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Top Notch Triathlon

Franconia, NH, August 3, 2013

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Overall Relay Team Winners

                            FAMILY TEAM WINNER

    1 T   222 Team Huemmler               1:28:44 
               Jack Huemmler           
               Maisy Huemmler       
               Charles Huemmler     

                             YOUTH TEAM WINNER

    1 T   315 HILL HOUSE                  1:38:08 
               Gus Lyons               
               AMAR FERNALD         
               LUCIAN SULLOWAY      

                              MEN TEAM WINNER

    1 T   140 Fifty Somethings            1:17:29 
               Bob Treadwell           
               Joe Astle            
               Charlie Gunn         

                             WOMEN TEAM WINNER

    1 T   206 2nd Time's the Charm        1:37:11 
               Kate Crowley            
               Julie Secor          
               Ajilla Pospesil      

                             CO-ED TEAM WINNER

    1 T   145 Dirty Mike and the Boys     1:31:07 
               Emily Marotta           
               Jonathan Emery