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GNBTC Fort Taber Run - Week 5

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Bedford, MA

Results courtesy of the Greater New Bedford Track Club

For more race information go to the GNBTC Fort Taber Website.

Fort Taber, New Bedford
Fort Taber, New Bedford


1Jim Dandeneau0:14:0405:38
2Nephi Tyler0:14:2305:45
3Jeff Reed0:14:4905:56
4Christine Anderson0:15:4006:16
5Joann Mathews0:15:5806:23
6Peter Danzel0:15:5906:24
7Andrew Ventura0:16:3606:38
8Kevin Silva0:16:4006:40
9Keith Johnson0:16:4506:42
10Peter Wirzburger0:17:2206:57
11Dave Santos0:17:3007:00
12Pam Kelly0:17:3907:04
13Jay Petterson0:17:4507:06
14Carl Roriques0:18:1607:18
15Gina Mucciardi0:18:1907:20
16Dave Gulley0:18:2607:22
17Nancy Dorn0:18:3407:26
18Daniel Moura0:18:3607:26
19Don Cuddy0:18:4907:32
20Cameron Correia0:18:5707:35
21David Sylvia0:19:2007:44
22Stacie Pereira0:19:2407:46
23Joe Amaral0:19:4007:52
24Aaron Feener0:19:5807:59
25Joe Botelho0:20:0308:01
26Delila Ferreira0:20:1108:04
27Nicole Correia0:20:1508:06
28Octavio Sousa0:20:4008:16
29Cheryl Healy0:20:4908:20
30Scott Sneyd0:22:1208:53
31Robin Bodeau0:22:2708:59
32Ruth Correia0:22:3209:01
33John Traverse0:23:0609:14
34Kevin Mullen0:23:3509:26
35Lori Walker0:23:3709:27
36Dawn Nunes0:23:3809:27
37Erli Bourguignon0:25:3610:14
38Edna Oliveira0:28:3411:26
39Steve Finnerty0:45:5618:22
40LCM Webster0:46:1018:28

Current Course Records

Male: Scott Anderson 13:09
Female: Chrissie Anderson 15:01

This weeks volunteers…..

Mile 1 / Jim Frenette
Mile 2 / Michelle Robert
Finish Line / Dave Richard
Finish Line / Mike Cabral
Finish Line / Hailee Cabral
Finish Line / Reece Cabral
Finish Line / Erin Mandly
TC / Kate Diogo
TC / Rob Hoyt
TC / Rick Rosenfeld
TC / Brian Tjersland
Results / Richard Flood