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Freezer 5280

Sterling, MA, January 1, 2011

Freezer 5280

Timing and scoring by Central Mass Striders

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PlaceTimeName AgeTownTop 3 Places in each Division
16:17James Route (M)12Sterling1st*
27:30Logan Gaudette (M)11Holden2nd
37:53Margaret McGovern (F)12Worcester1st*
48:03Jimmy Burton (M)10Rutland1st
58:13Rosie McGovern (F)10Worcester1st
68:16Jun Ash (M)10Rutland2nd
78:17Alex Ward (M)7W. Boylston1st
88:21Braeden Hughes (M)9Boylston3rd
98:25Sarah Bishop (F)11Rutland2nd
108:30Connor Gaudette (M)8Holden2nd
118:33Julia Kardos (F)9Northboro2nd
128:35Camryn Hughes (F)8Boylston1st
139:11Tyler Bishop (M)9Rutland
149:14Sarah Basiner (F)11Sterling3rd
159:22C.J. Ward (M)9W. Boylston
169:30Brady Bembenek (M)7Holden3rd
179:34Abby Gaudette (F)7Holden2nd
189:38Logan Borelli (M)6Oxford
199:57Grace McGovern (F)7Worcester3rd
2010:24Ko Ash (M)8Rutland
2110:27Paige Huffman (F)7Worcester
2211:06Reid Wynja (M)8Worcester
2311:10Zach Griggs (M)11Northbridge3rd
2411:19Olivia Kardos (F)7Northboro
2511:28Hunter White (M)11Rutland
2611:30Chris Kardos (M)4Northboro
2711:34Fiona Walsh (F)5Worcester
2811:37Annabelle Huffman (F)9Worcester3rd
2911:42Nolan Hughes (M)5Boylston
3012:21Emily White (F)9Rutland
3112:43Jackson Ploof (M)10Sterling
3213:21Ian Wynja (M)5Boylston
Congratulations to ALL Runners!!!*1st boy & girl