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Falmouth Academy's Chase the Turkey

Falmouth, MA, November 25, 2004

Overall Results

{\rtf1\ansi\deff0{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Courier New;}}
\viewkind4\uc1\pard\lang1033\f0\fs20 1   23:40\tab Mike Norton\tab\tab\tab 34\tab M\par
2   25:05\tab Paul W.  Wagner\tab\tab 20\tab M\par
3   27:06\tab Matt Murawski\tab\tab 32\tab M\par
4   27:11\tab Bob Pickart\tab\tab\tab 45\tab M\par
5   27:41\tab Robert Flaherty\tab\tab 35\tab M\par
6   27:50\tab John Newhauser\tab\tab 33\tab M\par
7   28:05\tab Dana Miskell\tab\tab 51\tab M\par
8   28:20\tab Zeus Estrada\tab\tab 44\tab M\par
9   28:45\tab Michele Tetreault\tab\tab 29\tab F\par
10  28:47\tab Colin Rowan\tab\tab\tab 22\tab M\par
11  28:48\tab Nick Lowell\tab\tab\tab 34\tab M\par
12  28:49\tab Peter Follet\tab\tab 31\tab M\par
13  28:55\tab Mike Cahalane\tab\tab 45\tab M\par
14  29:04\tab Kent Murdick\tab\tab 39\tab M\par
15  29:24\tab Matt Brewster\tab\tab 22\tab M\par
16  29:34\tab Greg Clark\tab\tab\tab 42\tab M\par
17  29:46\tab Laura Hutchinson\tab\tab 22\tab F\par
18  30:12\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
19  30:20\tab Chris Risko\tab\tab\tab 36\tab M\par
20  30:24\tab Tony Worthington\tab\tab 13\tab M\par
21  30:25\tab Nanci Cahalane\tab\tab 44\tab F\par
22  30:42\tab Kevin Arnold\tab\tab 38\tab M\par
23  30:46\tab John Martin\tab\tab\tab 52\tab M\par
24  31:08\tab Lorenzo Cava\tab\tab 18\tab M\par
25  31:09\tab Teal Shepley-Blair\tab 19\tab F\par
26  31:18\tab Tim Seston\tab\tab\tab 33\tab M\par
27  31:26\tab Maureen Wieler\tab\tab 41\tab F\par
28  31:28\tab Michael Gifford\tab\tab 39\tab M\par
29  31:37\tab Karl Helfrich\tab\tab 47\tab M\par
30  31:40\tab Andrew Dacey\tab\tab 22\tab M\par
31  31:43\tab Bob Burt\tab\tab\tab 54\tab M\par
32  31:44\tab John Colosi\tab\tab\tab 39\tab M\par
33  31:47\tab Terry McKee\tab\tab\tab 53\tab F\par
34  32:02\tab Katie Dumbrowski\tab\tab 20\tab F\par
35  32:04\tab Francis Guido\tab\tab 45\tab M\par
36  32:14\tab Kenny Rogers\tab\tab 50\tab M\par
37  32:15\tab Sean Callagy\tab\tab 35\tab M\par
38  32:33\tab Mike McCormick\tab\tab 43\tab M\par
39  32:33\tab Brendan Annett\tab\tab 31\tab M\par
40  32:40\tab Douglas MacDonald\tab\tab 46\tab M\par
41  32:41\tab Darrell Herbert\tab\tab 44\tab M\par
42  32:46\tab Dina Pandya\tab\tab\tab 42\tab F\par
43  32:46\tab Soni W. Niang\tab\tab 39\tab F\par
44  33:25\tab Amy Donner\tab\tab\tab 33\tab F\par
45  32:29\tab Rachel Horwitz\tab\tab 22\tab F\par
46  33:34\tab Pam Kimball\tab\tab\tab 43\tab F\par
47  33:43\tab Julia Wagner\tab\tab 18\tab F\par
48  33:53\tab Christopher Terzian\tab 43\tab M\par
49  33:59\tab Digger Hurley\tab\tab 34\tab M\par
50  33:59\tab Michael Dunn\tab\tab 36\tab M\par
51  34:00\tab Tom Hough\tab\tab\tab 11\tab M\par
52  34:02\tab Doug Mann\tab\tab\tab 52\tab M\par
53  34:07\tab Derek Silcox\tab\tab 32\tab M\par
54  34:09\tab Jeff Silcox\tab\tab\tab 43\tab M\par
55  34:10\tab Pam Noonan\tab\tab\tab 33\tab F\par
56  34:11\tab Tony Dowler\tab\tab\tab 49\tab M\par
57  34:19\tab Maria MacDonald\tab\tab 43\tab F\par
58  34:41\tab Phil Alatalo\tab\tab 50\tab M\par
59  34:42\tab Bill Bingham\tab\tab 32\tab M\par
60  34:44\tab Chris Scott\tab\tab\tab 43\tab F\par
61  35:08\tab Fred Keller\tab\tab\tab 57\tab M\par
62  35:23\tab Kim Chase\tab\tab\tab 36\tab F\par
63  35:58\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
64  35:59\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
65  36:00\tab Tom Burt\tab\tab\tab 25\tab M\par
66  36:13\tab Matthew Pickart\tab\tab 15\tab M\par
67  36:17\tab James Reber\tab\tab\tab 14\tab M\par
68  36:42\tab Ann Stone\tab\tab\tab 43\tab F\par
69  36:51\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
70  36:54\tab Mike Sbrocco\tab\tab 34\tab M\par
71  37:06\tab Carol Bailey\tab\tab 39\tab F\par
72  37:06\tab Dan Bailey\tab\tab\tab 42\tab M\par
73  37:14\tab Sally Burke\tab\tab\tab 67\tab F\par
74  37:16\tab Margie Cusack\tab\tab 54\tab F\par
75  37:23\tab Laurie Fife\tab\tab\tab 41\tab F\par
76  37:33\tab Terry List\tab\tab\tab 48\tab M\par
77  37:35\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
78  37:41\tab Connor Cobb\tab\tab\tab 9\tab M\par
79  37:45\tab Eileen Miskell\tab\tab 46\tab F\par
80  38:09\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
81  38:31\tab Debbie Gove\tab\tab\tab 51\tab F\par
82  38:31\tab John Fallon\tab\tab\tab 34\tab M\par
83  38:35\tab Jack Whitehead\tab\tab 63\tab M\par
84  38:36\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
85  38:42\tab Keith von der Heydt\tab 55\tab M\par
86  39:02\tab Amy Dowler\tab\tab\tab 17\tab F\par
87  39:03\tab Katharina Foote\tab\tab 14\tab F\par
88  39:12\tab Maryann Rowan\tab\tab 58\tab F\par
89  39:21\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
90  39:21\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
91  39:27\tab Rachel Richards\tab\tab 24\tab F\par
92  39:27\tab Bob Richards\tab\tab 51\tab M\par
93  39:35\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
94  39:50\tab Kelle List\tab\tab\tab 44\tab F\par
95  39:52\tab Kyle List\tab\tab\tab 44\tab M\par
96  40:23\tab Ariel Shepley\tab\tab 21\tab F\par
97  40:29\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
98  40:30\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
99  40:47\tab Anne Reynolds\tab\tab 36\tab F\par
100 40:48\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
101 41:14\tab Michael Gwynn\tab\tab 48\tab F\par
102 42:31\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
103 43:38\tab Lindsey Bishop\tab\tab 9\tab F\par
104 44:40\tab Sandro Segalini\tab\tab 64\tab M\par
105 44:43\tab Will Clarke\tab\tab\tab 53\tab M\par
106 46:18\tab Paul Silvia\tab\tab\tab 52\tab M\par
107 46:19\tab E Jay Bishop\tab\tab 44\tab M\par
108 47:30\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
109 47:49\tab anonymous\tab\tab\par
110 49:35\tab Jenny\tab\tab\tab\tab 12\tab F\par
111 49:36\tab Lily Helfrich\tab\tab 11\tab F\par
112 50:17\tab Caroline Cobb\tab\tab 8\tab F\par
113 51:38\tab Madison Kooharian\tab\tab 7\tab F\par
114 51:39\tab Kelly Kooharian\tab\tab 39\tab F\par
115 52:41\tab Alex List\tab\tab\tab 12\tab M\par
116 53:32\tab Mondelle Shepley\tab\tab 55\tab F\par
117 54:39\tab Janice Rudinauer\tab\tab 42\tab F\par
118 54:40\tab Galen Robbins\tab\tab 40\tab M\par
119 1:02:02\tab Susan Dowler\tab\tab 47\tab F\par
120 1:02:15\tab Andrew   \tab\tab\tab 9\tab M\par
121 1:02:21\tab Julie\tab\tab\tab\tab 4\tab F\par
122 1:02:22\tab Christina Tansey\tab\tab\par
123 1:02:24\tab Susan Tansey\tab\tab\par
124 1:05\tab Jodee Bishop & family\par
Top 3 Females:\tab\tab Top 3 Males:\par
Michele Tetreault, 29\tab Mike Norton, 34\par
Laura Hutchinson, 22\tab Paul Wagner, 20\par
Nanci Cahalane, 45\tab Matt Murawski, 32\par
Top Under-14 Female:\tab Top Under-14 Male:\par
Katharine Foote\tab\tab Tony Worthington\par
Top Over-60 Female:\tab Top Over-60 Male:\tab\par
Sally Burke, 67\tab\tab Jack Whitehead, 63\par

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