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Olde Magoun's Saloon 5Km

Somerville, MA, January 7, 2010


Weather: 26 degrees

Another night of Road Racing in Somerville, Massachusetts

Another night of Road Racing in Somerville, has been 15 years since Thursday night road racing began in Somerville........and the good times continue!!

There was only three cats at the very first Thursday night way back in 1996 at Khoury's State Steve Pepe wasn't one of em'........
Manny Arruda, Phil Keeley and "The Big Fellah" was it!

Back then folks laughed about the mere thought about crossing McGrath Hwy at night, no one ran down the bike path......Khoury's is now closed and the ole Canty's is now the Olde Magoun Saloon and the headquarters for road racing in Somerville - times change, folks come and go......Somerville is still the capital of road racing in New England!!

Best Thursday Night Racing and Post Race Camraderie found at the Olde Magoun Saloon....
7:00 P.M. Sharp


5Km Road Race Results:

1. Bob Froehlich                  19:41

2. Cam Manning                  20:03      SSAC

3. Nicole Christoforo             21:45
Jeff Duryea                      21:52      LSRC

5. Jeff Colburn                     22:52

6. Jeremy Selwyn                22:57      SSAC

7. Tony LaRosa                   23:13      SSAC

8. Esther Boody-Aller           24:04

9. Jerry Shine                      24:23     SSAC

10. George Thompson          24:55

11. John Singleton               25:23      SSAC

12. MaryEllen Doran            26:25      CCAC

13. #283 Non Conformer       27:28

14. Dick Doran                     27:40     CCAC

15. Brendan Kolts                 28:14

16. #472 Another NC            28:25

17. Erin Kelley                     30:39

18. Elaine Scadding              31:25     SSAC

19. Paulie Watson                32:37     SSAC

20. Wild Will Groth               34:25     SSAC


SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
LSRC= L Street Running Club