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Fiddler's Green Run

Worcester, MA, April 2, 2012

19 Temple Street (site of Canal Diggers start)

Not quite 5K --Not quite 6:30


				Fiddler's Green
				19 Temple Street
				Worcester, MA  01610

      Weather conditions:   Clear,cool and 45ish.Nice running with daylight back.
      This is our second run from Fiddler's Green since leaving our home (Greyhound Pub)
      for the past 5 years. We await any word from Paul and Cyndy about their future
      business location. Everyone appears a little out of sync at the new location as 
      we mill about listening to Jack's escapades and the ongoing war of words between 
      Stevens and Duffy but we'll settle in for the time being.

      Place	Time	   Name			  HomeTown	Club	Dish	
	1	20:55	Vin Garofoli		 Worcester	CMS	 n/a		
	2	20:57	John Pajer                  Leicester	CMS	 n/a
	3	21:09	Scott Schaeffer Duffy       Worcester	CMS	 n/a
	4	21:23	Peter Tufts		 Sutton   		 n/a
	5	22:15	Hicham Maalouf       	 Worcester  	CMS	 n/a	
	6	23:35	Tom Lynch                   Natick  	         NMC	 n/a	
	7	24:05	Rebecca Durkin    	          Leicester	CMS	 n/a	
	8	24:05	Helen Gilles		 Northboro	CMS	 n/a	
	9	24:13	Meridith Monjeau	          Holden  		          n/a	
	10	24:52	Jack Gooksky		 Millbury  	CMS	 n/a		 	
	11	28:43	Bob Lubenow      	          Grafton  	CMS	 n/a	
	12	28:43	Amy Paquette    	          W.Boylston 	NMC	 n/a
        13	28:43	Kevin Fallon	 	 W.Boylston  	NMC	 n/a
	14	32:00	Paul Curley     	          Sterling    	CMS 	 n/a
	15	32:18	Cyndy Curley		 Sterling	         CMS	 n/a
	16	32:18	Karen Pajer     	          Leicester	CMS       n/a
        17	35:00	David McNamara		 Worcester		 n/a
	18	48:00	Kim Wamback (5miles)	 Worcester	CMS	 n/a
	19		Bill Gonsorcik		 Worcester  	CMS	 n/a