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CMS 52-Week 5K #40

Worcester, MA, October 6, 2001

Results courtesy of the Central Mass Striders.

    1  18:14 Pat McCormick     -1m- 40-49M  Rutland, MA       CMS
    2  18:37 Michael Laperle        40-49M  Hubbardston, MA   
    3  18:40 Barbara McManus   -1f- 20-39F  Worcester, MA     CMS
    4  19:03 Barry Lorion Jr        20-39M  Douglas, MA 
    5  19:26 Carol Hurley      -1fm-40-49F  Spencer, MA       CMS
    6  19:42 Jim Gonyea        -1s- 50-59M  Auburn, MA        CMS/NMC/Auburn HS
    7  19:45 Gary Bridgman          40-49M  Sturbridge, MA    CMS
    8  19:45 Cheryl Taylor          20-39F  Worcester, MA     CMS
    9  20:28 Dave Krom              40-49M  Worcester, MA     CMS
   10  20:36 Steve Coleman          40-49M  Spencer, MA       Why Me?
   11  21:01 Kevin Fallon           20-39M  Worcester, MA     CMS
   12  21:10 Sean Perkins      -1j- 00-19M  Auburn, MA        Auburn HS
   13  21:14 Dan Kirsch             50-59M  Worcester, MA     CMS
   14  21:17 Gail Parent            40-49F  Dudley, MA 
   15  21:36 Meg Giarusso           20-39F  Worcester, MA     CMS
   16  22:07 Joanne Lachapelle      40-49F  Worcester, MA     CMS
   17  22:42 Ken Deary              40-49M  Dudley, MA        CMS
   18  22:59 Jim Conley             50-59M  Worcester, MA     CMS
   19  23:08 Jerry Erlandson        40-49M  Marlboro, MA      CMS/Why Me?
   20  23:31 Bill Haskell           50-59M  Sterling, MA      CMS
   21  23:49 Juan Santana           40-49M  Worcester, MA     CMS
   22  24:08 Dick Hunt         -1v- 60-69M  Auburn, MA        CMS 
   23  24:46 Jeannie Breen          20-39F  Northboro, MA     Arthritis
   24  25:05 John Swenson           20-39M  Hudson, MA        S.H.
   25  25:13 Rich Lemerise          40-49M  Worcester, MA     CMS
   26  25:25 Charlie Grinnell       40-49M  Worcester, MA     CMS
   27  25:57 John Finnell           50-59M  Athol, MA         CMS
   28  26:17 Bill Sullivan          20-39M  Worcester, MA     Why Me?
   29  26:17 Tina Sullivan          20-39F  Worcester, MA     Why Me?
   30  26:48 Kris Conley            40-49F  Worcester, MA     CMS
   31  26:55 Thaddeus Thompson      20-39M  Worcester, MA     Why Me?
   32  26:57 Annette Lemerise       40-49F  Worcester, MA     CMS
   33  26:58 Barry Lorion Sr        50-59M  Douglas, MA
   34  27:47 Jon Klaucke            00-19M  Auburn, MA        Auburn HS
   35  27:49 Kurt Hultgren          50-59M  Shrewsbury, MA    CMS
   36  27:59 Karen Lemerise         40-49F  N Oxford, MA      CMS
   37  29:23 Marci Smith            20-39F  Rutland, MA       Why Me?
   38  31:57 Cheryl Baskin          20-39F  Worcester, MA     Why Me?
   39  31:58 Sheryl Taylor          20-39F  Worcester, MA     Why Me?
   40  32:21 Janet Tedeschi         40-49F  Natick, MA        Why Me?
   41  35:52 Nancy Greenberg        40-49F  Worcester, MA     Why Me?
   42  36:43 Thayne Hendricks       40-49F  Holliston, MA     Why Me?
   43  36:43 Nancy Griffis     -1fs-50-59F  Worcester, MA     Why Me?
   44  51:20 Pauline Lajoie         50-59F  Worcester, MA     Why Me?
   45  51:20 Kitty Bradshaw         50-59F  Holden, MA        Why Me?

Volunteers: Jan McNamara (Princeton), Dave Wheat (Grafton), Joe Alfano (Worcester).

(45f; temps around 70, windy, overcast and humid.)

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