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The Grey Hound Pub

Worcester, MA, January 7, 2013

Grey Hound Pub Run--Monday nights @ 6:30 p.m.

					 (inaugaural run)
					 139 Water Street
					Worcester, MA 01604

	Weather conditions: Clear and cool. No excuses for not coming out tonight.
	Congratulations to Paul and Cyndy Curley for the new Grey Hound. The interior and exterior
	came out fantastic. It was well worth the wait. 							
These are the unofficial results, we won't tell anyone if you padded your time but you know who you are. Place Time Name Town Club Dish ===== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== 1 21:42 Scott Schaeffer Duffy Worcester CMS bread jam 2 22:07 Hicham Maalouf Worcester CMS custard w/ ( w/ no such food) 3 21:58 Jamieson Jones Worcester CMS 4 22:15 Vin Garofoli Worcester CMS doughnuts (yummi) used my DD card 5 22:30 Dave Krom Worcester CMS 6 22:41 Dan Milton Hudson HCS pizza 7 23:21 Jack Goolsky Millbury CMS kielbasa 8 24:16 Tom Lynch Natick NMC currion butternut squash 9 24:50 Steve Laska Holden CMS shrimp 10 25:01 Bill Gonsorcik Worcester CMS spicy sq. (fill in the sq) 11 25:35 Mark Johnson Paxton CMS tweenies (what the hell is a tweenie) 12 25:52 Kristen Samples Thompson, CT CMS no food but total run was 8.4 miles 1:15 13 25:52 Rich Lemerise Worcester CMS 14 25:53 Barbara McManus Worcester CMS brownies 15 26:47 Mike Keating Worcester CMS chicken 16 27:46 Scott Stevens Holden CMS choc.chip cookies (store bought) boo! 17 27:53 Yael London Worcester CMS rice and chicken 18 30:35 Amy Fallon West Boylston NMC 19 30:36 Kevin (new nose)Fallon West Boylston NMC your time is slipping Kev. 20 33:31 Karen Pajer Leicester CMS turkey with noodles. We love you Karen 21 33:32 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS potato leek soup 22 35:26 Dave McNamara Worcester CMS hay stacks (use your imagination) 23 16:10 Matt Carroll (2 mi.) Paxton (Best viewed using Mozilla Firefox)