Barbara Remmers winning in 1999 in 1:13:52
Saturday, June 16, 2001, 10:00 AM

Please Read Carefully

Here is the Lottery Acceptance List

If you are on the list but do not receive an email notification by March 31, that contains the payment instructions, please send an email to with your full particulars including your full name, address and confirmation number.

CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION! Because there were many duplicate on-line entries submitted, many had to be eliminated before we could do the actual draw. These extra entries (and their confirmation numbers) were actually deleted. So, we won't be sending a notification out to these entries. In addition, some people have given their own e-mail address when helping a friend (maybe without a computer) register. Obviously, a confirmation received at that e-address could be for the owner of the e-address or his friend. Group entries - those who signed up together in the lottery - will only receive one notification which will be directed to the person in the group who signed them up. And finally, e-mail does not always go through properly (addresses change or are typed wrong, etc.) so the confirmations and rejections may not reach everyone as they are intended. For all of these reasons, it is vital that EVERYONE check their status on the list of accepted runners posted here on the web site.

Only people who are on this list are entered in the race.

Even if a confirmation came in your e-mail, it doesn't matter if you are not on this list, so check it carefully! If you see "typos" or missing information when checking your entry on the list, please e-mail the corrections to us - - so that we can update our database. And finally, payment of the entry fee will be required by April 10 or the entry will be invalidated.

OUR SPONSORS MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE. Entry fees do not cover all race expenses, so it is the generosity of our sponsors that allows us to enjoy this classic event each year.

NORTHEAST DELTA DENTAL is our new primary sponsor this year. NORTHEAST DELTA DENTAL is a $140 million New Hampshire based company that provides dental benefits to more than 550,000 residents of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The company's mission is to provide quality, versatile and affordable dental programs to benefit purchasers, subscribers and participating dentists.

DISTRIBUTION SERVICES OF AMERICA, the Associate Sponsor this year, has been providing distribution excellence since 1917. Their growth from an import/export brokerage company to a nationally recognized leader in third party logistics has been marked by the development of innovative logistical programs and services. Commitment to superior customer service fuels the development of these programs and services. As a third party logistics provider, DSA helps the manufacturing principals exceed their customers' constantly evolving requirements and expectations. Developing cost saving programs and services customized to address these requirements provides their principals with a competitive logistical advantage. It is this commitment to superior customer service that is the cornerstone to their continued success.

This race is different from the average road race. You will need to read and follow directions to avoid race-day problems. Share this information with your driver, too!

THE START: 10:00 A.M. at the base of the Auto Road in Pinkham Notch on Rte. 16 between Jackson and Gorham, NH. Arrive early!

PARKING: When you arrive, please cooperate with the parking staff. They will ask if your vehicle is going up to the summit. If so, you will receive written instructions and be directed across the river into the field to a temporary holding area. From there, you will get in line at the tollbooth once ready to go up. No vehicles will be allowed to remain in the holding area after 9:30. If your vehicle is not going up, you will park in one of the lots by the highway. VEHICLES GOING UP: Your vehicle may go up for free if you follow these rules EXACTLY. Otherwise, you must pay $16 for the vehicle and driver, plus $6 per passenger:

  1. The vehicle must be empty of ALL people except the driver.
  2. The driver must have 3 or more passes from runners who he/she will later bring down.
  3. The vehicle must get into line and through the tollbooth before 9:30. Go early to avoid being stuck in line and missing the start.
  4. Before driving into line at the tollbooth, be sure you are ready to go right up. You will need to have the runners' passes and gear. Once through the tollbooth, you must keep going (no stopping for last minute details).

CHECK-IN: Number pick up (plus T-shirts, auto & refreshment passes) must be done prior to 9:00 AM on race day. Each runner must pick up his/her own number, etc. We will not give them out to anyone else. If you are in the area on Friday the 15th please check in then, from 4:00 to 9:30 PM, at Eagle Mountain House in Jackson. Race day check-in is from 8:00 to 9:00 AM in the large tent. Be sure to allow plenty of time for travel (about 3 hours from Boston) and to get your driver into line by 9:00.

INJURIES, WEDDINGS, AND OTHER PROBLEMS: Every year dozens of entrants are felled before race day with the unexpected. In fact, we let in 1100 each year and get about 900 finishers. However, this 900 is all we can handle, so we plan on many "no shows" each year. So, please don't call and ask if you can switch with a friend if you decide not to run. Numbers are NOT transferable. If someone else runs with your number, they will be disqualified and you both will be banned from the race in the future. Several have been caught doing this (the video is seen after the race, and faces that don't match the printed results are noted). This also violates USATF rules and causes errors in the results. To make this process a bit less painful, you may cancel your entry and bypass the lottery in the next year IF you follow these instructions exactly:

  1. Write a letter stating that you are dropping out.
  2. Mail the letter before June (Postmarked by May 31).
  3. Forfeit your entry fee and any money enclosed for shirts, videos, etc.
Then when you apply the next year (following all of the usual procedures) you may check "lottery bypass". You will still need to pay, of course, as this is not being done to add runners but as a favor to those who run into problems. Sorry, after May 31st it is too late to do this. No exceptions.

UNREGISTERED RUNNERS: Absolutely NO unregistered runners are allowed! There has been excellent cooperation in past years. Very few try to run unofficially. Please do whatever you can to discourage others from doing this to prevent overcrowding and delayed results. And please don't allow someone else to use your number (see above). Remember, anyone who finishes is recorded on video tape. Violators may be refused entry to future Mount Washington races. Unofficials are a threat to the future of the race and are not welcome.

T-SHIRTS: Your T-shirt (and long sleeve souvenir shirt, if ordered) must be picked up at check-in on Friday or Saturday (prior to 9:00 AM). If you decide after May 31 not to come to the race, you may send a friend with a note to pick it (them) up for you (include your name, date of birth, and signature). Sorry, but we do not mail these shirts out. Unclaimed shirts are sold at the race.

FACILITIES: Portable toilets on site. No changing or showers. Please come ready to run. Please do not use facilities in the stage office on the east side of Rte. 16.

NUMBERS: Please pin your race number to your FRONT side and keep it VISIBLE throughout the race. Do not fold or tear the number. Thank you! A photographer en route will need to see your number in order to identify you and send you your proofs. At the finish, we will need to see your number as you approach. At the end of the chute, we will take the large tear off the portion to record your finish position. The smaller tabs are auto and refreshment passes.

PRECAUTIONS: The weather on the mountain can be extremely dangerous, even in June. Plan to send warm clothing to the top (mittens, hats, winter jackets). BE PREPARED! It can be very cold at the top and during the sections above the tree line. You may wish to carry extra clothing with you when you run. There will be a weather update, including summit temperature and wind chill, at the information table prior to the race (listen for P.A. broadcasts). BRING EXTRA CLOTHES.

THE COURSE: There are mile posts along the 7.6 mile course. Mile one is actually 0.9 mi. (since measured from the stage office). Mileposts 2 - 7 are thus 1.9 - 6.9 miles. From milepost 7 to the finish is 0.7 mi. There will be a digital clock at the exact halfway point of the race (3.8 mi.). The course rises 4650 vertical feet at an average 11.5 percent grade.

TRAFFIC: Runners will encounter vehicles on the road and thus should be careful. Though the road is closed at the bottom from 9:45 until 12:30, there may already be cars on the road when the cannon fires. Also, Auto Road Stages, which serve as mobile communication links, will be traveling up and down during the race. Traffic near the top will be especially heavy once cars full of runners begin descending after noon. Runners who take more than 2:15 to finish will encounter a lot of traffic near the top. Drivers should exercise extreme caution at all times. Remember, please carpool to minimize unnecessary traffic.

WATER/AID STATIONS: Shaklee Performance drinks at half way! Polar Water will be provided along the course, at the base tent, and at the Summit House. The Medical Team is in communication with the aid stations via the Auto Road Stages which will check for problems, so stop if in need of assistance. Shaklee Performance drink will be available in the base tent and at half way.

FINISH: There will be a digital clock and computer timing system at the finish line. Be sure your number is visible as you approach. Stay in the chute until you are checked at the end. Stay in the order in which you finished and move quickly through the chute. Your tear tag will be spindled at the end.

TIME LIMIT: After 1:00 PM (3 hours) all timing will stop and any runners still on the course will be asked to accept a ride down. The awards are at 2:30 PM and it takes time for race officials to get back down the mountain.

ONCE UP, HOW DO I GET BACK DOWN? A few choose to run back down. Runners are sometimes seen shivering at the top in their wet race clothes trying to hitch a ride. Preparation is a must!

  1. At the very least, find someone to bring a bag of dry, warm clothing to the top and meet you there. Plan the Meeting. The Summit House (Sherman Adams Bldg.) is the most likely spot. There you will find warmth, water, rest rooms, and emergency aid, if needed. When you leave the finish chute, you will be facing the Summit House.
  2. Better yet, find a driver who will also take your auto pass and save a seat for you for the ride down. Each entrant gets one auto pass at check-in on the race number.
  3. Be sure the driver has at least 3 of the auto passes and NO passengers in order to be allowed free passage on the auto road. This is a problem every year as drivers with plenty of passes try to go through the tollgate with passengers. Even if you have a van with seating for 9, you must have no passengers. Sorry, but these are the rules of the Auto Road and are necessary to prevent abuse of the free passes. If you do not follow these rules exactly, the auto passes become useless and your vehicle will be charged at the regular rate of $16 per car and $6 per passenger. Since the driver is not an entrant in the race, it is your responsibility to notify the driver of these rules.
  4. The above steps should be taken as early as possible, preferably prior to race day. Drivers who wait until 9:00 AM to leave the parking lot for the summit may find themselves in a long line and may not get through the gate in time. The road is closed from 9:45 AM until 12:30. Late drivers will miss the finish and will be late picking up their passengers.
  5. To help those who do not have a ride set up, we will have a RIDES area in the tent where runners and drivers can meet. There are more runners than available drivers, though, so it is better if you plan this ahead of time. Check the list of race entrants posted on our internet website on You can search by name or town. Call people you find from your area and arrange your rides before race day. Don't wait and leave your ride down to chance!
  6. VEHICLE LIMITATIONS: Honda, Acura, Sterling autos with automatic transmission must show a "1" on the shifter to be allowed on the road. Saturns with automatic transmission are limited to 300 lbs. No Lincoln Continental 1969 or earlier. Maximum wheelbase on any vehicle: 155" (this excludes most club cab pickups & limousines) No trailers, RV's, campers or oversized vans converted to RV's. No mopeds. No dual wheeled vehicles. No pickups with permanent additions that extend wider than the cab (campers, rack bodies, very wide mirrors.) Car-pooling is a must! Drivers, please come to the RIDES table and offer a ride to some runners. There isn't much parking space at the top, so take as many as your vehicle will safely carry. Suggested passenger (average size adults) limit guidelines: Compacts (4), Mid-size (5), Full-size Cars and 3/4 ton vans (6), One ton vans (7). Thanks.

EMERGENCY PLANS: Although the race has never been cancelled or altered due to extreme weather conditions, that possibility certainly exists. Under severe conditions, every effort will be made to hold the race, but it might be delayed, shortened, or even cancelled to provide for the safety of every runner. No refunds would be possible. This decision would be made by the Race Director, Medical Team, and the Auto Road Management.

TEAMS: No "pick-up" teams please. RRCA or USATF clubs, established clubs, school teams, or business teams only. Score is by total time. Men's teams score 5 while women's teams score 3. Five open teams, three masters teams, and one seniors team (men and women) will receive awards. The individuals who score for these 18 teams, may bypass next year's lottery. Masters (40+) and Seniors (50+) runners automatically "score down" too. Each individual member must register for the team competition by writing the team name on the entry form. No team lists will be accepted. Team rosters will be posted. All changes must be completed by 9:30 P.M. on the eve of the race at Eagle Mountain House.

AWARDS: Masters (40+) C.R. bonus of $4,000 sponsored by New England Runner. Awards Ceremony at 2:30 PM at the base tent. Traditional cups, plaques, and medals will be awarded. Cash awards will be mailed within 2 weeks. Winners of open cash prizes must have a USATF card. A Direct Payment License is required for winnings of $500 or more. All award winners may bypass the following year's lottery (must still apply by March 15 and follow all bypass instructions). Complete results and photos will be posted on Cool Running.

SKYRUNNING CIRCUIT: The Mt. Washington Road Race is part of the 2001 Sky Running Circuit. All runners finishing within 20% of the winning time (M & F) will qualify to participate in additional Skyrunning events. See

REFRESHMENTS: Refreshments will be served at the base tent after the race. You will receive a ticket at check-in (tear off portion on your race number). Don't lose it. If you would like some Bud Light, you should have a picture I.D. if you look young enough for us to ask (must be 21). We will have a great pasta meal with fixin's prepared by the Thompson House Eatery in Jackson. Anyone wishing to purchase refreshments at the summit should bring money for that purpose. The White Mountain Milers Club will also sell refreshments in the tent.

MASSAGE: Complimentary Sports Massage will again be provided by The New Hampshire AMTA Sports Massage Team.

AREA LODGING: Ask for the MOUNT WASHINGTON ROAD RACE RATE when booking your room. Arrival date is too late. Contact one of the following in Jackson for special rates:


* BEST WESTERN STORYBOOK RESORT 1-800-528-1234 or (603) 383-6800

* THE CROWES' NEST (B&B) 1-800-511-8383

* EAGLE MOUNTAIN HOUSE 1-800-966-5779 or (603) 383-9111

* WHITNEY'S INN 1-800-677-5737 or (603) 383-8916

POST-RACE: Many runners drop by and everyone is welcome to mingle in the lounge at Eagle Mountain House in Jackson on Saturday evening. The race video will play continuously.

RACE VIDEO-TAPE: If you like the tape and want a copy to keep, send $20 and we will make a copy for you (VHS). Past years are also available.


Bob Teschek, Race Director, Granite State Race Services
P.O. Box 990, Newport, NH 03773 * (603) 863-2537 *