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Dirty Duo Sarasota

Sarasota, FL, May 20, 2012

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Men Teams

Dirty Duo..
Overall Finish List..
2012 May 20..
Results By
Dirty Duo Men 60 under..
PlaceNameChip Time
1Team Tux De Lux44:46.4
2Zack The Runners49:10.7
3Bryce Double Trouble55:35.7
4Viekson Rowing Rams56:04.2
5Michael R We Done Yet56:06.9
6Jeremy Da Navaho59:32.2
7John Swagtastic!1:03:20.9
8Tom Ol Dirty Bastards1:04:25.2
9Richie Dirt Bags1:05:19.2
10Justin The Dude1:09:43.2
11Rich Venice Rotc1:09:59.2
12Adam Sloppy Boy's1:13:03.9
13Dirty Hurricanes1:16:40.2
14Unknown Partic. 2301:17:27.9
15Nicholas Never Say Die1:21:48.9
16Michael White Chocolate1:26:22.2
17Unknown Partic. 2431:31:21.9
18John Perfect Stangers1:33:09.7
19Unknown Partic. 2661:40:04.2
dirty duo men 61-80..
PlaceNameChip Time
1Scott Smack Down46:28.9
2Todd Enginerds51:53.7
3Brian Average Joes54:07.2
4Craig Master And Commander54:36.9
5Anthony 'Ol Burdy Dastards1:02:09.9
6Jason Dead Weight1:02:15.9
7Stephen Its Possible1:06:59.9
8Phil Pb&j1:08:43.2
9Aaron Cobra Kai1:09:30.9
10Derek Running With Wood1:14:00.7
11Nicholas Dark Horses1:14:06.4
12Dan The Ferocious Honeyb1:15:19.2
13Peter Super Heros1:19:35.9
14Corey No Wheels1:20:52.4
dirty duo men 81-100..
PlaceNameChip Time
1Jim Nut Job55:03.7
2Steven Not Guilty!56:08.4
3Chuck Dirty Duo Docs59:48.2
4. Mud Life Crisis1:01:53.2
5Claiborne Cancer Sucks/rip Deb1:02:05.7
6Chance Dumb And Dumber1:02:58.4
7Armand Sneaker Pimps1:18:16.4
dirty duo men 101+..
PlaceNameChip Time
1Jonathan Mud Ducks1:00:33.2