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4th Annual Forestburgh 5k Race

Forestburgh, NY, August 14, 2010

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Gery Berson, Race Director. Timing by

4th Annual Forestburgh 5k
Overall Finish List
2010 August 14
Results By
5k Run
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1REED SCOTTJEFFERSONVILLE NY14515***** M 13-1519:21.9 6:15/M
2TOM MANZAMONTICELLO NY13954***** M 50-5920:14.0 6:32/M
3CHRIS VAN GORDONROCK HILL NY8820***** M 20-2920:41.9 6:40/M
4DENNIS SPRICKMONTAGUE NJ9453 1 M 50-5920:46.7 6:42/M
5KATY SCHLICHTMANWurtsboro NY15225***** F 20-2921:00.5 6:46/M
6JEFF BURHARTROCK HILL NY9930 1 M 30-3921:36.3 6:58/M
7Matthew ThomasRock Hill NY56161 M 16-1921:46.6 7:01/M
8SCOTT GOODMANCOCHETON9342 1 M 40-4921:48.6 7:02/M
9Joanna RadosHarris NY5120***** F 20-2922:44.0 7:20/M
10ALEX MELENDEZMONTICELLO NY13329 1 M 20-2922:52.7 7:23/M
12ANDREW KALTERSOUTH FALLSBURG NY13840 3 M 40-4923:09.6 7:28/M
13JAMES DZURICAMONTICELLO NY10618 2 M 16-1923:12.4 7:29/M
14Gary SilvermanFerndale NY6445 4 M 40-4923:15.0 7:30/M
15KEN LOHMEYERSMALLWOOD NY10258 2 M 50-5923:17.0 7:31/M
16JOHN WESTOFALLAGRANGEVILLE NY9220 2 M 20-2923:18.7 7:31/M
17CHRISTOPHER RUSSOMIDDLETOWN NY11037 2 M 30-3923:43.0 7:39/M
18JOE LOUGHLINROCK HILL NY12150 3 M 50-5924:02.3 7:45/M
19Boris BorodaMassapequa NY8244 5 M 40-4924:07.7 7:47/M
20ANGELA REINMongaup Valley NY15699***** F24:18.3 7:50/M
21JENNIFER REINMonticello NY15535 1 F 30-3924:22.5 7:52/M
22Alex SmithMiddletown NY6358 4 M 50-5924:35.5 7:56/M
23CHRISTINE WESTERMANRock Hill NY12739 2 F 30-3924:40.9 7:57/M
24SUSAN SHEELEYGRAHAMSVILLE NY11851 1 F 50-5924:42.9 7:58/M
25DREW ENRIGHTDOYLESTOWN PA11411 1 M 0-1224:46.9 7:59/M
26Charity BrownHudsonville MI5320 1 F 20-2924:48.6 8:00/M
27Nicole JonesWhite Lake NY532 3 F 30-3924:50.8 8:01/M
28KENNETH WOJTAKMONTICELLO NY9828 3 M 20-2925:03.3 8:05/M
29CRAIG PARSONSWESLEY HILLS NY8951 5 M 50-5925:11.5 8:07/M
30ERIC SCHWARTZLIVINGSTON MANOR NY15020 4 M 20-2925:13.6 8:08/M
31NORMAN HILTONMIDDLETOWN NY13250 6 M 50-5925:53.3 8:21/M
32RACHEL QUINNGOSHEN NY13018 1 F 16-1925:59.6 8:23/M
33PHILIPPA MCAFEEGlen Spey NY15144 1 F 40-4926:12.6 8:27/M
34JOHN MURRANGLENSPEY9129 5 M 20-2926:22.8 8:30/M
35Joseph BorodaMassapequa NY8312 2 M 0-1226:29.9 8:33/M
36MEGAN SHEELEYMORGANTOWN12426 2 F 20-2926:31.3 8:33/M
37JAMES BROWNPHILADELPHIA PA14152 7 M 50-5926:45.1 8:38/M
38Martin HershLiberty NY7656 8 M 50-5926:58.4 8:42/M
39MARTIN NOWAK JRMIDDLETOWN NY12847 6 M 40-4927:05.3 8:44/M
40JENNIFER HAUMANMONTICELLO9722 3 F 20-2927:06.4 8:45/M
41MICHAEL QUINN JRGOSHEN NY13121 6 M 20-2927:32.2 8:53/M
42Andrew HershLiberty NY7515 1 M 13-1527:41.2 8:56/M
43John IhloBarryville NY8046 7 M 40-4927:47.4 8:58/M
44Dustin ThomasRock Hill NY5414 2 M 13-1527:52.1 8:59/M
45Jordan GoldsteinNew York NY1459 9 M 50-5927:57.5 9:01/M
46Matt HaynesMonticello NY8127 7 M 20-2928:05.8 9:04/M
47JOHN FLYNNWURTSBORO NY9061 1 M 60-6928:11.6 9:05/M
48Susan CrossEllenville NY8556 2 F 50-5928:30.5 9:12/M
49DEANNA SHEELEYGRAHAMSVILLE NY12629 4 F 20-2928:32.7 9:12/M
50Ginger ZuelchDingmans Ferry PA7038 4 F 30-3928:47.7 9:17/M
51Steven RiveraMonticello NY4734 3 M 30-3928:49.1 9:18/M
52MARIE ENRIGHTDOYLESTOWN PA11644 2 F 40-4929:06.2 9:23/M
53RICHARD ENRIGHTDOYLESTOWN PA11542 8 M 40-4929:07.6 9:24/M
54SUZANNE LOUGHLINROCK HILL NY12249 3 F 40-4929:17.7 9:27/M
56JULIE DREHERROSCOE NY13448 4 F 40-4929:24.2 9:29/M
57MICHAEL QUINN SRGOSHEN NY12948 10 M 40-4929:35.0 9:33/M
58DAN CURRANCRANFORD NJ9656 10 M 50-5929:43.5 9:35/M
59DANIELLE HARTMANGRAHAMSVILLE NY12026 5 F 20-2929:56.0 9:39/M
60Michael CreeganForestburgh NY4448 11 M 40-4930:37.3 9:53/M
61Eileen WohltzenHurleyville NY7357 3 F 50-5930:42.7 9:54/M
62Nancy FigueroaGrahamsville NY1242 5 F 40-4930:48.0 9:56/M
63BRITTA DEGENSHEINMIDDLETOWN NY11939 5 F 30-3930:54.0 9:58/M
64Carl AmaditzForestburgh NY167 2 M 60-6931:05.710:02/M
65Jan BennettSmallwood NY455 4 F 50-5931:23.310:07/M
66CASEY BERSONFORESTBURGH NY12325 6 F 20-2932:30.310:29/M
67Delia CerisanoForestburgh NY5850 5 F 50-5933:12.810:43/M
68SUSAN BOZELLW.S.S NY14444 6 F 40-4933:30.710:48/M
69Spencer JacobsenWurtsboro NY6119 3 M 16-1934:18.911:04/M
70Rachel GordonNew York NY4559 6 F 50-5934:51.611:15/M
71JULIE KRAUSEDINGSMANS FERRY PA10840 7 F 40-4935:25.811:25/M
72Allison SmithOrangeburg NY3429 7 F 20-2936:03.211:38/M
73Beverley GarzonParksville NY4859 7 F 50-5936:26.711:45/M
74LILY DIPAOLAKAURENONGA LAKE NY1054 1 F 0-1236:50.211:53/M
75ALLISON SMITHMONTICELLO NY14811 2 F 0-1236:55.211:55/M
76BENITA GOLDSTEINFORESTBRGH NY15355 8 F 50-5936:58.511:55/M
77DANIEL STORMMONGAUP VALLEY NY11246 12 M 40-4937:28.612:05/M
78Mary HeinleWhite Sulphur Springs NY675 1 F 70-7938:31.712:25/M
79Alexander GallegosWurtsboro NY5917 4 M 16-1938:54.712:33/M
80APRIL SOUTHARDDINGSMAN FERRY PA10740 8 F 40-4939:45.612:49/M
81Daniel BriggsMonticello NY3158 11 M 50-5939:47.112:50/M
82Helen RadosHarris NY4959 9 F 50-5941:10.513:17/M
83James RadosHarris NY5052 12 M 50-5941:12.013:17/M
84Peter KowalczykFerndale NY358 13 M 50-5942:41.313:46/M
85Joe KennyRock Hill NY2039 4 M 30-3942:45.613:47/M
86Anna MiluckyMonticello NY3049 9 F 40-4943:15.113:57/M
87Tracy O'NeillWoodbourne NY7738 6 F 30-3943:20.413:59/M
88MICHAEL FRANZISouth Fallsburg NY11155 14 M 50-5943:40.414:05/M
89Peggy JohnsonRock Hill NY5552 10 F 50-5943:41.814:05/M
90LESLIE DUESELMILFORD PA10937 7 F 30-3945:08.814:34/M
91Myra KampYulan NY2562 1 F 60-6945:16.414:36/M
92John KampYulan NY2463 3 M 60-6945:16.714:36/M
93Ashley SilvermanFerndale NY7813 1 F 13-1546:27.914:59/M
94Cathy StefanukRock Hill NY3345 10 F 40-4946:37.215:02/M
95Jamie VandervoortRock Hill NY743 11 F 40-4946:38.015:03/M
96Judy RhulenMonticello NY7471 2 F 70-7947:12.715:14/M
97HOWARD ZIEGLERMongaup Valley NY15747 13 M 40-4947:57.415:28/M
98Karen BlissHortonville NY864 2 F 60-6948:09.915:32/M
99Richard BlissHortonville NY970 1 M 70-7948:11.815:33/M
100Andrew NagotaForestburgh NY7213 3 M 13-1548:53.815:46/M
101KELLY MCCORMICKFORESTBURGH NY13725 8 F 20-2949:46.716:03/M
102Mary MilanoForestburgh NY3964 3 F 60-6949:47.816:04/M
103THOMAS MCCORMICKFORESTBURGH NY13623 8 M 20-2949:53.116:05/M
104TOM MCCORMICKFORESTBURGH NY13569 4 M 60-6949:57.416:07/M
105BONNIE ROBERTSONELDRED NY14261 4 F 60-6950:07.216:10/M
106KELLY ROBERTSONHONESDALE PA14330 8 F 30-3950:08.816:10/M
107Normita SobellForestburgh NY5245 12 F 40-4950:39.116:20/M
108Bernie BersonSterlington NY6980 1 M 80-9950:40.416:21/M
109EMILY EDWARDSROCK HILL NY10011 3 F 0-1251:35.516:38/M
110Paula AmaditzForestburgh NY263 5 F 60-6951:49.916:43/M
111Liz SmithOrangeburg NY3718 2 F 16-1951:59.616:46/M
112Joan SmithOrangeburg NY3658 11 F 50-5953:31.517:16/M
113Jackie JuergensForestburgh NY6773 3 F 70-7953:32.617:16/M
114George JuergensForestburgh NY6876 2 M 70-7953:48.917:21/M
115Nancy OrrForestburgh NY8755 12 F 50-5954:36.417:37/M
116Richard RobbinsForestburgh8618 5 M 16-1954:38.517:37/M
117Tom SmithOrangeburg NY3561 5 M 60-6954:40.017:38/M
118SUE SMITHMONTICELLO NY14747 13 F 40-4955:04.217:46/M
119Hope SilvermanFerndale NY7945 14 F 40-4955:07.317:47/M
120MARION MCCARTHYFORESTBURGH NY14050 13 F 50-5956:55.818:22/M
121CAROL EHRETSFORESTBRGH NY15452 14 F 50-5957:00.018:23/M
122MICHELLE EDWARDSROCK HILL NY10140 15 F 40-4957:06.718:25/M
123ADRIANNA DOLLARDMONTICELLO NY10360 6 F 60-6957:08.318:26/M
124Allyson GallegosWurtsboro NY6013 2 F 13-1557:12.318:27/M
125Ivanka OlesnyckyCuddebackville NY1559 15 F 50-5957:13.218:27/M
126TAMY OLESNYCKSMaplewood NJ15860 7 F 60-6957:15.318:28/M
127Ivan CseteForestburgh NY1773 3 M 70-7957:40.318:36/M
128SHARON LEHRSTANFORD CT11746 16 F 40-4958:10.018:46/M
129LORI FARINAROCK HILL NY10447 17 F 40-4958:12.518:46/M
130Liz LautersteinRock Hill NY1361 8 F 60-6959:02.619:03/M
131HILDA LEHRFORESTBRGH NY11366 9 F 60-6959:04.719:03/M
132Alexandria SchmoegerPine Bush NY2225 9 F 20-291:08:02.421:57/M
133Sheila JacobsenWurtsboro NY6255 16 F 50-591:08:03.021:57/M

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