September, 2005

Hello Race Directors,
We are pleased to be sending you the third edition of the Race Director Newsletter for 2005.

Dave McGillivray (Boston Marathon Race Director and founder of DMSE) has written another article for us titled "Immediate Gratification - Awarding Excellence Is Not Always As Simple As It May Seem".

Immediate Gratification - Awarding Excellence Is Not Always As Simple As It May Seem
by Dave McGillivray

Those of us from the Greater Boston area who were running road races back in the 70’s and 80’s certainly remember the omnipresent character, Fred Brown. Fred lived only a block from me in Medford, Mass. During my workouts, I used to run by his house almost every day. As I ran by, I would regularly see Fred in his garage tinkering…tinkering, that is, with putting together small trophies which he was preparing for his next road race.

At most North Medford Club races, you were faced with making a major decision upon filling out the race application. Do you want to pay $1 to enter the race or pay double the amount (that would be a whopping $2) if you want to “win” a trophy no matter where you finished! That’s right, you could actually guarantee yourself a trophy by paying for it in advance. You don’t see that happening too often nowadays, do you?

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Here are the results of the second survey on what runners look for in a race.

GUN TIME VS. NET TIME If a race is timed using a chip system which do you think should be used as your “official” finishing time / place and the time used for age awards scoring, the gun time (time from the start of the race until you cross the finish line) or the net time (elapsed time from the time you cross the starting line to when you cross the finish line)?

  • Official time should be gun time: 102, 16.2%
  • Official time should be net time: 533, 84.6%

TIMING AND SCORING A race with 5000 runners and using the chip system could pay close to $15000 to time and score the race. How important is it to you to actually be timed and scored in a local short distance (5K or 5M) race (say a digital display clock was positioned at the finish where you could see your finishing time).

  • Extremely important: 104, 16.5%
  • Important: 219, 34.8%
  • Marginally important: 179, 28.4%
  • Not important: 132, 21%

DOUBLE DIPPING If a runner wins an award in one category and also qualifies for an award in another category (for example a 40-year-old places 3rd overall and 1st in the 40-49 age category) should that runner receive both awards or should they only receive the greater of the two awards and be eliminated from the other category?

  • Runner should receive BOTH awards: 260, 41.3%
  • Runner should only receive one award: 373, 59.2%

Certified Courses
Courtesy of Running USA

Here is a database of all certified courses in the USA.
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Upcoming Events for Race Directors

Race Director's Tips

  • Always use a balanced approach for promoting your event. In other words don't put all of your eggs into one bucket when allocating those race marketing resources. This could include:
    • Traditional fee-based outlets such as regional magazines and newspapers
    • Traditional free outlets such as newspapers, public television, radio and event distribution (car windscreen and pickup locations)
    • Internet fee-based outlets such as online magazines and online registration outlets
    • Internet free calendar-based outlets - use google to locate all of them
  • Try to measure te relative success of each method each year.


We invite you to send feedback to us. We are looking at sharing some of your experience, advice and humorous moments with the rest of the race directors. Please send your comments to us for consideration.

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