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GNBTC Fort Tabor Fun Run

New Bedford, MA

September 1, 2010

Courtesy of the Greater New Bedford Track Club

Fort Tabor, New Bedford
Fort Tabor, New Bedford


1Carl & Zoe Beckman0:16:0006:24
2Kate Diogo0:16:1206:29
3Peter Danzell0:16:4106:40
4Leslie Danzell0:16:4206:41
5Jeff Viera0:16:4306:41
6Andrew Ventura0:17:1306:53
7Pam Kelly0:18:0107:12
8Keith Johnson0:18:4407:30
9David Sylvia0:19:1107:40
10Carmelo Rodrigues 0:19:2307:45
11Larry Kidney0:19:3707:51
12Bill Fortier Jr.0:19:4107:52
13Dalila Ferreira0:20:4308:17
14Joe Amaral0:20:4408:18
15Tracy Beckman0:21:2608:34
16Dawn Nunes0:24:2009:44
17L.C.M. Webster0:25:5910:24
Current Course Records
Male: Scott Anderson 13:09
Female: Chrissie Anderson 15:01
This weeks volunteers…..
Finish Line / Kevin Silva
Finish Line / Ann Sylvia
Pace Bike / Kevin Mullen
Mile Marker / Karen Cadell
Mile Marker / Victor Couto
Results / Richard Flood