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An Cu Liath "Mystic Runners" Throwdown

Worcester, MA, May 10, 2010

Read at your peril


An C Liath Irish Pub

AKA "The Grey Hound"
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Please accept my apologies for the tardiness of these race results. It can be hard to find time during the week to get these done. There's work, family, facebook, running, scoping out new ice cream stand locations, memorial runs, and on the list goes. So here you go...


You may notice this weeks numbers are rather inflated. We had a large group from the Mystic Runners descend upon us. They won our race, drank our beer, ate our food, and stole our women. Now I don't know where these guys get their "gang" name from but when I was a boy growing up on the gritty streets of Somerville, the "Mystics" were the Mystic Lakes. What happened there is not fit for a family website but if Richie Cunningham happened upon these lakes with a young Lori Beth, he'd be piloting Mr. C's Desoto home singing "I found my thrills...on blueberry hill"   You know what I'm talking about? Good, because I'm not sure I do.  Anyway thanks to the Mystics for coming out and hanging with us. You can join the Mystic Runners at their weekly 5K  held every Wednesday in beautiful Wakefield Mass.


Big doings at the Grey Hound Pub Monday night extravaganza. Big doings!  We are taking the debauchery that is the Monday night run back to our roots, back to where it all began, back to the hood. Everybody in the Family truckster, were taking a road trip!  Stay tuned for more details but for now just know that if you have ever wanted to run a race where it was a distinct possibility that you would encounter small Asian men carrying pig carcasses (carcai?) into a restaurant..... well your day is coming.  "Village of Piedmont" here we come.


See you Monday!




3 Mile Results:



1 18:37 David Corbett Stoneham Mystics
2 18:43 Miles Harkins Peabody Mystics
3 19:59 Mike Auger Westminster NMC/CMS
4 19:59 Chad Onofrio Shrewsbury HPD
5 20:08 Dave Krom Worcester Unwanted
6 20:14 Scott Stevens Holden CMS
7 20:21 John Mulroy Reading Mystics
8 21:37 Scott Schaeffer Duffy Worcester CMS
9 22:12 Jack Goolsky Worcester CMS
10 22:34 Al Bilzerian Holden CMS
11 22:43 Amy Paquette West Boylston NMC/CMS
12 22:48 Bobn Whitmore Stoneham Mystics
13 23:40 Balazs Szemes Worcester CMS
14 24:00 Dave Armostrong Shrewsbury HPD
15 24:15 Tom Lynch Natick SSAC
16 25:07 Dave Wynja Worcester CMS
17 25:10 Meg Michaels Wakefield Mystics
18 25:20 Diane Landers North Reading Mystics
19 25:51 Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury CMS
20 26:34 Lester Friedberg Peabody Mystics
21 26:35 Kevin Fallon West Boylston NMC/CMS
22 27:21 Rick Collette Wakefield Mystics
23 27:26 Mike Keating Worcester CMS
24 27:35 Angel Green Lynn Mystics
25 28:54  Dan Dodson Methuen Mystics
26 29:12 Alan Foulds Reading Mystics
27 29:18 Karen Pajer Leicester CMS
28 30:20 Ace Foulds Reading Mystics
29 32:21 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
30 Karen Berni Giarusso Worcester CMS
31 Chris Rodwill Vernon Hill Army