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Olde Magoun Saloon 5Km

Somerville, MA, February 11, 2010


February 11, 2010

February 11, 2010


Diane Shepard a former Somerville homie now living in Salem, NH with her brood has been banging it out almost every week and she finally had a PR she wanted to tell everyone about...unfortunately for her she rarely speaks to anyone (very quiet gal)  so she had no one to tell but the race director who last had a running PR back in 1997 around the time when you could buy a pint of Guinness at The Burren for 3 bucks - now they are 6 bucks 


Congratulations to Diane who has now been called out in front of 2+ million runnahs!!

The Olde Magoun Saloon 5Km is every Thursday night unless we decide to take a night off for a holiday.....nice run, cool pub, great people...eccentric race director!!


5Km results


1. Vince Milucci         Somerville, MA          19:27

2. Todd Hutchinson     Arlington, MA           19:57  SSAC

3. Jeff Doody              Cambridge, MA         21:52  SSAC

4. Stephen Melville      Arlington, MA           23:22

5. Jeff Coburn             Cambridge, MA         23:52

6. Jeremy Selwyn       Cambridge, MA         23:58  SSAC

7.  Geo. Thompson      Somerville, MA         24:10  

8. Tony LaRosa          Wilmington, MA        25:26  SSAC

9. John Singleton        Waltham, MA           25:46  SSAC

10. Diane Shepard      Salem, NH                25:50  SSAC

11. Jay Lowrey           Somerville, MA         25:51  SSAC

12. Kelly Flynn           Charlestown, MA      26:20

13. Dee Dee Ba Ba Boom Calvert  Medford, MA  26:25  SSAC

14. Paulie Watson      Cambridge, MA         29:30  SSAC

15. Elaine Scadding    Charlestown, MA       30:34  SSAC

16. Anne Rowley         Somerville, MA         34:33

17. Allison Triebwasser  Somerville, MA       36:16


Short Course:


1. Tess Shipley    Medford, MA     19:12  SSAC


SSAC = Somerville Striders Athletic Club