Groton Town Forest Trail Races - 10 & 3 Miles
Groton, MA, 10/24/99

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Mother Nature cooperated with a gorgeous autumn day for the 2nd Annual Groton Town Forest Trail Races (10 and 3 miles). Altogether 200 runners hit the trails, with 136 in the 10-mile race and 64 in the 3-mile race, nearly doubling last year's attendance.

In the 10 mile race, overall winner David Hinga of Lowell (57:14) waited at the finish line for over 4 minutes for 2nd place (and first Master) John LaChance of Lunenburg (1:01:35), and 5 minutes for the #2 male on the New England "Grand Tree" Trail Racing Circuit, Keith Schmitt (1:02:20), who finished 4th, 20 seconds behind his brother Leigh. John's wife Sue LaChance (1:10:05) was all alone in 1st place for the women, while Brenda Baxter of Groton (1:16:27) held onto 2nd place over Janet Healy of Groton by one second.

In the 3 mile race, overall winner was Eric Berntsen of Groton (23:06), with 14-year old Patrick Provost going over the finish line next in an excellent time of 23:52. Paul Correia of N. Dartmouth was 3rd and the first Master in 24:20. The first female was Nancie Gaj of Groton (27:06). Nathaniel Fucile, age 8, came from Albion, RI to take the under 10 crown in a time of 37:08!

Brenda Baxter, 2nd female, holds on to 1 sec lead over Janet Healy
Even winner David Hinga did some tree hugging
First female, Sue LaChance, finishing in 1:10:05
Overall winner David Hinga's time of 57:14 established a fierce course record
Mike Killam, 2nd under 20, leads Leslie Mudgett, 1st 30-34, and Kimberly Tabor, 2nd 25-29
Robert Molloy cruising to a 26:50 finish in the 3 miler
Joe Maguire is delerious at 7 mile mark, but finds finish line in 1:40:34
Trail running veterans Ed Alibozek (33) and John Scalise (131) run by Kathleen Aubin
Start of 10 miler
Leigh Schmitt powering in to 3rd place overall
Ken Clark clinches 5th place overall
Andrew Lanier (545), Chris Funch (555), and Andrew Herald (552) careen around the first corner of 3 miler
Dave Molloy takes leap of faith in 10 miler
Keith Schmitt keeps brother Leigh in sight for 4th place overall
Matt Brown (front) leads Dave Williams (18), Dennis Zajehowski (19), and Geoff Going (63) downward