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Dirty Duo Sarasota

Sarasota, FL, May 20, 2012

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Coed Teams

Dirty Duo..
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2012 May 20..
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coed 60 under..
PlaceNameChip Time
1Jeffrey Tri Hard50:03.9
2Erica Dirty Muddas52:15.9
3Candy Crossfit 4153:42.2
4Adam A.k. 4753:52.9
5Chuck Beauty And The Beast56:42.7
6Caroline Drechsler's57:20.2
8Jason Ryno1:00:09.2
9. Dirty Rac1:00:32.4
10Laura Veilleux1:00:38.7
11Sam The Sushi Cats1:03:52.9
12Chelsea Seximexiwhitegirl1:05:17.4
13Ryan Dirty South1:06:47.9
14Cassie Ken And Barbie1:07:13.9
15Aaron Super Stolls1:07:39.7
16Rebecca Filthy Cheetahs1:08:33.7
17. Kiss My Pass1:08:36.7
18Brian Sultry Sixes1:09:54.7
19Callie Cr Squared1:11:47.4
20Charley Yolo1:13:00.2
21David K&d1:13:18.2
22Samantha The Moores1:15:19.4
23Jacquelyn Jk1:16:28.4
24Robert Z-Donk1:17:45.7
25Robert Dirty Drawwws1:18:07.4
26Arianna First Mile Drop Outs1:19:01.4
27Keith The Eh Team1:19:08.9
28Ben Flying Fish1:20:05.4
29Susan Team Umizoomi1:21:41.7
30Michelle White On Rice1:25:36.2
31Nick Threat Level Midnigh1:27:14.7
32Wayne Magic Monkeys1:27:17.4
33Kenneth I Don'T Give A...1:29:46.2
34Hallie Dirty Diapers1:30:21.2
35Paul Faceplant1:31:31.2
36Heidi Divergent1:31:41.2
37. Tiny Giants1:32:25.2
38Nadia Ball So Hard!1:47:33.5
39Elizabeth Dirty Socks1:48:21.5
40. Susko Flores1:56:37.5
coed 61-80..
PlaceNameChip Time
1. Team Awesumenes51:06.9
2S Sunday Best54:58.7
4Marilyn The Clean And Jerks57:44.3
5Harriet A Healthy Approach58:41.9
6Matthew Crawfish And Grits1:03:38.7
7Charles Rotag1:04:10.9
8Angela The A Team1:05:44.7
9Helen Cold Cash1:06:08.9
10Miguel Waucala1:07:02.2
11William Classic Woodworking1:08:43.4
12Regina Team Walsh1:10:47.7
13Eric I Think I Can!?!1:13:20.9
14Elsa Sugar N' Spice1:13:28.9
15Kevin K21:18:30.2
16Glen Team T-Rex1:19:03.7
17Julie Team Ivings1:19:56.4
18Brian White Trash1:20:23.7
19Joshua Flying Pickles1:20:26.4
20Shannon Whose Your Hadaddy?1:21:08.9
21Patrick Auer Team1:21:47.9
22Candice Manage This1:24:00.2
23Duane Got The Runs1:28:31.7
24. The Dirty Pigs1:29:34.2
25Pauline De Pura Cepa1:53:45.0
coed 81-100..
PlaceNameChip Time
1. Santa Monica51:37.4
2Ann Dann57:33.3
3Caren Team Duck Force1:03:39.7
4Kevin Mud Bugs1:04:19.9
5Bill Team Spd1:04:22.4
6Kathy Sharks1:06:53.2
7Becky Double Trouble1:07:12.9
8Edward Over The Hill And Pi1:07:31.9
9Melissa Siesta Fiesta1:08:58.2
10Kathy Sole Survivors1:09:03.7
11Christy Good Old Gators1:12:07.2
12Chris Dirty Dowds1:16:58.7
13Terrance 2 Stooges1:17:32.7
14Tammy Reel Dirty1:20:11.2
15Robert Dirty Raiders1:20:21.7
16Ronny Whynot1:26:48.7
17Jeff Revolution Twins1:41:41.5
coed 101+..
PlaceNameChip Time
1Guy Fox And Geezer1:05:24.2
2Fred Fred & Tina1:06:31.4
3Ann Team Rehab1:09:15.2
4Tom Muddobbers1:10:11.9
5Kathy Muddy Buddies1:10:32.4
6Debbie Stinky & Wimpy1:11:08.4
7. Oh No1:12:22.9