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GNBTC Fort Taber Run - Week 8

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Bedford, MA

Results courtesy of the Greater New Bedford Track Club

Historic Fort Taber, New Bedford
Historic Fort Taber, New Bedford


1Dan Croteau0:13:5005:32
2Matt Moussamih0:14:1705:43
3Sal Carrao0:14:3705:51
4Carl Beckman0:15:5406:22
5Kelly Manchester0:16:0906:28
6Peter Firth0:16:2606:34
7Liam Connors0:16:5306:45
8Andrew Ventura0:17:4307:05
9Don Cuddy0:18:1607:18
10Joe Botelho0:18:3507:26
11Pat Connors0:19:0207:37
12Kevin Silva0:19:4007:52
13Lyle Isherwood0:19:4107:52
14Cary Johnson0:19:4907:56
15Kate Marcelino0:20:0408:02
16Rachel Rounsville0:20:1908:08
17Bob Gadbois0:20:3508:14
18David Farrell0:20:3608:14
19Cheryl Healy0:21:5208:45
20Angela Francios0:22:5909:12
21Robin Boudeau0:23:1909:20
22Ellen Lapre0:24:1309:41
23Lena Thomas0:25:3310:13
24Steve Finnerty0:50:1920:08
25LCM Webster0:53:1321:17

Current Course Records

Male: Scott Anderson 13:09
Female: Molly Rouillard 14:49
Ironman Record: Steve Finnerty 19 Weeks

This weeks volunteers…..

Dave Richard
Rick Rosenfeld
Allison Rossi
Annna Cardoza
Lauriann DeSousa
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