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Boston Mayor's Cup

Boston, MA

October 25, 1998

Results courtesy of the USATF-NE.
Unseasonably warm (75 degrees) and sunny conditions kept times away from the course records. Women's winner Lesley Lehane ran from the front after the first half mile and was unchallenged the rest of the way. She wound up 17 seconds short of the meet record.

In the men's race, Life University's strategy appeared to be to run as fast as possible for as long as possible, opening with a 4:08 first mile. Sammy Nyamongo, Francis Kirwa, and Silah Misoi increased their lead through two miles, but the field slowly reeled them in. While Kirwa maintained the lead, the chasers, led by Ray Pugsley and Chan Pons had caught Nyamongo, running in second, the final time up Bear Cage Hill. (Misoi had dropped out around 4 miles). Nyamongo then flew down the back side and it came to a 200 meter sprint for the win with Kirwa holding on for the victory. Red-shirt NC Stater Pons charged in for third.

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