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Wildlands Trail Race 7.4 miles

East Orland, ME, October 28, 2012

7 mile results

Courtesy of Peter Keeney, Race Director

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The Start of the 2012 Wildlands Trail Race
The Start of the 2012 Wildlands Trail Race

Wildlands Trail Run 7.4mi Partly Cloudy Temp: 44-55
2012 Sunday October 28th ME The Wildlands East Orland
OverallBib # NameAge State TownFinishing TimeTeam:
1421 Eric Mauricette 21M Me Old Town50:48:00Crow Athletics
2423James Addison Pellerano23M Me Surry55:53:00
3420Oliver Broughton 14M Me Ellsworth58:25:00
4418Matthew Broughton 44M Me Surry1:02:17
5425James Hunt 46M 46M Me Dedham1:04:04
6429Cliff Watson 30MMe Bucksport1:07:04
7413Keri Bassingthwaite34FN.H. Nottingham1:08:19Acidotic Racing
8412Theresa Withee 45FMe Rockland1:08:28Crow Athletics
9419Baxter Forrest 14M Me Surry1:12:38
10422Stan Pelletier 44M Me Ellsworth1:14:14
11431Paula Lunt 46F Me Tenants Harbor1:16:13Crow Athletics
12424Julie Ginn 40FMe Bucksport1:18:30
13414Karen Gross 55F Me Augusta1:22:51Augusta Trails
14415Sean Sullivan 38F Me Ellsworth1:30:49Go Yankees
15427Andrea Foster 35FMe Bucksport1:39:10WRW
16428Belle Ryder 35FMe Bucksport1:39:11WRW
17426Jen Tyne 42FMe Bucksport1:39:12WRW
18416Tammy Breen 49F Me Bangor1:49:10
19417Anthony Campbell 50M Me Brewer1:49:10
20430Ed Raymaker 83M Me Ellsworth2:29:36
21432Tom Reardon 44M Me Ellsworth1:38:00**late start
Course records2010Shannon Horton 1:04:112008Peter Keeney 50:33.
Special Thanks to the following donators and volunteers: Karen Keeney Connie Tuller
Jennifer Riefler Patrick Riefler Geo Atwood Paul Liebow Traci Boddy Sean Sullivan
Tom Hans Krichels Hannah Paul DeVore Cheri Domina Eric Mauricette Brittany Ross
Theresa Withee& Family. Also to the Great Pond Mountain Trust for their support! Kirby