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Olde Magoun's Saloon 5Km

Somerville, MA, January 14, 2010


Weather: 30 degrees

A small running crowd down at the OSM tonight

A small running crowd down at the OSM tonight...but a big eating & drinking crowd in work duds tonight down at the OSM

Brendan McWilliams of the Kilkenny Kats spanked the field tonight..his Hyannis Marathon training has not slowed him down on the short stuff......Brian Poli completed his 539th road race in Somerville tonight...he may have the record but who is counting?

Somerville Striders Athletic Club welcomed Thursday night newcomah Alison Triebwasser by buying her a shot of Midleton Irish Whiskey as her prize for completing her first road race tonight...she was offered a Harpoon Pale Ale but she can no eat or drink anything with Gluten in it so a shot of whiskey was it....word is that she is now at the bar buying rounds of whiskey for everyone - good Irish Whisley will do this to you!

5Km Race Results:


1. Brendan McWilliams              19:32   KK

2. Cam Manning                         19:50  SSAC

3. Todd Hutchinson                    20:04   SSAC

4. Jeremy Selwyn                       22:34   SSAC

5. Jeff Doody                              22:35   SSAC

6. Tony LaRosa                          23:07   SSAC

7. Jerry Shine                             23:50   SSAC

8. John Singleton                        25:17   SSAC

9. Shannon Stecher                    25:45    SSAC

10. Diane Shepard                      27:25

11. Elaine Scadding                    30:30   SSAC

12. Kerstin Johnson                    32:11   SSAC

13. Sandy Peters                        34:02   SSAC

14. Brian Poli                              36:57   SSAC

15. Alison Triebwasser                39:43

16. Ann Rowley                          39:44 


KK= Kilkenny Kats
Somerville Striders Athletic Club