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The 3rd Wildlands Seven Mile Trail Run

East Orland, ME, October 24, 2010


Courtesy of Peter Keeney

For more race information, see Maine Running Photos.

The 3rd Wildlands 7 Mile Trail Race
24 Oct 2010   1pm
East Orland, Maine
Conditions partly sunny temps. In the 40's.
Final Results
Place : #Race : Time : Name : Town  
1.#391: 51:44 :Bryan Gagner:Mascarene,N.B.:37M.
2.#410: 56:38 : Scotty Dorrity: Ellsworth,ME:24M.
3.#408: 58:55 : Ian Fraser :Brewer, ME.: 26M.
4.#401:1:01:56 : James Hunt: Dedham, ME. :44M.
5.#404:1:02:34 : Jack M. Burnett: Blue Hill, ME.:57M.
6.#396: 1:03:15 : Eric Reid: Verona Island, ME.:22M.
7.#399: 1:03:44 : Juan Aponte: Brooklin, ME.: 43M.
8.#411: 1:04:11 : Shannon Horton: Trenton, ME. 33F.(CR)
9.#398: 1:06:41:Isobel Burnett:Charlestown Fife,Scotland,53F.
10.#393:1:06:52: Todd Devenish, Stonington, ME. 41M.
11.#394:1:07:37: Ben Sidaway, Dedham, ME. 50M.
12.#397:1:07:51: Patricia Craig, Dedham,ME. 44F.
13.#395:1:11:42:Greg Weaver, Surry, ME. 55M.
14.#407:1:14:41:John Morey, Belfast, ME. 60M.
15.#400:1:17:29:Thomas Reardon, Ellsworth, ME. 42M.
16.#409:1:18:03:Diane O'Connell, Bucksport,ME. 41F.
17.#403:1:29:43:Andrea Foster, Bucksport, ME. 36F.
18.#402:1:29:59:Jen Tyne, Bucksport,ME. 40F.
19.#405:1:47:25:Tyler Young, Bucksport,ME. 13M.
20.#406:1:47:27:Nicholas Young, Bucksport,ME. 13M.
21.#392:2:00:19:Ed Raymaker, Ellsworth, ME. 82M.(CR)
22. Finisher Non-Competitive.
23. Finisher. 
24. Finisher.
25. Finisher.
CR: denotes new course record.
Special Thanks to Cheri Domina, Jennifer Reifler, Connie Tuller, Karen Keeney,
Courtney Weaver& Family, Bonnie & Ben Sidaway, Fred Call, Jake Maier, Bob Meyers,
Rhonda Reardon, and the GPMT. Also thanks to all supporters out on the trail!