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Lynn Woods 10 Mile Relay

Lynn, MA, August 25, 2010

[Overall Team Places and Splits | Divisions ]

Overall Individual Times

Results courtesy of AB-MAC Finish Systems

For more race information, see RESULTS TIMED BY BILL MULLEN.

                       2010 LYNN WOODS RELAY
                           AUGUST 25, 2010
BRENDAN POWERS               13:27 MASCO                                   
MARK DAWSON                  13:33 4 PEOPLE                                
ALEX DEROSA                  13:49 4 PEOPLE                                
ALEX GOMES                   14:12 4 PEOPLE                                
COLIN MACLAY                 14:25 WICKED MASTERS                          
CALEB EVANTER                14:28 ARMY OF FOUR                            
JAMES WIGGLESWORTH           14:35 SATAN'S LANSCAPERS                      
BEN HIROMURA                 14:35 MASCO                                   
BRENDAN KEARNEY              14:38 TEAM RYAN KERRIGAN                      
JOHN PAGE                    14:50 NSS BHS XC                              
CHRIS BIROTTE                14:51 ARMY OF FOUR                            
BRIAN BEAULIEU               14:51 GO!GO!GO!                               
JOHN BOWSER                  14:54 GO!GO!GO!                               
CHRIS SMITH                  14:56 TEAM RYAN KERRIGAN                      
MARBLEHEAD                   14:58 SATAN'S LANSCAPERS                      
BILLY HARRINGTON             14:59 BFHS XC                                 
BRIAN CULLINAN               15:03 TEAM RYAN KERRIGAN                      
DENNIS FLOYD                 15:05 ENDURANCE                               
KEVIN PROVINSKY              15:11 GE GROUNDHOGS                           
KEVIN PRUZINSKY              15:13 GE GROUNDHOGS CO-ED                     
JOHN COTTER                  15:14 TEAM RYAN KERRIGAN                      
JASON MATULEWICZ             15:15 WICKED CODE#1                           
RYAN KELLEY                  15:20 STREET FLEET                            
ERICH O'NEIL                 15:29 NSS FAST FOUR                           
NICK HARTMANN                15:31 STREET FLEET                            
ALEX BONITTO                 15:32 NSS FAST FOUR                           
JEFF HIXON                   15:49 GO!GO!GO!                               
MAT LAMOTHE                  15:55 MOHICANS                                
SCOTT O'NEIL                 15:56 NSS BHS XC                              
HENRY PRAT                   16:00 SATAN'S LANSCAPERS                      
GREG ESBITT                  16:00 THREE MEN & A BABY BITT                 
MIKE TOOMEY                  16:01 NO SHORE RUNNING PROJECT MIX            
GREG BJORNSTAD               16:05 MASCO                                   
BRIAN HEENAN                 16:17 MARBLEHEAD XC FANS                      
JENN BROOKS                  16:20 TEAM GLOUCESTER                         
CHAD CROWTHER                16:20 TEAM MACKENZIE                          
JOHN TOMAZ                   16:22 MUSTANGS                                
JIM MCLEAN                   16:24 ENDURANCE                               
CASEY COLLINS                16:26 GE GROUNDHOGS CO-ED                     
GREG WORTH                   16:27 SATAN'S LANSCAPERS                      
LAYCE ALVES                  16:29 TEAM GLOUCESTER                         
PETER MALINOWSKI             16:33 TEAM EYE RUN                            
BILL CHAPMAN                 16:34 BLACK BLONDE & BUTT UGLY                
PAUL MCGOVERN                16:36 TEAM AJAX                               
MATT MAHONEY                 16:37 MIGHTY QUAHOGS                          
TYLER PETROCCIONE            16:40 NSS BHS XC                              
JEFF LANE                    16:41 THREE MEN & A BABY BITT                 
JOSH ANTRIM                  16:41 GE GROUNDHOG MASTERS                    
LEE STORRS                   16:43 MIGHTY QUAHOGS                          
GREG RODIER                  16:44 MARBLEHEAD XC FANS                      
TOM LABRECQUE                16:45 COUS WE CAN                             
PAUL MCGOVERN                16:46 COUS WE CAN                             
TR RAMSDELL                  16:47 WICKED MASTERS                          
NAN GORTON                   16:48 TEAM GLOUCESTER                         
JOSH ANTRIM                  16:53 GE GROUNDHOG MASTERS                    
NEIL BERNSTEIN               16:57 NSS SENIOR GOLD                         
AVIVA GOLDSTEIN              16:57 GE GROUNDHOGS CO-ED                     
BILLY FLYNN                  16:58 MASCO                                   
CHRIS HOGAN                  16:58 GE GROUNDHOGS                           
DEREK SHAIRS                 16:59 TEAM BOTT                               
DOUG SMITH                   17:02 GE GROUNDHOG MASTERS                    
TOM MCDERMOTT                17:07 TEAM AJAX                               
JEN EMBLIDGE                 17:07 MARBLEHEAD XC FANS                      
DAN HARTNETT                 17:10 TEAM EYE RUN                            
JOHN MULROY                  17:13 MYSTICS                                 
DAVE KROM                    17:15 MYSTICS                                 
TOM BENTON                   17:17 NSS FAST FOUR                           
TREVOR JUTRAS                17:20 TEAM MACKENZIE                          
MICHAEL MANN                 17:21 SLOWPOKES                               
PATRICK SMITH                17:22 WICKED MASTERS                          
LORENZO PANCHERI             17:22 GE GROUNDHOGS                           
JEFF COOK                    17:23 MIDDLE AGE LYNNERS                      
RACHEL HUNT                  17:27 WICKED CODE#1                           
MIKE DOYLE                   17:30 WAFU                                    
BRIAN O'HARA                 17:32 A SNAIL'S PACE                          
MICHAEL VEATCH               17:32 NSS SENIOR GOLD                         
JOHN KELLY                   17:33 MYSTICS                                 
KEVIN ELWOOD                 17:34 BLACK BLONDE & BUTT UGLY                
JOE LABRECQUE                17:34 COUS WE CAN                             
RICK JOHNSON                 17:34 NSS COED HARRIERS                       
PAUL QUINN                   17:35 TEAM AJAX                               
ROBERT BOCHNAK               17:36 SOLE TRAIN                              
JESS BIROTTE                 17:40 ARMY OF FOUR                            
JHONATON RIJO                17:41 ARMY OF FOUR                            
BILL BOCHNAK                 17:41 EIGHT CRAZY SOLES                       
KAI NALAPINSKI               17:47 NO SHORE RUNNING PROJECT MIX            
PAUL FORTIN                  17:48 GAC PITBULLS                            
KIERANAN HOPKINS             17:51 STREET FLEET                            
JOHN AYERS                   17:55 WICKED MASTERS                          
RALPH VIGER                  17:55 SLOWPOKES                               
GAYLORD GARROWAY             17:55 BLACK BLONDE & BUTT UGLY                
RICH TABBUTT                 17:57 TEAM EYE RUN                            
LENNY FEMINO                 17:59 A SNAIL'S PACE                          
MADELINE PIELA               18:01 THE ROFLCOPTERS                         
JAKE LEVINE                  18:01 NSS BHS XC                              
SEAN MANEY                   18:03 GAC PITBULLS                            
AMELIA ANTRIM                18:04 GE GROUNDHOGS CO-ED                     
FRANCESCO PANCHERI           18:05 GE GROUNDHOGS                           
JAY EUZUKONIS                18:06 GO!GO!GO!                               
TREVOR WHELAN                18:06 STREET FLEET                            
DAVE CHINAPPI                18:07 BFHS XC                                 
TOM LUBAS                    18:10 SLOWPOKES                               
DAVE QUINN                   18:12 TEAM AJAX                               
PAUL AMIRAULT                18:14 SOLE TRAIN                              
ANDREW AMES                  18:15 4 PEOPLE                                
FERNANDO TOMAZ               18:17 MUSTANGS                                
DEAN DYNAN                   18:19 THREE MEN & A BABY BITT                 
RYAN SHAIRS                  18:22 TEAM BOTT                               
ROBERT CROAKE                18:32 SLOWPOKES                               
KENNY HEWSON                 18:33 WICKED MEN                              
ALEX CHRISTMAN               18:36 TEAM MACKENZIE                          
JOE CARUSO                   18:36 BFHS XC                                 
WENDY FACIANO                18:37 ENDURANCE                               
LANSE STOVER                 18:40 NSS SENIOR GOLD                         
GARY FREEDMAN                18:40 TEAM EYE RUN                            
SEAN FERGUSON                18:41 ULTIMATE WARRIORS                       
JEN FULLER                   18:42 IT'S RAINING WOMEN                      
JAY KUMAR                    18:43 NSS MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE             
BOB WHITMORE                 18:48 MYSTICS                                 
MARK MAHONEY                 18:49 MIGHTY QUAHOGS                          
LILLIE JOHNSON               18:51 THE ROFLCOPTERS                         
DEB BEAULIEU                 18:53 NSS HILLCATS                            
RICK MERRYMEN                19:01 MIDDLE AGE LYNNERS                      
CHLOE HESKETT                19:02 THE ROFLCOPTERS                         
TED KENNEDY                  19:02 MAGNOLIA ROADIES                        
EMMA MCGUIRK                 19:04 NO SHORE RUNNING PROJECT MIX            
SHAWNA KENNEDY               19:09 M I A 'S                                
CHRIS HANSON                 19:10 ELWOODS NIGHTMARE                       
BRAD DUMAIS                  19:17 TEAM MACKENZIE                          
JEN DODGE                    19:22 SONIC BOOM                              
JEFF MACINNIS                19:23 MIDDLE AGE LYNNERS                      
JENNIFER SURABIAN            19:23 MUSTANGS                                
BILL MORSE                   19:24 WICKED COED#4                           
DAN COFFEY                   19:26 MISTIFIABLE MAGICAL 4 CATS              
JIM MAHER                    19:27 MIGHTY QUAHOGS                          
SUE QUIMBY                   19:28 NSS HILLCATS                            
PEYTON MCGOVERN              19:31 COUS WE CAN                             
MARK PELLETIER               19:32 NSS COED HARRIERS                       
SARAH COFFEY                 19:33 WICKED CODE#1                           
DAN CURTIS                   19:36 GOATS WHO STARE AT MEN                  
KEVIN DALTON                 19:37 A SNAIL'S PACE                          
BRIAN HEBERT                 19:42 NSS FAST FOUR                           
JIM LAMOTHE                  19:43 MOHICANS                                
CHRIS BURRBRIDGE             19:44 WICKED COED#4                           
CHRIS ANDERSON               19:48 TEAM BOTT                               
TOM SPEIDEL                  19:49 GAC PITBULLS                            
DAVE SULLIVAN                19:50 NSS MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE             
KATIE TAORMINA               19:54 TEAM GLOUCESTER                         
LAUREN BARRETT               19:54 NSS COED HARRIERS                       
LEE FAESSLER                 19:56 SOLE TRAIN                              
KRISTIN CASHMAN              19:58 ENDURANCE                               
JAMES KAGWANA                19:58 IT'S RAINING WOMEN                      
LAUREN HAMILTON              19:58 NSS ATHLETES WITH ATTITUDE              
CLAIRE DEPEW                 20:00 THE ROFLCOPTERS                         
DAN GUGGER                   20:03 GE GROUNDHOG MASTERS                    
MOLLY ROWE                   20:03 NSS COED HARRIERS                       
KEVIN STRUM                  20:03 GAC PITBULLS                            
RYAN FERGUSON                20:05 ULTIMATE WARRIORS                       
MICHAEL CONLON               20:06 FERGSTERMINATORS                        
GINA GALLO                   20:06 NSS ATHLETES WITH ATTITUDE              
KATIE MALONE                 20:07 MUSTANGS                                
CHRIS CARMODY                20:10 THE MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES                 
THERESA COTE                 20:10 M I A 'S                                
JAYNE SEXTON                 20:15 NSS DECADES OF DECADENCE                
PETER LUEKE                  20:24 MIDDLE AGE LYNNERS                      
JEN SHULTZ                   20:25 PECAN TURTLES                           
CHIP BOTT                    20:26 TEAM BOTT                               
BETHANY HYDE RADABAUGH       20:27 WICKED COED#2                           
GEORGE GEIS                  20:29 NSS GOLD STREAKS                        
CARL SPENCER                 20:30 BREAKHEART BROOM WAGON                  
STEVE TOUCHETTE              20:31 WICKED COED#4                           
MARTY HINES                  20:36 EIGHT CRAZY SOLES                       
COLIN DOHERTY                20:37 WICKED MEN                              
AMY AMIRAULT                 20:37 SOLE TRAIN                              
ALISON PHELAN                20:38 WICKED COED#2                           
BECKY LAYNSBY                20:39 NSS HILLCATS                            
JOE GIANNONE                 20:40 NSS GOLD STREAKS                        
KRISTINE CAPUA               20:41 WICKED COED#2                           
BRENDAN MACAULAY             20:42 ELWOODS NIGHTMARE                       
MIKE PELLETIER               20:46 NSS GOLD STREAKS                        
STEVE MIRANDI                20:47 GOATS WHO STARE AT MEN                  
DAVE JEFSKA                  20:48 NSS SENIOR GOLD                         
KATIE HERLIHY                20:49 IT'S RAINING WOMEN                      
KITTY OLD JACOBS ROADO'CONNELL   20:50 GAC COUGARS                             
PETER RAYMOND                20:56 WICKED MEN                              
KELLY ROLAND                 20:58 NO SHORE RUNNING PROJECT                
LISA TOBIN                   20:59 PECAN TURTLES                           
DAVE MERSCH                  20:59 THREE MEN & A BABY BITT                 
CHRISTINA MIHOS              21:00 FERGSTERMINATORS                        
JESSICA MARTIN               21:01 NSS HILLCATS                            
DAWN COBAK                   21:03 WICKED COED#2                           
TODD BOLLEN                  21:06 BREAKHEART BROOM WAGON                  
JULIA KINGSLEY               21:09 NO SHORE RUNNING PROJECT                
KATHY MCPHERSON              21:10 NSS MORE DECADENCE                      
CAESAR ARCHILLA              21:12 MAGNOLIA ROADIES                        
MIKE FITZGERALD              21:16 ROADKILL                                
JENNIFER O'NEIL              21:16 NSS ATHLETES WITH ATTITUDE              
JOSEPH CONLON                21:17 FERGSTERMINATORS                        
PETER TREMBLAY               21:25 A SNAIL'S PACE                          
DEB SMITH                    21:31 ELWOODS NIGHTMARE                       
STEVE FITZGERALD             21:42 ELECT WALSH                             
EMILY O'BRIEN                21:43 THE MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES                 
KATHRYN GORCZYCA             21:45 SONIC BOOM                              
SARA LAMOTHE                 21:46 MOHICANS                                
KARYN COULON                 21:46 THE MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES                 
STEVE BOUDREAU               21:49 BREAKHEART BROOM WAGON                  
KATE O'BRIEN                 21:50 MOHICANS                                
PAULA FINESTONE              21:53 GAC COUGARS                             
PAUL ARRINGTON               22:00 GOATS WHO STARE AT MEN                  
DOUG SUTHERLAND              22:01 MAGNOLIA ROADIES                        
TOM FITZGERALD               22:06 WAFU                                    
ANNAJEAN MCMAHON             22:08 NSS DECADES OF DECADENCE                
LINDA FITZPATRICK            22:10 NSS DECADES OF DECADENCE                
ATR CARR                     22:14 GOATS WHO STARE AT MEN                  
CARRIE BOCHNAK               22:23 EIGHT CRAZY SOLES                       
CHERYL MULVEY                22:26 GAC COUGARS                             
MIKE HURLEY                  22:27 BLACK BLONDE & BUTT UGLY                
JERRY POWERS                 22:29 MISTIFIABLE MAGICAL 4 CATS              
DAN DULONG                   22:30 WAFU                                    
MARK O'CONNOR                22:32 NSS SENIOR SPARES                       
LEE BENTON                   22:34 NSS ATH.WITH EVEN MORE TUDE             
JOE O'BRIEN                  22:37 BFHS XC                                 
LINDSEY LECOYER              22:39 MARBLEHEAD XC FANS                      
TOM MCMAHON                  22:46 NSS MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE             
ALLY HOUDE                   22:47 NO SHORE RUNNING PROJECT                
JIM NOONAN                   22:54 BREAKHEART BROOM WAGON                  
MEGAN LONG                   23:01 IT'S RAINING WOMEN                      
TOM LIMA                     23:10 NSS SENIOR SPARES                       
TIM SHORT                    23:15 WICKED CODE#1                           
MARY SARRIS                  23:17 PECAN TURTLES                           
SANDY CAPUANO                23:20 GAC COUGARS                             
SARAH NEAL                   23:21 ELWOODS NIGHTMARE                       
CONSTANCE SPACK              23:23 FERGSTERMINATORS                        
EMILY BEHEN                  23:26 NO SHORE RUNNING PROJECT                
MIKE JOHNSON                 23:30 MAGNOLIA ROADIES                        
PATTI LOWELL                 23:37 NSS DECADES OF DECADENCE                
LINDA DESJARDINS             23:40 NSS STRIVING FOR GOLD                   
MIKE PERHAM                  23:45 ROADKILL                                
ALICIA DECKER                23:48 M I A 'S                                
LISA HODGE                   23:54 SONIC BOOM                              
KATELYN DENNIS               23:56 ULTIMATE WARRIORS                       
PAM ALLEN                    24:00 NSS MORE DECADENCE                      
VICKY YEE                    24:01 NSS ATHLETES WITH ATTITUDE              
MIKE MANNION                 24:10 THE MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES                 
STEVE WEITZLER               24:27 NSS SENIOR SPARES                       
BONNIE HALLINAN              24:36 NSS STRIVING FOR GOLD                   
ROBIN LERMOND                24:41 ELECT WALSH                             
ELLEM WEITZLER               25:01 NSS ATH.WITH EVEN MORE TUDE             
MELISS HINES                 25:40 EIGHT CRAZY SOLES                       
ERIN COMEAU                  26:00 M I A 'S                                
FRANK LANZILLO               26:03 WICKED MEN                              
MARY STEVENS                 26:04 NSS ATH.WITH EVEN MORE TUDE             
DEB JACKSON                  26:19 NSS STRIVING FOR GOLD                   
ROBERT LEVINE                26:21 MISTIFIABLE MAGICAL 4 CATS              
HILARY MATTHEWS              26:27 SONIC BOOM                              
KEVIN COUNIHAN               26:37 NSS MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE             
NANCY GIANNONE               26:44 NSS STRIVING FOR GOLD                   
JOAN DAILEY                  26:48 NSS ATH.WITH EVEN MORE TUDE             
DANNA NIELSEN                27:18 ROADKILL                                
PAUL DULONG                  27:21 WAFU                                    
KATIE SARRIS                 27:28 PECAN TURTLES                           
JIM LOGAN                    27:39 NSS SENIOR SPARES                       
PAUL HENNESSEY               27:51 MISTIFIABLE MAGICAL 4 CATS              
CLAY WALSH                   28:17 ELECT WALSH                             
MICHELLE MONTOYA             28:32 ULTIMATE WARRIORS                       
ARMAND CLAVEAU               28:33 NSS GOLD STREAKS                        
AMBER WOOLFENDEN             28:49 WICKED COED#4                           
ROBIN LERMOND                29:10 ROADKILL                                
CARON WEINER                 29:34 ELECT WALSH                             
CAROL GEIS                   33:04 NSS MORE DECADENCE                      
NANCY WILSON                 40:55 NSS MORE DECADENCE                      

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