Event Calendar: User Guide

Wondering how to use our new event calendar? The following provides an overview of the search options and how to use them:


The Search Bar

Search Bar
The Search Bar includes three ways to search for events: by date (Events on or After), by keyword (Event Name/Keywords), and by location (Events Near). Depending on how specific you want your search to be, you can use one, two or all three of these. To perform your search, click the Find Events button.

Events on or After: Click on the Date field to display a mini calendar and choose a date. All events occurring on or after that date will be displayed.

Event Name/Keywords: Enter an event name or keyword(s) to view all events that include those words in their event name or description.

Events Near: Enter a Zip Code or City, State (such as “Boston, MA”) to view upcoming events near that location. By default, the search radius is 25 miles. To shrink or expand the distance, use the Search Radius filter option, found in the Advanced Filters bar.


You can choose how your search results are displayed – in a List, by Day, by Month (on a calendar), or on Map – by using the View As option, located on the right of the Search Bar.

List View: List View shows upcoming events in chronological order. To browse events beyond the first page, use the Next Events links located at the top and bottom of the list. To view additional information about an event, click on the event name.

Month (Calendar) View: Month/Calendar View shows all events in a selected month. A few events are displayed per day, and any additional events can be seen by clicking View All on that day, or clicking the date itself. Past dates and events are shown faded, with current and upcoming events in bold. Mousing over an event will show the event’s name, date, time, and description. To view additional information about an event, click on the event name.

Day View: Day View shows events on a single date. Events are ordered and separated by start time. You can navigate with the Previous/Next Day links found at the top and bottom of the list, or with the date picker in the Search Bar (upper left). To view additional information about an event, click on the event name.

Map View: Map View shows all upcoming events plotted on a map. Clicking a dropped pin shows the event name and venue address. If the Events Near (Location search) is used, the map will zoom in on the selected location. Additionally, each event will display with the distance away from the location you entered. To view additional information about an event, click on the event name.

The Advanced Filters

The Advanced Filters provide additional ways to search for events, including: Event Distance/Type, Day, Time, and Search Radius. As with the Search Bar options, you can choose to apply as few or as many of these filters as you’d like. When you are done selecting your desired filters, click the Submit button.

Event Distance/Type: Want to only find 5K events? Half Marathons and Marathons? Choose one or more Event Distances and Types from this dropdown list to display only those events in your search results.

State: To view all upcoming events in a particular state, choose the state (or states,  to view events in multiple states) from this dropdown.

Day of Week: Looking for only events that occur on a Saturday? Choose one or more days from this list to view only events occurring on those days.

Time of Day: Want to find morning events? A race occurring at night? Choose one or more time-frames to view only events occurring during those times. Note: This filter takes into account start time and end time. For example, an event starting at 11am and ending at 3pm would display as occurring in the Morning and Afternoon.

Search Radius: Want to find events closer or farther from the location you entered in the Events Near field? Use this option to change the search radius of your location search (the default search range is 25 miles). Note: In order for this filter to appear, you’ll need to enter a location in the Events Near field and perform the search by clicking the Find Events button. After that, the Search Radius filter will appear, allowing you reduce/expand the search range.

Note: In some views certain filters will not be applicable. For example: if you’ve clicked into Day view and see all events taking place on Monday, April 21 — selecting Saturday from the “Day” filter in the sidebar is not going to do anything. Why? Because you’re already looking at events taking place on a specific Monday, so there are no Saturday events for filtering to begin with.

Note: There is a Reset Filters button at the right of the filters panel. When you’ve been filtering for a while and don’t want to manually undo all of your selections, just hit this link and it’ll take you back to square one.

We hope that this guide has helped answer any questions you had about using the calendar to find upcoming events.

Happy Searching!

– The Cool Running Team

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How can I report a bug?

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