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The Wildland's Snowshoe Run

Orland, ME, January 23, 2011


For more race information, see Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust.

Start of the Wildlands Snowshoe Run
Start of the Wildlands Snowshoe Run

Sunday January 23rd, 2011.
The Wildlands
East Orland, Maine.
Conditions: Deep Snow 12 to 18 Inches.
Temps: High of 14 Dgrees with a sub zero wind chill.
Official 3.62 Mile Results:
1. 40:15, Ryan King, Stockton Springs, Maine. 41M.
2. 42:32, Shannon Horton, Trenton, Maine. 33F.
3. 43:31, Tom Kirby, Ellsworth, Maine. 54M.
4. 54:29, Sean Sullivan, Ellsworth, Maine. 36M.
5. Finisher, Allison Bell, Southwest Harbor, Maine. 56F.
6. Finisher, Jennifer Riefler, Verona Island, Maine.
7. 32:24, Sweep, Peter Keeney, Bar Harbor, Maine. 44M.
1.3 Mile Non-Competitive Trek:
1. Russle Lamarre, Surry, Maine.
2. Audrey Carter, Surry, Maine.
3. Connie Tuller, Bucksport, Maine.
4. Karen Keeney, Hulls Cove, Maine.
5. Un-named Trust Member.
6. Un-named Trust Member.
7. Un-named Trust Member.
8. Un-named Trust Member.
A very special thanks to the following: Cheri Domina, GPLT, Jake Maier, Jennifer Riefler, Connie Tuller, Karen Keeney, Paul DeVore, Ryan King, and Tom Kirby for course work. Thank You again on your support!
Up-coming events locally are the Ellsworth Winter Carnival Snowshoe Run on Saturday, February 5that the Woodlawn Black House with a Noontime Start. Thanks again!
Peter J. Keeney, RD.