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Eastman Splash, Mash, and Dash

Grantham, NH, June 16, 2012

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Relay Team Winners

                            MALE TEAM WINNER 2P

    1 T    60 Team Banana II             2P    1:30:47 
               Shaun Kronenwetter     
               John Kronenwetter    

                           FEMALE TEAM WINNER 2P

                           MIXED TEAM WINNER 2P

    1 T   217 Varenna Duo                2P    1:28:49 
               Pino Audia             
               Billie Audia         

                            MALE TEAM WINNER 3P

                           FEMALE TEAM WINNER 3P

    1 T   216 Two and a Half Women       3P    1:44:49 
               Anna Harwood           
               Lisette Scott        
               Mary Kronenwetter    

                           MIXED TEAM WINNER 3P

    1 T   218 TBD                        3P    1:34:43 
               Tom Gray               
               Bridget Crowley-Brow 
               Dianne Kelecy