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CMS 52 Week 5K Series Race #09

Worcester, MA, March 3, 2012

CMS Race Saturday mornings 9:00 a.m.

			CMS 52 Week 5K Series Race
			Worcester State University
			Worcester, MA
			March 03, 2011 Race 09
 Weather conditions: Ok today was strange to say the least. We had 8 volunteers and three 
 kids to 12 runners. This ratio was way out of line. Well you can say the weather was a big 
 factor. Yes the brave ones came out to unfavorable conditions and other runners either stayed
 home or training for more long distance events while the runnning today was sort of tip toeing
through the tulips (remember that obnoxious song) and corted danger with traffic to avoid all 
the slush. 

Place	    Name	          Category     Div/Tot	  Town 	     Time 	Club
1	Ted MacMahon        M40-49	      1/5	         Harvard       18:17			    
2	John Pajer          M40-49	      2/5	         Leicester     21:52	CMS		
3	Dan Ford	           M20-39	      1/2 	Spencer       21:53	CMS		
4	Pattie Dalconzo     F40-49	      1/2	         Harvard       22:29			
5	Vin Garofoli        M50-59	      1/1	         Worcester     23:00	CMS			
6	Scott Kadish        M40-49	      3/5  	Worcester     23:33	CMS	
7	Henry Castillo      M40-49        4/5 	Worcester     23:44	CMS	
8        Arthur Besse        M20-39        2/2	Templeton     25:47	CMS     
9	Joe Carpenter	  M40-49	      5/5	         Leicester     28:45        CMS	
10	Karen Pajer         F40-49	      2/2	         Leicester     33:05   	CMS	
11	Karen Lemerise      F60-69	      1/1	         Oxford        34:50	CMS			
12	Bill Ferrara        M60-69	      1/1  	Milford       34:51	CMS

Volunteers: Fiona, Barbara McManus, Mike Keating, Scott Schaeffer Duffy, Rox Roberts, 
           Jim Sicard, Joe Alfano, Adam Cohen and Karen Pajer with their girls 
           Samantha and Katlyn.  
(counter clockwise direction)
submitted by: vg