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Marsh Post Steak & Beans 2.6 Miler

Cmbridge, MA, May 28, 2010


For a story and picture about this race, see Steak & Beans.

2.6 Miler Results:

Andy "where's CAM" Wilson               16.08
Jeff 'J2'Doody                          16.55
Jeremy "Chips" Selwyn                   18:23
Jeff Duryea                             18:28
Jerry "dont say moon" Shine             18:34
John Single "doesnt weigh a"ton         21:28
Paul "PR" Watson                        21:30
Patricia "headed for 20 mins" French    21:45
Mary Ellen 'takin it easy' Doran        21:39
Elaine "speedy" Scadding                24:30
Dick Doran                              25:21
Daisy "first timer" Scott               25:59
Sammy "training for Big Man" Voolich    26:44
Jackie "new house" Ecker                28:30
Janet "gotta wait for Brian" Qualter    34:45
Brian "helping to train Janet" Poli     34:45