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2011 Dam Trail Race, 10-mile

Oxford, MA, August 6, 2011


Central Mass Striders

    The usually annual DAM Trail race was held on a hot and humid Saturday in Oxford, MA.
This year's event was once again a fund raising event for the French River Connection.

The long race was shortened a bit this year to 10.5 Miles and the winner for the 2nd year
in a row was Jim Johnson with a wonderful time of 1:04:31. The first female was Ashley
Krause with a time of 1:22:27. This race has 81 participants this year which is a little
above average. The race course was dry and dusty and in excellent condition.

The shorter race of 5.5 miles was won by 15-year old Braden Mungeam of Douglas MA. His
time was 40:39. The first female in the short race was Sara Smiarowski with a time of
49:05. There were 32 runners in this year's race. Other notable division winners were
Joe Alfano who finished 2nd in the short race and first in the open division and Jack
Goolsky who came in first in the over 50 group.

Both races featured some dirt, scraped knees, bloody shirts and very sweaty bodies.
This year's event was part of a weekend of racing at Hodges Village Dam in Oxford MA.

Some pictures were taken during the race and they are available for viewing at

The 2011 Dam Trail Race, 10-Mile
Hodges Village Dam, Oxford MA
August 6, 2011

1 1:04:31 Jim Johnson -1mo- M20-39 Salem, NH CMS
2 1:08:31 James Pawlicki M20-39 Beverly, MA CMS
3 1:08:32 Ross Krause M20-39 Easthampton, MA CMS
4 1:12:53 Rob Hult -1mm- M40-49 Harvard, MA Puma
5 1:13:28 Mike Mazzotta M20-39 Marlboro, MA
6 1:15:14 Todd Walker M40-49 Amherst, MA
7 1:15:26 John Pajer M40-49 Leicester, MA CMS
8 1:16:26 Scott Cote M20-39 Gales Ferry, CT
9 1:16:42 Ross Mungeam -1mj- M00-19 Douglas, MA TVFR
10 1:17:02 Todd Bennett M40-49 Columbia, ?
11 1:19:47 Scott Patnode M20-39 Marlboro, MA
12 1:19:55 Dave Molk M20-39 Somerville, MA NETT
13 1:21:42 Steve Forrest M40-49 Belchertown, MA GSH
14 1:21:47 John Byland M00-19 Auburn, MA
15 1:22:18 Mike Reed M20-39 Monson, MA
16 1:22:27 Ashley Krause -1fo- F20-39 Easthampton, MA CMS
17 1:24:10 Marty Ellowitz -1ms- M50-59 Hubbardston, MA CMS
18 1:24:17 Lori Muhl -1fm- F40-49 N. Grafton, MA CMS
19 1:24:28 Jim Dube M40-49 Fiskdale, MA
20 1:25:11 Richard DeChallis M40-49 Brockton, MA
21 1:25:44 Jerry Hughes M20-39 Hopkinton, MA HRC
22 1:25:53 Eric Wyzga M20-39 E. Greenwich, RI
23 1:25:58 Bob Sharkey M50-59 Newport, RI
24 1:26:24 Michael Ferrari M40-49 Mansfield, MA WRR
25 1:26:31 Josh Reitz M20-39 Millis, MA
26 1:28:12 Jason Kudron M20-39 E. Haven, CT
27 1:30:48 Brendan McKeosh M00-19 Leicester, MA
28 1:30:54 Andrew Donaldson M40-49 Franklin, MA CSU
29 1:32:38 Rich Somentilli M50-59 Canton, MA
30 1:32:45 Stephen Tyler M40-49 New Bedford, MA KRDP
31 1:34:29 Benjamin Yoder M20-39 Westboro, MA
32 1:34:52 Kiko Bracker M40-49 Roslindale, MA PRC
33 1:36:37 Anita Bagan F40-49 Dudley, MA
34 1:36:58 Russell Hammond M50-59 Killingworth, ? B
35 1:37:36 Luke Nugent M20-39 Greenfield, MA
36 1:37:45 Ben Yeomans M20-39 Bozeman, MT
37 1:37:46 Pete Yeomans M40-49 Philadelphia, PA
38 1:37:59 Thomas Killoran M20-39 Somerset, MA
39 1:40:11 Tom Parker M40-49 Nashua, NH CSU
40 1:40:14 Tarah Martell F20-39 Millbury, MA
41 1:41:08 Michael Asbay M20-39 W. Boylston, MA
42 1:41:14 Michele Hammond -1fs- F50-59 Killingworth, ? B
43 1:41:43 James Gawle -1mv- M60-69 Webster, MA
44 1:42:48 Jonathan Rubin M50-59 Guilford, CT
45 1:42:56 Wendy Kendrick F20-39 Webster, MA
46 1:44:06 Shelly Rodier F40-49 Taunton, MA CRR
47 1:44:21 Mark Wigler M60-69 Hubbardston, MA CMS/NMC
48 1:45:53 Anthony Tieuli M20-39 Milford, CT TVFR
49 1:47:27 Bradley Pelissier M50-59 Somers, CT SS
50 1:49:16 George Gilden -1mV- M70-99 Tyringham, MA WMAC
51 1:49:57 David Sorrells M50-59 Harvard, MA
52 1:50:26 Dorin Neacsu M40-49 Westford, MA
53 1:50:43 Bruce LeShine M50-59 Longmeadow, MA MD
54 1:51:34 David Sutherland M40-49 Somers, MA SS
55 1:52:22 Ed Buckley M50-59 S. Hampton, MA WMAC
56 1:52:49 Douglas Harvey M20-39 Salem, MA
57 URO
58 1:55:00 Karen Caddell F40-49 E. Freetown, MA GNBTC
59 1:55:28 Sherise Sterling F50-59 Ashburnham, MA MRM
60 1:55:22 Natasha Dziokonski F20-39 Worcester, MA
61 1:55:36 Katya Divari F40-49 Ashland, MA AFRC
62 1:56:26 Josie Tremblay F50-59 Auburn, MA CMS
63 1:57:56 Lori Watkins F40-49 Marion, MA GNBTC
64 1:57:56 Jason Patterson M20-39 Fairhaven, MA KRDP
65 1:59:17 Christine Adreani F40-49 Cranford, NJ
66 2:00:07 Kenny Rogers M20-39 Fairhaven, MA KRDP
67 2:02:42 Bill Gonsorcik M40-49 Worcester, MA CMS
68 2:05:37 Jeff Hattem M50-59 Natick, MA GFRC
69 2:05:49 S. McGee M50-59 Holden, MA CMS
70 2:06:16 Jeff Adair, SR M50-59 Worcester, MA CMS
71 2:06:52 Chris Harrison M50-59 Boston, MA L-S
72 2:07:01 Orapin Yoder F20-39 Westboro, MA
73 2:10:49 Jonathan Ryan M20-39 Northboro, MA
74 2:16:23 Carol Healy F50-59 Acushnet, MA KRDP
75 2:20:00 Karen Pajer F40-49 Leicester, MA CMS
76 2:23:20 Jim Jenkins M50-59 Worcester, MA CMS
77 2:42:44 David Raczkowski M50-59 Chapin, CT
78 2:47:19 Yevette Santana F50-59 Bellingham, MA GFRC
79 2:47:20 Marie Leigh F40-49 Hudson, MA GFRC
80 2:57:04 Barry Ostrow M60-69 Ashland, MA GFRC
81 2:57:05 David Gustafson M50-59 Auburn, MA

The 2011 Dam Trail Race, 5-Mile
Hodges Village Dam, Oxford MA
August 6, 2011

1 40:39 Braden Mungeam -1mj- M00-19 Douglas, MA TVFR
2 41:38 Joe Alfano -1mm- M40-49 Holden, MA CMS
3 43:27 Matt DePari -1mo- M20-39 Worcester, MA CMS
4 47:29 Jim Grady M40-49 Auburn, MA CMS
5 48:53 Sean Blood M40-49 Worcester, MA CMS
6 49:05 Sara Smiarowski -1fo- F20-39 Sunderland, MA SMAC
7 51:51 Ed Bourbeau M20-39 Bedford, MA
8 57:21 Jack Goolsky -1ms- M50-59 Millbury, MA CMS
9 57:22 Dawn Laido F20-39 DeLand, FL
10 57:34 Rob Hopkins M20-39 Dudley, MA
11 57:53 Carolina Vega F20-39 Shrewsbury, MA
12 58:00 Sarah Hartman F20-39 Oxford, MA
13 58:13 Vincent Piarulli M20-39 Oxford, MA
14 58:39 Mary Sharkey -1fv- F60-69 Grosvenordale, CT CMS
15 1:00:20 Rob Hughes M20-39
16 1:00:34 Lauren Shaw F20-39 Charlton, MA
17 1:01:12 Jim Gonyea -1mv- M60-69 Auburn, MA CMS
18 1:03:22 Marjorie Nelson -1fm- F40-49
19 1:03:26 Elaine Dill F60-69 Monson, MA
20 1:05:51 Karen Fleming-Brooks F40-49 N. Grafton, MA BST
21 1:06:51 Robyn Cook F20-39
22 1:07:22 Jamie Burkinshaw F20-39 Worcester, MA CMS
23 1:07:32 Bethany Couto F20-39 Mattapoisett, MA GNBTC
24 1:07:34 Ryan Couto M20-39 Mattapoisett, MA GNBTC
25 1:08:00 Bart Murphy M50-59 Auburn, MA
26 1:08:53 Roger Sands M40-49 Princeton, MA
27 URO
28 1:10:53 Don Thompson M50-59
29 1:18:40 Cindy Curley F40-49 Sterling, MA CMS
30 URO
31 1:26:05 Laurie Perrau F40-49
32 1:26:18 Heather Bell F20-39 Webster, MA

Thanks go out to the multitude of folks who helped out to make these races possible:
David and Logan Borelli, Dave Gustafson, Joe Carpenter, Joe Alfano, Jan McNamara,
Roxanne Robert, Lisa Christian, Neil Lacey, Bill McGee, Chris Everett, Stu Kravitz,
Laura Petchshing, Karen and John Pajer, Jane Crooks, Bill Ferrara, Jim Sicard,
Sue Swenson, Steve Hebenstreit, Kim Wamback, Bob Dio, Diana Hennessy-Curran,
Ken and Elaine Parker, Nick and Sue Buehler, Tim Bell, Tom Ayau, Charles Perzanoski,
Sheila Veideman, Bruce Gobi, Adam Cohen and Nick Popiak. Special thanks to Donna
Grenier for baking 18 breads that were used for prizes.

Submitted By John Grenier