Age Group 5k Run and Walk Results ]

Overall 5k Run and Walk Results

Ann Santoro, Race Director. Timing by

Delaware Youth Center 5k River Race
Overall Finish List
2010 July 18
Results By
5k Run
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1JASON KENNEDYHONESDALE PA14429***** M 20-2917:22.8 5:36/M
2ERICK SELLSTRONLIBERTY13039***** M 30-3919:03.6 6:09/M
3APRIL ACKERMANNCOCHECTON13222***** F 20-2919:07.0 6:10/M
4PETER DEVOEGLEN SPEY NY12229***** M 20-2919:38.1 6:20/M
5TOM MANZAMONTICELLO NY12954 1 M 50-5919:48.3 6:23/M
6Eric HaberliHankins NY2215 1 M 13-1520:36.2 6:39/M
7JOHN DEVOEGLEN SPEY NY12331 1 M 30-3920:44.5 6:41/M
8Nickolas BorodaMassapequa NY516 1 M 16-1920:49.2 6:43/M
9THELONIOUS JOHNSONN. BRONCH10130 2 M 30-3920:53.7 6:44/M
10Michael HenryLake Ariel PA2614 2 M 13-1521:01.6 6:47/M
11Robbie SegallaLake Ariel PA5814 3 M 13-1521:13.2 6:51/M
12BILL SCHNIEDERBARRYVILLE12152 2 M 50-5921:24.8 6:54/M
13ANNA-SOPHIE HARLINGJEFFERSONVILLE NY13816***** F 16-1921:26.5 6:55/M
14MICHEAL GIGLCALLLICOON12446 1 M 40-4921:48.1 7:02/M
15Stevie LisGreentown PA4214***** F 13-1521:55.7 7:04/M
16Doug WoodsCallicoon Center NY6452 3 M 50-5922:00.1 7:06/M
17Barry HuppertNew York NY3147 2 M 40-4922:08.9 7:08/M
18DANIEL JABLONFANWOOD14540 3 M 40-4922:18.3 7:12/M
19GEORGE ACKERMANNKENOZA LAKE10851 4 M 50-5922:19.6 7:12/M
21Lucas BinderNew York NY235 3 M 30-3922:48.7 7:21/M
22Scott GoodmanCochecton NY1842 5 M 40-4922:50.5 7:22/M
23Michael FrancavigliaMaplewood NJ1462 1 M 60-9923:04.0 7:26/M
24ROB GOODNOWGILLETE12647 6 M 40-4923:09.9 7:28/M
25Craig SchumacherCallicoon NY5759 5 M 50-5923:16.2 7:30/M
26ANGELA REINWHITE LAKE14028 1 F 20-2923:18.1 7:31/M
27Jerry MurphyDamascus PA4959 6 M 50-5924:02.9 7:45/M
28Paul ParreiraNorth Branch NY5439 4 M 30-3924:15.8 7:49/M
29Matthew CampbellWest Caldwell NJ748 7 M 40-4924:23.9 7:52/M
30DAVID DESYSPRINGFIELD11834 5 M 30-3924:28.2 7:54/M
31PAUL MATWIONDAMASCUS PA11559 7 M 50-5924:29.9 7:54/M
32DARREN HENDRICKSONCALLICOON11937 6 M 30-3924:33.3 7:55/M
33Kyle LewisMonroe NY4030 7 M 30-3924:39.0 7:57/M
34KARIN GORRHORTONVILLE NY10241 1 F 40-4924:47.8 8:00/M
35Boris BorodaMassapequa NY344 8 M 40-4924:50.0 8:01/M
36Kelly IrvingWoodbourne NY3428 2 F 20-2924:50.9 8:01/M
37LELA MOOREBROOKLYN14834 1 F 30-3924:53.6 8:02/M
38Joseph BorodaMassapequa NY412 1 M 0-1225:19.1 8:10/M
39Beret NearingCochecton NY5037 2 F 30-3925:21.4 8:11/M
40PHIL EGGLETONROSCOE12750 8 M 50-5925:24.8 8:12/M
41ALEXEI WALNTESHAWLEY10312 2 M 0-1225:40.6 8:17/M
42Brie LisGreentown PA4115 1 F 13-1525:54.2 8:21/M
43MICHELE WALNTESHAWLEY10445 2 F 40-4925:58.1 8:23/M
44Phil PeelorMiddletown NY5662 2 M 60-9926:16.3 8:28/M
45DONNA ACKERMANNCOCHECTON13347 3 F 40-4926:47.0 8:38/M
46RUDY TOROCLYMER14734 8 M 30-3927:07.1 8:45/M
47JOE GIAMARESECALLICOON CENTER14641 9 M 40-4928:02.0 9:03/M
48Sam DavisCochecton NY99 3 M 0-1228:17.2 9:07/M
49DAVE EGGLETONJEFFERSONVILLE11725 1 M 20-2928:22.1 9:09/M
50KAREN CURRANWHITE HALL10957 1 F 50-5928:46.6 9:17/M
51Jackson HaberliHankins NY2310 4 M 0-1228:58.1 9:21/M
52Lisa WatsonPrompton PA6032 3 F 30-3929:05.5 9:23/M
53Elsa M. GrosserCochecton NY2057 2 F 50-5929:10.8 9:25/M
55Stacey KanellopoulosBayside NY3740 4 F 40-4929:18.7 9:27/M
56BRIAN ZOMBOYOUNGSVILLE14227 2 M 20-2929:28.9 9:30/M
57CHARLES SCHADTJEFFERSONVILLE13154 9 M 50-5929:29.0 9:31/M
58John IhloBarryville NY3236 9 M 30-3929:49.3 9:37/M
59LISA C KUTSCHERAYOUNGSVILLE14133 4 F 30-3929:58.6 9:40/M
60JOHN PILNYJEFFERSONVILLE10068 3 M 60-9930:10.6 9:44/M
61Sarah GarrisonBronx NY1552 4 F 50-5930:14.2 9:45/M
62Eileen WohltjenHurleyville NY6357 5 F 50-5930:26.3 9:49/M
63BAHETTE MOELLERLONG EDDY11249 5 F 40-4930:32.8 9:51/M
64Susan Brown OttJeffersonville NY5353 6 F 50-5930:43.8 9:55/M
65ASHLEA PROVTYCALLICOON13432 5 F 30-3930:51.2 9:57/M
66KELLY HENDRICKSON12034 6 F 30-3930:51.7 9:57/M
67ANTONIO DONUFRIOMIDDLETON12816 2 M 16-1930:58.7 9:59/M
68PAUL OTTTYLER HILL10762 4 M 60-9931:14.410:05/M
69SARAH DURONDBROOKLYN14934 7 F 30-3931:19.910:06/M
71Charles BowenChester NY653 10 M 50-5931:41.010:13/M
73TOM YURKOVICPUGHKEEPSIE9757 11 M 50-5932:18.710:25/M
74Dawn GillowNarrowsburg NY1729 3 F 20-2932:19.710:25/M
75Betsy McKeanDamascus PA4550 7 F 50-5932:29.210:29/M
76Dawn JoyceEquinunk PA3649 7 F 40-4932:50.410:35/M
77Jane BedellBronx NY154 8 F 50-5933:20.810:45/M
78Ian KurzrockWoodbourne NY3812 5 M 0-1233:29.810:48/M
79Emma HessCallicoon NY289 1 F 0-1233:31.010:49/M
80Isabel NearingCochecton NY519 2 F 0-1233:33.110:49/M
81Jacob HessCallicoon NY297 6 M 0-1233:50.710:55/M
82Dale HessCallicoon NY2739 10 M 30-3933:51.910:55/M
83Sean NearingCochecton NY5235 11 M 30-3933:52.210:55/M
84Alex HaberliHankins NY217 7 M 0-1234:52.511:15/M
85Daniel R. ErlweinCallicoon Center NY1346 10 M 40-4935:24.711:25/M
86Beverly GarzonParksville NY1659 9 F 50-5935:37.311:29/M
87Grace HoltonWindsor NY3048 8 F 40-4935:37.711:29/M
88Will WhittemoreCochecton NY627 8 M 0-1235:59.011:36/M
89Victoria GreffrathDamascus PA1969 1 F 60-9936:08.811:39/M
90Craig IrvingOtisville NY3330 12 M 30-3936:16.311:42/M
91JUDY PILNYJEFFERSONVILLE9965 2 F 60-9936:35.711:48/M
92Mary HeinleWhite Sulphur Springs NY2575 3 F 60-9936:54.911:54/M
93MARALYN NALESNIKHAWLEY PA12556 10 F 50-5937:29.112:05/M
94Marcia PeelorMiddletown NY5562 4 F 60-9938:33.712:26/M
95ERIN HUBERTSTROUDSBURG10531 8 F 30-3938:45.112:30/M
96ANNE LUAREYKINGSTON14348 9 F 40-4939:00.412:35/M
97Nancy WarthWurtsboro NY5960 5 F 60-9940:34.013:05/M
98Victoria KurzrockWoodbourne NY3945 10 F 40-4942:37.513:45/M
99Becky MichaelsCochecton NY4730 9 F 30-3943:44.614:06/M
100 Jr. John LyttleDamascus PA4460 5 M 60-9944:46.014:26/M
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
101 III John LyttleDamascus PA4319 3 M 16-1944:46.714:26/M
5k Walk
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1BOB HARJESPINE BUSH NY9848 1 M 0-9930:36.6 9:52/M
2Danny HansonJamaica NY7460 2 M 0-9938:02.612:16/M
3Stacey MillmanCochecton NY8243 1 F 0-9938:25.712:24/M
4LINDA DIPAOLAKAUNEONGA LAKE10648 2 F 0-9938:52.612:32/M
5Joanne RosenbergerCallicoon NY8646 3 F 0-9940:34.013:05/M
6Peter KowalczykFerndale NY7858 3 M 0-9941:29.513:23/M
7Denise WoodDamascus PA9455 4 F 0-9943:46.814:07/M
8Christina WoodDamascus PA9326 5 F 0-9944:30.414:21/M
9BARRY ROBSCHLAKE HUNTINGTON11165 4 M 0-9945:09.714:34/M
10Diana DuffyCallicoon NY7247 6 F 0-9945:40.514:44/M
11BENJAMIN HONDELOBERNBURG11410 5 M 0-9945:53.014:48/M
12GEORGE HANDELOBERNBURG11350 6 M 0-9945:53.014:48/M
13Reid BadgerCochecton NY6667 7 M 0-9948:14.515:34/M
14Constance LyttleDamascus PA7950 7 F 0-9948:30.915:39/M
15Emily WoodDamascus PA9531 8 F 0-9950:40.816:21/M
16Denise SmestadLong Eddy NY8939 9 F 0-9950:42.616:21/M
17Keith RobischCochecton NY8459 8 M 0-9952:23.216:54/M
18Jacky RobischCochecton NY8359 10 F 0-9952:23.216:54/M
19Susan RoseCallicoon NY8560 11 F 0-9954:55.017:43/M
20Leslie ShenkelCallicoon NY8860 9 M 0-9954:55.417:43/M
21Virginia GuglielmoneCallicoon NY7372 12 F 0-9955:41.417:58/M
22KATHLEEN MORANHORTONVILLE11673 13 F 0-9955:41.817:58/M
23Sophie DavisCochecton NY7113 14 F 0-9956:44.318:18/M
24Joanna KanellopoulosBayside NY7612 15 F 0-9957:03.318:24/M
25Claire MichaelsCochecton NY806 16 F 0-9957:37.018:35/M
26Stephanie KanellopoulosBayside NY7710 17 F 0-9958:40.918:55/M
27Peggy SattlerCallicoon NY8756 18 F 0-9958:42.318:56/M
28James StoneCallicoon NY9073 10 M 0-9958:43.518:56/M
29Molly Bell WhittemoreCochecton NY928 19 F 0-9958:49.218:58/M
30Elizabeth CucchiaroCallicoon NY7065 20 F 0-9959:33.119:13/M
31ALEXANDRA CUCHIAROSTATEN ISLAND13733 21 F 0-9959:33.619:13/M

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