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Baby Bananarama World Relay Championship At Norway Hill ( 3 x 1 mile)

Monday, August 4, 2014, 6:45 pm

The hallmark event of the  18th annual Summer Sizzler World Of Running  Challenge Cup consists of   a three mile relay event.

Three legs.First mile is all downhill, the second is basically flat ,and the third has a nasty, gnarly,vicious,killer hill.

Instead of a baton, we use  baby bananas!Being different in a positive way is what sets the sizzler races apart from the rest.

We lead the pack,and many copycats abound.We  are  of, by and for runners, and  exist to support the purity,pleasure and perpetuity of the sport.Come see what makes us the best.We are not cookie cutters, not out to bleed the runners dry,or to get rich.the reason all these ‘race management’ companies flourish is because locals will not take the time to volunteer and put on low key,low cost races?Also, The dumb sheeple pay the high entries.And what do you get for your 100.00? for? Glad you asked. I will tell you.

A. Yet another t-shirt (talk about inside the box ,cookie cutter .Yawn). B.Maybe a ptomaine burger at the end of the race.C.A four oz. cup  of room temp,  luke warm old Milwaukee(or Lake Erie) beer . D.Some half drunk  guy who thinks he can hold a tune singing karaoke on the beach as you finish.E.So many more bells and whistles that the sport just doesn’t need and  which it survived for ages without!All of it drives up the costs.And no one say anything or takes a stand.Scared.They don’t want to be disliked.So they sell their souls and go with the crowd after wetting the finger,and sticking it in the air to see what direction the wind is blowing.ONLY then…do they make the decision.But never based on principle.Greed.It is all based on $$$$$$$$$$$$$.When you speak the truth, you get vilified, ostracized,cast out, stigmatized, and alienated.I know.


So we in Sizzlerville are the antithesis of that.It is why I do  what I do.To preserve posterity.Come on out and run.We are only  for individuals who think for themselves,who don’t follow the crowd,who are not lemmings, or timid sheep.The result is that we attract the best kind of people you will ever meet.Salt and light.the punks, ingrates, morons and scatterbrains we once got stay away,thankfully.Our relay is one you and  your friends will love.And unlike those insane 100-200-300 mile eternal relays that charge 150 bucks a head, our fee is next to nuthin’.the way it used to be,is now in Sizzlerville, and should be everywhere else.

***  Start and end at Norway Hill Apple Orchards,Duncan Road,Hancock. Cost is  $ 15.00 per team.Pizza, potables, etc. follow.

It is an annual favorite and our most popular event.This is the 7th of 7 events.Trivia, raffle, etc.


Submitted without apology(cuz it is the truth..and I love I love truth),

Mister Birse, CEO,Founder,Sizllerville(est.1997) and Preacher of Christ

John 17:17b (THY WORD IS TRUTH)



Monday, August 4, 2014
6:45 pm
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Norway HIll Apple Orchards
Duncan Road, Hancock NH, NH 03449 United States
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