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Olde Magoun's Saloon 5Km

Somerville, MA, February 4, 2010


You know it is an off night when John Singleton misses a Thursday night

You know it is an off night when John Singleton misses a Thursday night.....SSAC President for Life "Buddy the Beagle" is still howling about missing his pre-race walk from him!!

Deirdre "DEE DEE" Calvert blew in to town tonight with her entourage made up of her Padre, Hermana & personal bodyguard Dave Copeland and then she politely smoked all the women during the road race and then at the bar - first gal across the finish line and last gal to leave the OIde Magoun Saloon bar standing up straight!

It's every Thursday night
7:10 sharp as a pencil start!!


5Km Results


1. Cam Manning          Montpelier, VT        19:26   SSAC

2. Jeff Doody               Somerville, MA        22:17  SSAC

3. George Thompson   Somerville, MA         23:56

4. Jeremy Selwyn        Cambridge, MA        24:20  SSAC

5. Jerry Shine             Somerville, MA        24:22  SSAC

6. Dierdre Calvert         Medford, MA           26:36  SSAC

7. Jay Lowry               Somerville, MA        26:41  SSAC

8. Paul Watson           Cambridge, MA        27:44  SSAC

9. Elaine Scadding      Charlestown, MA      30:55  SSAC

10. Kerstin Johnson     Somerville, MA        32:10  SSAC


2.2M Results:


1. Brian Poli         Lynn, MA        18:23   SSAC

2. Tess Shipley    Medford, MA    19:02   SSAC


SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club