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Bowdoinham Chicken Run and Fun Run

Bowdoinham, ME, September 11, 2010

[Overall results | Age Division Winners ]

Fun Run Results

For more race information, see Photos and videos thanks to David Colby Young.

Name M/F/AgeTime
Thomas DauM/107:08
Tristan ZellM/97:31
Ricky MannM/107:34
Lisandro Berrry-GaviriaM/87:35
Camilla CiembroniewiczF/77:40
JD DionneM/87:46
Trey BootyM/87:57
Jonah ZellM/78:07
Nick MerrillM/108:11
Randy BeedeM/88:39
Anibal Berry-GaviriaM/68:43
Elias OuelletteM/88:50
Avery EstelaF/610:16
Mariyah SkeltonF/610:16
Fern BeedeF/611:18
Michael CzerwiskiM/711:49
George CzerwiskiM/414:13