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GNBTC Fort Taber Run - Week 15

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Bedford, MA

Results Courtesy of the Greater New Bedford Track Club

For more race information, go to the GNBTC Fort Taber Website.

Fort Taber, New Bedford
Fort Taber, New Bedford


1Sal Corrao0:14:5105:56
2Tevin Cintron0:14:4805:55
3Adam Wang0:15:5506:22
4Alex Walecka0:15:5706:23
5Adam Carreiro0:16:0606:26
6Keegan Remy-Miller0:16:1006:28
7John Benevides0:16:3306:37
8Alex Tjersland0:16:5506:46
9Kate Diogo0:16:5706:47
10Peter Ribeiro0:17:1106:52
11Christine Anderson0:17:1906:56
12Brian Tjersland0:17:2406:58
13Cali Warner0:17:4607:06
14David Gulley0:18:0207:13
15Kevin Silva0:18:3107:24
17Liam Connors0:18:5207:33
18Pat Connors0:19:2607:46
19Joe Amaral0:20:2008:08
20Sharri Oliveira0:20:2808:11
21Anna Cardoza0:20:5608:22
22Carl Beckman0:21:1708:31
23Tracey Beckman0:21:1808:31
24Caryn Ginsberg0:21:3208:37
25Nicholas laSada0:24:0709:39
26Erli Bourguignon0:27:3511:02
27Michele Bourguignon0:27:5211:09
28Hannah Constantine0:38:2115:20
29Caroline Baglini0:38:2215:21
30Keith Johnson0:27:3511:02
31Steve Finnerty0:41:4016:40
32LCM Webster0:42:2216:57

Current Course Records

Male: Scott Anderson 13:09
Female: Chrissie Anderson 15:01

This weeks volunteers…..

Finish Line / Jim Frenette
Finish Line / Dave Richard
Results / Richard Flood