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26th Annual Summer Fun Runs around Horn Pond

Woburn, MA, July 28, 2011

[Kid's 0.8 Mile Results (Ages 0-8) | Kid's 0.8 Mile Run Results (Ages 9-12) | 2.5 Mile Fun Run Age Group Winners | 2.5 Mile Fun Run Overall Results ]

2.5 Mile Fun Run Age Group Winners

sponsored by the Woburn Recreational Department and hosted by Friends of Woburn Track and supported by Shamrock Running Club.

Kid's 0.8 Mile Run Age Group Winners
Boys 5-underEvan KolodkoWoburn8:37
Girls 5-underReese FarrenWoburn8:58
Boys 6-8Cole BradyWoburn6:21
Girls 6-8Abby MurphyWoburn7:10
Boys 9-10Andrew WestWoburn6:19
Girls 9-10 Ashlyn PachecoWoburn6:21
Boys 11-12Ben TurnerWoburn5:38
Girls 11-12MacKenzie GalvinWoburn5:32