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An Cu Liath "Thank you" Run

Worcester, MA, April 4, 2011

We run, we eat, we drink, we're merry. Why not join us? It's fun, it's free, it's every Monday at 6:30 pm

An Cù Liath Irish Pub

AKA "The Grey Hound"
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Thank you to the Curleys, Paul and Cyndy for continuing to host our weekly run. Four years, every Monday and no end in sight. That's at least 100 Monday night runs out of The Grey Hound Pub!  More importantly, that's a lot of new friends.


Special shout out to the Pajer family tonight.  Thanks to Karen for making it her sole purpose in life to see to it that we eat well on Monday Nights.  Great care is taken to make dishes that look like deserts in order to trick us into eating healthy. I've been duped more than once. Cool whip, Mashed potatoes, who can really tell the difference? Of course if we're going to thank Karen it would be only fair to give a tip of the cap to the inventor of the Crockpot although my research has found the origins of which seem to be in question. (According to the internet anyway) . I also have to mention the Pajer girls (Oh does poor John have a bumpy road ahead). When not running, you can find the girls manning? water stops at various races in the Central Mass region. Lastly, a huge thank you to John who paced me tonight to a huge PR. After we left Dead Weight Duffy behind, (did you really think he was getting off that easy?) at mile 1 John tailed me through mile 2 and three. When I started to feel the wheels coming off heading down Green St John offered some encouragement and with selflessness, class and sportsmanship allowed me to coast in for the win.  Thanks John for not giving me what we like to call "The Old Dan Ford".  Oh yeah, thanks to my magic socks too.



PS, Get well Tracy. We miss you!


See you Monday!



1 18:56 Scott Stevens Holden CMS
2 18:57 John Pajer Leicester CMS Rum Cake
3 19:43 Scott Schaeffer Duffy Worcester CMS My dust
4 21:35 Joshua Meduna Worcester CMS Banana Cake
5 21:54 Vin Garofoli Worcester CMS
6 23:21 Dave Wynja Worcester CMS
7 23:33 Bill Gonsorcik Worcester CMS
8 23:54 Hicham Maalouf Worcester CMS
9 25:38 Fran Maple West Boylston CMS
10 26:48 Susan Leo Johnson Worcester CMS
11 27:50 Mike Keating Worcester CMS
12 27:51 Joe Carpenter Leicester CMS
13 29:25 Claire Schaeffer Duffy Worcester CMS Mac & Cheese
14 29:45 Karen Pajer Leicester CMS Hamburg Pie
15 3:36:12 Kim Wamback Ft Myers to Worcester CMS