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GNBTC Fort Tabor Fun Run

New Bedford, MA

July 14, 2010

Courtesy of the Greater New Bedford Track Club

Fort Tabor, New Bedford
Fort Tabor, New Bedford


1Sal Corrao0:14:4705:55
2Carl Beckman0:15:3906:16
3Ray Shield0:16:3306:37
4Andrew Ventura0:16:4206:41
5Jim Frenette0:16:4806:43
6Luke Kelly0:16:5506:46
7Leslie Danzell0:17:1706:55
8John Benevides0:17:2106:56
9Jack Daniels0:17:2206:57
10Pam Kelly0:17:3107:00
11Victor Couto0:18:0107:12
12David Gulley0:18:1307:17
13Kenny Rogers0:18:4407:30
14Graciano Lima0:18:5107:32
15Larry Kidney0:19:1707:43
16Cheryl Healy0:19:2307:45
17James Dias0:19:2807:47
18Marlaina Gaspardi0:19:3507:50
19Kevin Mullen0:19:3707:51
20Bill Fortier0:19:5107:56
21Dave Silvia 0:20:0108:00
22Johnny Lima0:20:2508:10
23Richard Mello0:20:5108:20
24Dawn Nunes0:22:0108:48
25Sarah Besse0:22:2108:56
26Paul Carvalho0:22:2308:57
27Skip and Summer0:22:4709:07
28Elizabeth Haskell0:22:4809:07
29Seth Moniz0:23:0609:14
30Alexander Kalife0:23:2709:23
31Ed Sinkevich0:32:2812:59
32Ann Sylvia0:32:2913:00
33Acadi Cas0:37:2915:00
34Mary and Naomi Cas0:37:2915:00
35Steve Finnerty0:39:3915:52
36LCM Webster0:40:0116:00
Current Course Records
Male: Jim Dandeneau 13:22
Female: Chrissie Anderson 15:36
This weeks volunteers…..
Timing / Dave Richard
Timing / Kristina daFonseca
Finish Line / Lori Watkins
TC / Karen Kaddell
Results / Richard Flood