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Run to the Rock 5k Road Race

Plymouth, MA, September 11, 2010

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Race Directors Note

Thank to all runners who participated in the Run to the Rock.  We felt it was important to offer an 
explanation for the inaccuracy of the results of today’s race and the lengthy delays in our awards
presentations.  Due to the overwhelming turnout for the race, we ran out of race bibs and used some
old numbers.  Unfortunately, some of those numbers were duplicates of other numbers that had already
been assigned to other runners.  The only way to find the duplicates was to post the results on the
truck and have the runners with those duplicates let us know they were missing.  Until we had all of 
that information the results were not correct.  This was in no way an error on the part of the timing
company.  As the race director and the one who decided to use the old numbers, I take full
responsibility for the errors and do apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced by this.
Other than that, I hope you enjoyed the race, the course and the finish line food and drink.  
If you find that there are any other issues with your time, please email your information 

Thank you!  Anne Marie Winchester