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2nd Annual Watershed School 5K

Rockland, ME, November 20, 2010


For more race information, see Watershed School.

Watershed School 5K

On November 20, 2010, on a cold blustery morning, twenty-seven runners lined up for Watershed School’s 2nd annual 5k run.  
Their scenic route led them from the school, through Rockland’s neighborhoods and down to the water before they looped back 
and headed home.   With the youngest runners just eleven years old and the oldest, well, older than eleven, the field was as 
diverse as it was talented.  We even had one runner who braved the cold in shorts, a tee shirt, and with bare feet!  
The winners, Julienna Brooks for the women and Ben Trapani for the men, enjoyed a pumpkin spice cake made by Watershed’s 
own Thomas “Titanium Chef” O’Connor.

The results are as follows:

1   Ben Trapani      M    18:36
2   Reid Evans       M    18:41
3   Jason Gallant    M    19:08
4   Rufus Williams   M    19:18
5   Andy Cavanaugh   M    19:42
6   Martin Shott     M    19:55
7   Ron Haney        M    19:56
8   Steve Cartwright M    20:15
9   Will Galloway    M    21:03
10  Peter Rubenstein M    21:15
11  Jonathan Oakes   M    21:27
12  Julienna Brooks  F    21:37
13  Rob Snyder       M    22:05
14  Megan Wyllie     F    22:25
15  Jude Masseur     F    22:39
16  Doug Johnstone   M    22:50
17  Reade Brower     M    23:22
18  Willow Parker    F    23:55
19  Scott Browning   M    24:50
20  Jeff Oehlert     M    24:58
21  Warren Galloway  M    25:00
22  Peter Galloway   M    25:10
23  Jillian Galloway F    25:55
24  Sarah Trapani    F    27:13
25  Helen Bonzi      F    27:28
26  Ellen Springer   F    27:28
27  Teal Vickery     F    32:59

Watershed Wants to extend its gratitude to all those who participated.  All proceeds will go to benefit the school’s developing 
Cross Country program.  We would love the race to grow each year and look forward to more and more competition!