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GNBTC Can Opener - Week 1

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Bedford, MA

Results courtesy of the Greater New Bedford Track Club

Fort Taber, New Bedford
Fort Taber, New Bedford


1Sal Corrao0:14:555:58
2Mark Amaral0:15:106:04
3Chrsitine Anderson0:16:016:24
4Kate Diogo0:16:196:32
5John Benevides0:16:366:38
6Nelson Sousa0:16:486:43
7Andrew Ventura0:16:566:46
8Keith Johnson0:16:566:46
9Mike Cabral0:17:226:57
10Leslie Danzell0:17:437:05
11Carl ????0:17:507:08
12Lynn Poyant0:17:547:10
13Kevin Silva0:18:097:16
14Pam Kelly0:18:117:16
15Victor Couto0:18:127:17
16Nancy Dorn0:18:507:32
17Alex Kalife0:18:517:32
18Daniel Mouro0:19:007:36
19David Gulley0:19:007:36
20Peter Danzell0:19:067:38
21Nick Baptist0:19:187:43
22Allison Rossi0:19:277:47
23Kevin Mullen0:19:507:56
24Bill Fortier0:19:587:59
25Dalila Ferreira0:20:218:08
26Joe Amaral0:20:218:08
27Marlaina Gaspardi0:20:298:12
28Tracey Beckman0:21:038:25
29Daniel Isidoro0:21:108:28
30David Sylvia0:21:128:29
31Carl Beckman & Zoe0:21:238:33
32Chad Maciel0:21:368:38
33Ted Silva0:21:388:39
34Mike Bothelho0:21:398:40
35Dawn Nunes0:21:538:45
37Michael Burke0:22:108:52
38Cindy Tjersland0:22:138:53
39Shanon Mendonca0:22:599:12
40Christina Kemmett0:23:019:12
41Sarah Bergeron0:23:229:21
42Nicole Bruno0:23:229:21
43Marcia Hathaway0:32:2412:58
44Steve Finnerty0:57:1322:53
45LCM Webster0:58:4523:30

Current Course Records

MaleScott Anderson13:09
FemaleChrissie Anderson15:01

This weeks volunteers…..

Mile 1im Frenette
Mile 2Rob Pina
Finish LineDave Richard
Finish LineKristina DaFonseca
Finish LineMichelle Robert
Finish LineBrian Tjersland
TCJim & Andrew Dandeneau
TCPJ Costa
TCRick Rosenfeld
ResultsRichard Flood