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2nd Moody Spring Snowshoe Races

Hawley, MA, March 3, 2001

Dunham, McCarthy Take 9; Fairman, Priete Take 6

by Ed Alibozek

Dave Dunham on his way to another snowshoe win.
Dave Dunham on his way to another snowshoe win.
Thanks everyone for participating at the 2nd Annual Moody Spring snowshoe races.

It was a near perfect day for the 2nd Annual Moody Spring snowshoe races. The weather was in the mid 20's and sunshine the snow base and fresh powder on top made the trails in the forest just fantastic (a non runners point of view).

The last two events in the Hawley State Forest are pretty tough and everyone who completed these is in pretty decent condition. I hope that the weather and snow conditions in Hawley surprised some of you who haven't played out here before. Hawley is a great spot for holding snow.

I would like to say that the Dubuque State Forest crew (Dennis Shulda and Dave Brown) really helped us out a lot over the last two events. Dave was out on Friday getting the parking area plowed and sanded, and he also ran the groomer along all the roads to smooth each bump out.

Like the Kiln Race, we split things up into 2 races. The 6 miler was the same course as the 9, except the middle 3 mile loop on the Gould Meadow/Moody Spring trails was taken out.

Ken Fairman had a beautiful race to win overall, I know it has probably been a while since he has won a race outright. Nice job Kenny!! He has been troubled by nagging foot ailments for over a year, it has been great to see him participating all winter with us. In 2nd overall, and 1st woman was Claudine Preite. It was a smart decision on the Priete's part to have Jim watch the children and allow Claudine to race. At the first South Pond race four years ago, Claudine was walking along on snowshoes. As the years have wandered on, she has turned into a pretty good snowshoe racer. This is a sport where with a little dedication, you can improve well from year to year. Great race Claudine!

In the 9 miler (measured at 8.6 miles by the infamous Karl Marxitoris), Dave Dunham separated himself from 2nd place Leigh Schmitt somewhere between miles 3 and 6. Dave has entered and won five events in the WMAC Snowshoe series this year, and also finished 1st at the Global Snowshoe Challenge in New York State, against some competitors from Colorado who are sponsored athletes. Dave came into this season in incredible shape, and it seems like the further the events go, the more dominate he gets.

It is hard to look at finish times from year to year to get an idea about how fast someone is, but the times Dave posted at the 5 WMAC events are mind blowing. It was a really special season for him, and us. Having quality racers like Dave, Leigh, Kenny, Robert and Bob showing up week after week to these little events in the middle of nowhere has helped to establish our series. Thanks Dave, for giving all of us someone to chase after, and try each week to gain on.

The ladies 9 miler was a battle. Carol Kane was leading the entire event until the last downhill half mile. Darlene McCarthy rolled by, and finished 26 seconds ahead. These two young ladies have been going back and forth the last two years at these things, usually finishing in the top 5 each time. It was really great to see them competing for the overall win at an event. Darlene just seems to never slow down, no matter what the distance of the race. Her pace is one of the most unwavering I have witnessed. Great running ladies, the training is paying off!

Thanks to the helpers, Lisa for directing the first turn; Sweep and Curly for the finish line; Pat for the water stop; Tom Skrocki and K2 for marking the course; Gotha for removing the ribbons; Rich Busa brought a friend to help out please send me his name again Richard!!; Tom McCrumm for having us at the Sugarhouse again. I hope I mentioned everyone, I will try to get this part right cause it's the most important...

Putting on these events was really a joy this season. Everything worked out fantastically. We had a more typical winter and the snow was just as fine as a frog's hair. We really appreciate all the kind words, seeing so many smiles on one day is priceless. While there is work involved in these things, having so many people get a couple hours of enjoyment out of a WMAC winter event makes it worth it. The reason we like doing these, is simply that we get a charge out of making a few people a little happier for a brief moment in time. If more folks could just get out and exert themselves a little, and then sit down in groups and have some snacks after... the world might be a better place. Crazy, but we believe it. Thanks everyone. You don't all know how happy you have made me the last couple years at these things.

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