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Zombie Soul Survivor

Saturday, September 6, 2014

There are three time slots for the reenactment of a zombie outbreak spreading in a mock village. Each participant receives refreshments and a T-shirt to be worn during the game. When the T-shirt is marked with “blood,” the player is no longer a survivor and is sent to the Zombie Cabin to be made up as a member of the horde. Humans, meanwhile, must complete tasks throughout the village and seek to become the sole remaining survivor.

Soul Survivor

Bakers Creek, population: 200. Life passes slowly in this idyllic wooded town—until the virus seeps in and the blood begins to fly. Soul Survivor immerses participants in a full-scale zombie-outbreak scenario, challenging them to cooperate and use their wits to outrun and outsmart a zombie horde. The game begins with a safety and rule briefing, where each participant is issued an ominous white T-shirt. When the zombies begin to roam, they splash blood, “infecting” anyone they hit. Onsite makeup artists help transform the infected with an undead look that even a ghoul as glamorous as Jacob Marley would covet. The remaining humans, meanwhile, dodge zombies on a course that winds through trails and clearings, making stops at stations along the way to gather props and complete required tasks. Each game ends when there’s just one uninfected player left standing. The winning human is dubbed the Soul Survivor and receives a cash prize, as does the game’s Best Zombie.


Saturday, September 6, 2014
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Wow Inflatables, Inc.


5 Lagrange St., Grantville, GA 30220 United States
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