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GNBTC Fort Taber Run - Week 3

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Bedford, MA

Courtesy of the Greater New Bedford Track Club

For more race information, see the GNBTC Fort Taber Website.

Fort Taber, New Bedford
Fort Taber, New Bedford


1Scott Anderson0:14:2105:44
2Sal Corrao0:14:4705:55
3Mark Amaral0:14:5305:57
4Nephi Tyler0:15:3806:15
5John Benevides0:15:3906:16
6Rafael Lopes0:16:0706:27
7Carl Beckman0:16:2706:35
8Nelson Sousa0:16:2806:35
9Keith Johnson0:16:3306:37
10Andrew Ventura0:16:5806:47
11Victor Couto0:17:2907:00
12Carl Rodriques0:17:4307:05
13Kevin Mullen0:17:4707:07
14Pam Kelly0:17:5007:08
15Barbara Corey0:18:1907:20
16Patti Martin0:18:4207:29
17Nancy Dorn0:18:4407:30
18Richard Flood0:18:5407:34
19Luis Amaral0:19:0607:38
20David Sylvia0:19:5807:59
21Aaron Feener0:20:1108:04
22Delilah Ferreira0:20:1308:05
23Joe Amaral0:20:5308:21
24Michael Burke0:21:2208:33
25Dawn Nunes0:21:3608:38
26Nicole Bruno0:23:1109:16
27Erli Bourguigron0:25:3910:16
28Steve Finnerty0:49:2119:44
29LCM Webster0:51:1120:28

Current Course Records

Male: Scott Anderson 13:09
Female: Chrissie Anderson 15:01

This weeks volunteers....

Mile 1 / Jim Frenette
Mile 2 / Christine Anderson
Mile 2 / Michelle Robert
Finish Line / Dave Richard
Finish Line / Kristina DaFonseca
TC / Jim & Andrew Dandeneau
TC / Brian & Aaron Tjersland
Results / Richard Flood